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Effect of Leaving Even One Library Computer Unfiltered; Canton Man Charged with Burglary of Library

Green Free Library
Canton, PA
Here is an example of the effect of leaving even one library computer unfiltered:
This story is so chock full of shocking that I don't even know where to start.  I'll just say this:
  1. the librarian did the right thing, but the American Library Association [ALA] would claim she violated his patron privacy and did not await a subpoena before allowing a police officer to investigate, and ALA trains librarians how to thwart police, not help them.  For example, the librarian spoke with police directly and in detail, whereas ALA trains librarians not to speak with police but only through a library spokesman, and that person is to only provide the minimum information possible
  2. the librarian should get an ALA I Love My Librarian award, but that will never happen because she did not follow ALA diktat
  3. the library computer logs were still intact and helped solve the crime, whereas ALA trains libraries to delete such logs so as to thwart criminal investigations.  Heck, ALA is now training libraries to delete public documents that could reveal a pattern of porn promotion if FOIA'd
  4. the security camera caught the criminal activity but did not stop it, as usual, such as in New Bedford, MA, were the cameras caught a sexual assault of a young child in progress but no one monitored the cameras so no one stopped the crime, showing security cameras are not so effective as computer filters in stopping crime, especially here were the criminal used the only unfiltered computer
  5. criminals are using bathrooms in the children's rooms.  Criminals might not be present at all but for unfiltered computers
  6. the library needs a HazMat kit to clean up the sperm
  7. what a coincidence the criminal uses the one and only unfiltered computer given ALA keeps repeating the big lie that library Internet filters do not work
  8. the library blocked him from viewing porn sites, whereas ALA keeps repeating another big lie that porn is protected by the First Amendment in public libraries, although the US Supreme Court ruled it is not in the case ALA itself brought
  9. had the library had filters on all computers, not all but one, this crime would not have occurred
  10. if the library were to filter the one remaining unfiltered computer, it could apply for federal E-rate funding
  11. the media did a good job in reporting this story and preventing ALA from using it as another propaganda outlet to peddle its false claims. Well done, Eric Hrin

Canton Man Charged with Burglary of Library
The Daily Review, Towanda, PA
Published: May 3, 2014
Republished under US Copyright Fair Use

TROY - A 24-year-old Canton man has been charged with burglarizing the Green Free Library in Canton and accessing a computer in the library after-hours to view pornographic websites, according to court papers filed with the office of Magisterial District Judge Jonathan Wilcox of Troy.

William Charles Harris of Canton faces a preliminary hearing at 1:15 p.m. May 7 before Wilcox on charges of burglary, criminal trespass - enter structure, unlawful use of computer, and display obscene sexual materials for the incident that took place April 14.

In an affidavit, Canton Police Officer Joshua Heckman said he spoke with a librarian, who told him she received a text from someone who lives just north of the library, located at 14 N. Center St. The person informed her that she saw an unknown person on the main computer in the library. Heckman said he searched the inside of the library, with negative results.

Then, a library official checked the computer to see if anyone had accessed it. When she did, the screen popped up with pornographic images. Heckman said he looked into the computer's web history and found that multiple pornographic pages had been accessed from 8:20 p.m. until 8:27 p.m. Heckman said a library official found what Heckman believed may have been a bodily fluid, on the floor.

Heckman said he asked the librarian if she had any idea who may have done this and how they may have gotten inside, when all the doors and windows were secure. The librarian said that she could only think of one person, William Harris.

In the past, the librarian said, Harris had tried to gain access to pornographic web sites on the library's computers, but the computers all have filters on them, except for the main computer.

She said that Harris, who she said has a criminal record and was just released from jail, comes into the library on a regular basis and disappears to the basement for extended periods of time, to reportedly use the rest room. She said that it was possible that he left the emergency door propped open or unlocked a window, so he could gain access to the building, after it closed, though she was just speculating.

In addition, the librarian told Canton Police Officer Trey Kurtz that the day before the break-in, Harris was in the library attempting to look up porn sites on a public computer and became angry when the restrictions on the computer stopped him. She also said Harris was in the library the night of the break-in, up until closing and kept going downstairs, where there is only a children's library and a bathroom. As they were speaking, the children's librarian arrived and went downstairs to prepare. Then, she came upstairs and told Kurtz to come down and check out something. She showed Kurtz an unlocked window and dirty shoe prints on a children's table, right inside of the window.

Kurtz said he realized that if this was the burglar's point of entry, then the burglar would be on the police department's surveillance system, as a camera points in that direction.

Afterwards, Kurtz said he made contact with Harris and asked Harris about his attempts to look up porn on the library computer. Kurtz said Harris said that he was trying to get onto a site called, but the computer wouldn't let him, so he left. Kurtz asked Harris if he knew what happened at the library the previous night, and Harris responded, "yeah, some sort of break-in or something."

Kurtz said Harris denied knowledge of anything about the burglary. Kurtz said he returned to the police department to view the surveillance footage around the time of the break-in, and was able to see a man who appeared to be Harris, walking around the library and walking down the stairs and lifting the window. The surveillance shows the man making sure it is unlocked, and walking back out front to make sure no one is looking, according to Kurtz. He said Harris appears to pace around a little bit, before going down the stairs and entering the window, where the dirty shoe prints were found.

Kurtz said one of Harris' family members said that Harris admitted to the burglary, "stating he had blacked out and didn't remember much," but authorities "knew he did it."

When Harris arrived at the police department, he agreed to complete a written statement if police could get him help. Kurtz told Harris he would do everything he could to get him the help he needs. Harris apologized to Kurtz for lying to him earlier, and "stated he might as well cooperate because he knew we would figure it out sooner or later."

Wilcox said Harris was sent a summons by certified mail.

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