Tuesday, January 7, 2014

To Harass and Punish: Library Uses Police Against Megan Fox for Reporting Library Porn

Graphic credit PJ Media.
Elected officials at the Orland Park Public Library [OPPL], Orland Park, IL, have called the police so many times on mom Megan Fox who reported library porn and unreported crimes in the library that now the mom feels harassed by the police and elected officials.  Absolutely no one will stand up to help her, likely due to governmental intimidation.  Mind you, this is the library that Saturday Night Live Weekend Update with Seth Meyers mocked for its unlimited porn policy and that the American Library Association [ALA] personally visited to advise people to maintain the porn as a First Amendment right and block out anyone saying otherwise, especially me.  The harassment is so repeated and so outrageous, you'll have to see for yourselves what library media like Library Journal and ALA's own American Libraries will suppress, as is their habit:

By the way, there is no First Amendment right to porn in public libraries, according to the US Supreme Court, local law, common sense, and community values.  As a result, no library has yet been sued for blocking porn on library computers.  ALA lost that US v. ALA case over a decade ago but tries, often successfully, to mislead communities into ignoring the law, effectively nullifying the case it lost.  It is part of the reason Megan Fox is being harassed.  The library knows it has no legal leg to stand on, so it needs to attack the messenger.  Ditto for ALA.  I know because I'm often the messenger ALA maligns.

This OPPL is extremely successful in attacking the messenger, even putting a warning about her on the top of its front page.  If OPPL ultimately maintains the porn, ALA will train libraries nationwide on the tactics OPPL used to silence Megan Fox to keep the porn in place.  If Megan Fox ultimately wins, ALA and library media will remain silent.


With the passage of time the police harassment is now evident to everyone. With respect to one incident the video linked below shows pictures of Megan dropping a letter in a mailbox of a public official that is listed per law in the newspaper, the call to the police where the library trustee says she's not threatened but just wants to establish a "record," and the police calling Megan as a direct result and warning her she will be arrested if she's on the property again for any reason.

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