Friday, April 11, 2008

Media-Wake Up to Library Crime Source

The media need to wake up to the potential source of some library crimes. The following actual email relates to just such an incident and the positive effects that can result:

Dear Lynda Waddington of the Iowa Independent,

Regarding your article "New Trial in Library Abduction Case Sparked by Disregarded Request for Lawyer During Questioning" ( ), I make the following comments:

The last sentence says, "Once it was revealed that Effler had previously used computers at the library to view p()rnography over the Internet, the case sparked a firestorm of calls for Internet filtering of content at public libraries."

I believe it was Abby Simons of the Des Moines Register who revealed this. See "Library Sex Offender Incident Fuels Internet Filter Push; Offender Admitted Viewing P()rn on Library PCs," by Abby Simons, The Des Moines Register, 21 November 2005.

Look carefully in that article and I am named (and my older organization as well). Do you know why I am named? Because I called Abby Simons when she wrote her first article about the crime and left out the computer angle. I told her it looked like p()rn viewing may have been involved like in other communities such as Philadelphia, so she might want to investigate that.

She did, and a month later out came her story making the connection. She called and thanked me. That news story of hers ultimately led to the Iowa state legislature attempting to pass SF 2108, 2006. Naturally, that was shot down, likely based on the usual false and misleading information made up by the American Library Association [ALA] and its local acolytes. (I am not kidding -- I can show you the false and misleading information in state after state where the ALA continues to force its way -- let me know if you need me to supply the supporting information. Iowa is just another in a series of well-orchestrated propaganda successes for the ALA. Alaska is currently undergoing the usual disinformation campaign.)

I am not saying this for any kind of self interest. Rather I am saying this to tell you how I am involved in this story so that you will take me seriously when I offer to provide commentary on the issues involved.

Therefore, please consider me as a resource for anything related to my role in this matter, any legislative attempts to pass statewide library filtering law, or any statements the ALA or the IowaLA or any other librarian or related association might say as they continue to mislead the public. I will provide you with accurate information based on verifiable, third-party sources that you can use without the need for attribution to me. The point is the truth, not my getting into another Des Moines story. The point is the children.

Thank you. Please (all media members and legislators reading this) call me with any questions for any reason at any time. Abby Simons (and thereby Iowa generally) benefitted from such a talk, maybe others will too. At least be aware of my availability should your state legislature attempt to pass such legislation again. I support the right of the people to make an informed choice for themselves, not a misinformed choice after being misled by a formerly trustworthy source.

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