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Librarians Hate Rush Limbaugh, Love Censorship of Rush Revere Books for Children; The Banned Books Week Hoax Continues

Librarians really hate Rush Limbaugh and really love censorship.  Below I present evidence of generalized hate throughout the librarian community, then I present visual evidence of a library hiding children's books by Mr. Limbaugh and the comments of the videographer.  Lastly I note "Banned Books Week" continues to be a hoax as one of its promoters is part of the Rush Revere censorship gang.

Librarians Love Censorship
of Rush Revere

Look at librarians discussing how disgusted they are that Rush Limbaugh's Rush Revere books for children are in public libraries.  Look how they champ at the bit to get rid of the books or to keep them out in the first place.

In a Facebook public group having almost 16,000 members called "ALA Think Tank" (where ALA means American Library Association), people really hate Rush Limbaugh and the award-winning Rush Revere series of books for children.  As a whole, they definitely do not display any semblance of professional librarianship, ethics, nor opposition to censorship.  It is apparent their personal political interests take precedence over the public good.  And they are in your public libraries, many serving children.

Here is a recent example (from which I obtained the graphic above right):

Hannah Elizabeth Ralston [NOTE: She authored the original post of 10 December 2015 to which the others shown below responded.]
Children's Library Assistant, Webster Public Library, Webster, NY;
Clerk, Victor Farmington Library, Victor, NY:
:( feeling concerned.  Today at work, I discovered that Rush Limbaugh writes YA historical fiction... the covers of which are adorned with historical "hero" figures flaunting Limbaugh's face superimposed over their own...  Not sure what to say about this.

James Tinder
Youth Services Librarian, Dixon Public Library, Dixon, CA:
They're terrible. I had to print out a professional review for a patron at my old job to show them why I didn't order the books.

Bill Wilson
Library Director, Milwaukee County Federated Library System, Milwaukee, WI:
I see both the horse's head and the horse's rear end. Where's Rush? Oh, that isn't the horse's rear end.

Amanda Coward
Adult Services Librarian, Van Buren Public Library, Van Buren, AR:
Yeah these are in my library... Ugh

Andy Woodworth
Head of Reference, Cherry Hill Public Library, Cherry Hill, NJ:
The best one on the series is "Rush Revere and the Time He Ordered The Black Woman to the Back of the Bus"

Tera Forrest
Youth Services Librarian, Crowell Public Library, San Marino, CA:
I'm embarrassed to admit we have them here. Can't wait to weed-er. suddenly find they've gone missing.

Renae Ault Siddle
Children's Services Manager, Salem Ohio Public Library, Salem, OH:
We have them. Only because I'm in a conservative community and patrons asked. I tried to not buy them but director insisted...I don't think they circ well at all.

For context, here are librarians displaying hatred for Rush Limbaugh in the past when discussing Rush Limbaugh's having won an award—see also the comments:

Libraries Oppose "Censorship" of Internet Porn in Children's Sections

This is in a profession that enables children having full access to the unfiltered Internet because it would supposedly violate their First Amendment rights to do otherwise, for example:
Some prominent librarians have spoken out to expose the profession on this issue:

Video Evidence of a Library Hiding Rush Revere Children's Books

SafeLibraries's co-author Kevin DuJan has specific experience with a public library intentionally blocking access to Rush Limbaugh's Rush Revere children's books.  The library cataloged Rush Revere children's books as adult political, then keep them locked up in a staff room, all to hide them from children.  This is the same library that he and Megan Fox exposed for covering up and still allowing child pornography viewing on the Internet after raising taxes and spending almost $1,000,000 to defend the practice: Orland Park Public Library, Orland Park, IL.  Watch the video:

Read Kevin DuJan's further explanation and commentary on the video and the library's censorship of Rush Limbaugh's Rush Revere children's books:
  1. I went to look for the Rush Limbaugh children's books, Rush Revere. I went to the children's area first. Mary Adamowski (the nice librarian in the video) told me that they had the books because she remembered seeing them. She went to the shelves to get them, where they should be, and she came back and said they were gone and someone must be using them. She said a lot of people ask about them. 
  2. Since I never trust anyone at that library, I went upstairs to the adult reference desk and asked for books by Rush Limbaugh. They did not have any, except for the large print version of one of his books from the 1990s. At first they did not say anything about Rush Revere books. I had to remind the reference librarian about the Rush Revere books. She said that if they had those, they would be in the adult section and said the computer showed that they were not checked out. Adamowski did not check the computer downstairs, she just went to where she knew they should be, so upstairs I found out the computer said they had those books. 
  3. We walked to the shelves and the Rush Revere books were not where they were supposed to be according to the computer, namely, the adult section. I asked why the books were not supposed to be in the children's section, where people would look for Rush Revere books. I did not tell the reference librarian what Mary Adamowski said that the books are supposed to be in the children's section. Evidently, they had them coded in the computer as being part of the adult political books section, because that's what the reference librarian saw in the computer. 
  4. We go back to the reference desk and I asked the reference librarian where the books could be if they are not on the shelves but the computer said they were not checked out. She responded she would ask her supervisor where they were. I thought that was strange. How would a supervisor know where the books were?
  5. At that point, library director Mary Weimar was alerted to my presence, appeared, and sat at that reference desk while the reference librarian went behind the locked staff door. I caught that part on video, where Weimar refused to answer my questions or recommend any books. She made herself look stupid. 
  6. The reference librarian came back and that's when she figured out they had a Rush book in the large print section. That was the only Rush book they had. So she took me over there. 
  7. In the large print area, they did have one old Rush book. But no regular print Rush books and they still didn't know where the Rush Revere books were. 
  8. Andrew Masura came over at that point and he said the Rush Revere books were kept in the back, in the staff area, and I couldn't have them because someone else wanted them. I asked him why they were not on the shelves and he just said they keep them in the back. 
  9. Andrew was really uncomfortable. I asked why the books were not kept on the shelves in the children's area where people would look for them and why the computer said they would be on the shelves in the adult area. He said he would look into it. 
  10. I never was physically able to see the copies of the Rush Revere books that they supposedly had. The computer said they should be on the shelves in the adult political area. Mary Adamowski said she had seen them on the shelves in the children's area before, but assumed someone was using them. Andrew Masura said they keep the Rush Revere books "in the back,” behind the locked staff door. He did not explain why ... but then made up a story about someone must need them so they put them aside. But that back area is NOT where they keep the books that people have on reserve, so that made no sense. The books on reserve are kept behind the checkout desk downstairs near the front entrance. 
  11. It seemed to me they were hiding those books. The system says they have them, but no one who wants them can find them. Because it was me who was asking [NOTE: Kevin DuJan is one of the whistleblowers of the child porn coverup by the library director and the library board of trustees for which no one has yet suffered any consequences], the reference librarian went to get a supervisor and the library director detected enough of a problem to personally appear and sit there. So something was definitely up.

Banned Books Week Hoax Ignores Rush Revere

The above video of a public library hiding Rush Revere books for children was made 25 September 2014, right during the American Library Association's annual "Banned Books Week" hoax, this one in 2014.  ALA didn't list Rush Revere as being banned in its 2015 list, further evidencing the hoax it is:
So right during "Banned Books Week" a public library is videotaped making it impossible to find Rush Revere children's books.  That was in 2014.  ALA did not include the book to its 2015 "Banned Books Week" hoax while I myself recorded a listed author revealing how ALA faked the 2010 BBW numbers to serve its own interests.  So opposition to censorship is not the ALA's purpose for "Banned Books Week."

Andy Woodworth: Defending the Freedom to Censor Books 
and Make Racist Comments About Rush Limbaugh

By the way, did you notice the librarian making the racist comment about "The Black Woman" to mock Rush Limbaugh and libraries carrying his books?  He worked directly with ALA to promote "Banned Books Week."  "Defend the Freedom to Read: It's Everybody's Job is an awareness campaign conceived by librarian and library activist Andy Woodworth.  OIF has collaborated with Woodworth and commissioned the creation of original art to help spread the word. "  [Footnote omitted.]
"With increased reporting, OIF will be able to better track challenges and removal patterns so as to advise members of the profession."  Yet here's Andy Woodworth not reporting to his own "awareness campaign" he created the censorship of Rush Revere books—instead he's joining in on the censorshipfest.   He's all for defending the freedom to read while defending the freedom to censor Rush Limbaugh books.  And he "collaborates" with ALA's so-called "Office for Intellectual Freedom."  So ALA is fully aware Rush Limbaugh books are being censored and is doing nothing about it—it won't even be mentioned during the annual "Banned Books Week" hoax.


When librarians oppose censorship, it is just for show designed to achieve a certain goal.  In reality, they are the censors.  I have written about numerous examples of librarians practicing censorship.  Above I presented evidence of librarians joyfully bragging about censorship.  I included videotaped evidence taken by my coauthor of a library hiding Rush Revere books.  That was during "Banned Books Week," further evidencing how it is a hoax.

This Rush Limbaugh instance is just the latest case of censorship by librarians, and the video evidence shows the censorship in action.  It is so common librarians brag about it openly on Facebook.  "I'm embarrassed to admit we have them here. Can't wait to weed-er. suddenly find they've gone missing." "I tried to not buy them but director insisted."

You can be sure no library media will cover this story of censorship by librarians.

Does your library have Rush Revere books?


Here's more librarians hating Rush Limbaugh more, and many other prominent conservative authors—and admitting how they practice what they call censorship:


When it comes to substantially similar behavior by a woman with respect to And Tango Makes Three for religious and general parenting reasons, suddenly librarians at ALA Think Tank are all up in arms to stop this woman, evidencing yet another double standard in librarianship:
I came across this ultra-conservative Catholic blogger who posted about "losing" library books and leaving "notes" in 50 Shades of Gray.

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