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Library Boards Trained to Lie by ALA; Banned Books Wedge Issue Adopted by White House

Library boards and librarians are trained to lie about so-called "banned books" by a crypto American Library Association [ALA] group called EveryLibrary (501c3) or EveryLibrary Institute (501c4), so essentially by ALA.  Read their training to see just how insidious it is.  Even details on how to target Democrats differently from Republicans are described, while they take advantage of the great good will librarians have from the past.  Those days should be over.

Then a wedge issue is discussed—one the Biden Administration has adopted, citing ALA, to make so-called "banned books" an election issue.  And the wedge issue is based on lies I'm about to discuss in detail, line by line.

First I will explain what is EveryLibrary, then I will lay out its deceptive training that a whistleblower sent me.  I will then analyze the contents of that training and of the "wedge issue" the Biden Administration has now adopted.  Lastly, I will provide a link to all the documents given to me by a whistleblower, point out how they are filled with gold parents can use to stop the s3xualization of school children by school librarians, then give a call to action.

What is EveryLibrary?  It's ALA:

I've written about EveryLibrary in the past.  It has a history of deceptive training.  It guided librarians how to silence parents who complain about p*rn in the library: "get them to quiet down or get out of the way.  We are going to use the p[*]rn in the library discussion as our example...."  Librarians were trained to use a "very common political ploy."  Another technique is "never mention or directly oppose or attack the person making the original claim.  Simply bury their claim in great stories that tell a counter account of their experience."  We will see below that's exactly what they do when they attack Moms For Liberty without naming it.  "The last technique you can use is to simply ignore them."  I could go on with the deceptiveness of this tax exempt organization but I've written details here:

Kleinman, Dan. “Librarians Guide to Defeating Parents By EveryLibrary.” SafeLibraries® (blog), December 12, 2016.

Pictured at top right is John Chrastka who wrote the training and who is EveryLibrary's main driver.  As evidence EveryLibrary is a crypto ALA group, simply look at his history with ALA.  For example, at one point ALA describes him as "John Chrastka, the Director of Membership Development, otherwise known as "the guy who sends you e-mails.'"  

As to the organization itself, EveryLibrary was created in close coordination with ALA Executive Director Keith Michael Fiels, and, as detailed in an ALA Executive Board document dated 24 October 2012, gets indirect support from ALA and is intended to "complement" ALA (italics in original, bold added):

The American Library Association as a separate 501c3 cannot provide direct support to the new 501c4, and the governance will be by definition not under any control by ALA. We want to make sure that ALA members with a comprehensive understanding of ALA's s mission and advocacy goals are involved in EveryLibrary mission development, governance and ongoing work, and that the activities of the new 501c4 complement the work of the ALA Office for Library Advocacy, Chapter Relations Office and Development Office (in the area of fund raising for advocacy and public awareness). 

The point is EveryLibrary is expressly created from and remains an ongoing part of ALA, only using a separate legal entity to operate.  Anything EveryLibrary publishes is essentially what ALA publishes—indeed ALA even acts as publisher for EveryLibrary booksALA issues press releases promoting EveryLibrary.

And EveryLibrary's most recent move is, like ALA itself, to partner with GLAAD to promote s3xually inappropriate books to children in schools, which has been ALA's mission for over a half century.  Notice below it will "engage media with facts and personal storytelling to defeat book bans and challenges," essentially following its own advise to "never mention or directly oppose or attack the person making the original claim.  Simply bury their claim in great stories that tell a counter account of their experience," as I previously reported and linked above:

Library Board Training Provided by EveryLibrary/ALA:

Below is the misleading document I received from a whistleblower library board member (link), along with other documents.  Emphasis and links as shown are in the original:

Activating Support: How to Talk about Book Banning

Voter Perceptions of Book Bans in the United States

The EveryLibrary Institute recently released the results of a nationwide poll that shows that 75% of Americans oppose book banning and are willing to consider book banning when going to the voters this November. Download the report at:

Key Points and Suggested Messaging

Common-sense messaging is most broadly effective. It is more effective than saying that proponents of book banning are simply afraid of anyone who is different from them.

Effective messages include:

  • ○  Children shouldn't have their education dictated by the whims of politicians or extreme


  • ○  Children’s books are being banned for random reasons.  For example, The Lorax was

    banned because a school board member was a logger, and Walter the Farting Dog was

    banned because it has the word "farting" in it.

  • ○  So many classic novels, such as “The Handmaid's Tale, “Of Mice and Men” and “To Kill

    a Mockingbird,” are being banned.  These are treasured classics one minute and

    banned the next.

  • ○  If you don’t like a book, don’t check it out

  • ○  Parents have the right to decide what their own children can and should read.  But no

    parent has the right to make that decision for all other parents.

  • ○  Legislators do not have the right to restrict your reading or your family’s reading

  • ○  Do you trust other parents to decide what your family is allowed to read?

  • ○  Do you trust the government to decide which books your family is allowed to read?

  • ●  It is effective to make specific books emblematic of this issue as a whole. Of those tested, it’s most effective to highlight children’s books and classic novels.

  • ●  Voters are most offended by the idea that children and classic books are being banned.  Banning classic novels and children’s books are nearly universally opposed.  Support for banning increases to 18% when discussing books that focus on race, and 34% for books that discuss sexuality.  There is the greatest support (34%) for banning books about sexuality.

  • ●  Voters are receptive to describing politicians who support book banning as closed-minded, dangerous, extreme, and short-sighted BUT aside for Democrats, are less likely to use the terms “racist” or “homophobic”.  So effective messaging to middle/right audience will not focus on racism/homophobia.

  • ●  All anti-book banning messages are compelling to a vast majority of Americans. Arguing that proponents are simply scared of anyone different is least convincing.

  • ●  Subject matter related to race/CRT, and particularly sexuality (including LGBTQ+/Gender), soften Republican opposition to banning books. Books related to sex/gender/sexual orientation are seen as not age-appropriate. To effectively speak to the competing impulse to NOT ban books we should not center our arguments or key points in these areas.

Download the eport: | |

[ page 2 ]

Activating Support: How to Talk about Book Banning

● The possibility of charging library employees emerges as worrying among Republicans and Independents. We should talk about how this is happening around the country – (like Brooke Stephens filing police reports with Farmington Police Department and Davis County Sheriff’s Office)

Additional points

● Just 8% of voters think there are many books that are inappropriate and should be banned.

o Half of voters believe there is “absolutely no time when a book should be banned”. This includes a sizeable portion (31%) of Republicans. This has great potential as a wedge issue. 41% choose a middle position - “there are rare times when it’s appropriate to ban books”.

●  Libraries and librarians are broadly favorably viewed so libraries are entering this issue from a position of strength - American voters have a high regard for libraries, and certainly have more affinity for libraries and librarians than they do for politicians.

●  3 in 4 voters say preventing book banning is important to how they decide to vote. It’s especially mobilizing for college educated women.

●  We won’t need to fight too hard to get people to pay attention. Awareness of the issue is widespread, and book banning is fully opposed by half of American voters (an additionally 41% hold a middle of the road position)

●  31% of Republicans believe there is absolutely no time when a book should be banned. To heighten discomfort for the Republican politicians who support book banning, we suggest focusing on this group for persuasion efforts. (i.e. identify people on the right who oppose all book banning and activate them to speak up.)

Download the EveryLibrary Institute Report

Voter Perceptions of Book Bans in the United States

Download the eport: | | 

Analysis of Library Board Training:

Here are my comments:

Seventy five percent opposing book banning is a fake poll because the issue is explicit books in schools, not book banning.  He leaves out a Harris poll and a Rasmussen poll showing large majorities oppose explicit books in school.  It's misleading.  Then he says the fake poll will be used to influence voters in November.  It's basically lying, what he's doing.

If EveryLibrary's purpose is "educational," per the IRS filing shown above, does that include flat out lying to keep explicit books in schools for kids to read?  Does flat out lying affect the tax exempt status of an organization?  I wonder if I should file a complaint with the IRS.  But there's more.

The "effective messages" are lies, every last one of them. 

"Education dictated by the whims of politicians or extreme activists"?  First, there's that use of the word, "extreme," something one hears constantly now from those seeking to smear people by association.  

For example, the new Marxist President of ALA, in an effort to sheepishly explain why she deleted her tweet bragging about her being the new Marxist President of ALA, uses the word "extremist" repeatedly, nine times, basically against parents opposing the s3xualization of children, like, "And in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, extremists attacked a library director, claiming she conspired with me to peddle p[]rnography to children in the community."  She even complains about a New York Post story by Dana Kennedy in which I appeared opposite of Emily Drabinski (shown below) for merely reprinting what she tweeted: "A photo of my face and screenshot of my tweet showed up in Breitbart’s extremist media networks and in the pages of the New York Post."

Drabinski, Emily. “The Fight for Libraries; Libraries and Higher Education Face a Shared Battle.” Academe by AAUP, March 21, 2023.

See also:

Kennedy, Dana. “Librarians Go Radical as New Woke Policies Take Over: Experts.” New York Post, September 10, 2022.  Quote:

After Drabinski won, she posted on Twitter: “I just cannot believe that a Marxist lesbian who believes that collective power is possible to build and can be wielded for a better world is the president-elect of @ALALibrary. I am so excited for what we will do together. Solidarity!”

By the way, @EDrabinski and @ALALibrary block me on Twitter, because free speech has nothing to do with their agenda.

Even media jumps in with the "extremist" parents (and "book bans") lie.  They even put it right in the title so it can't be missed.  And this is in an NPR (WBUR) story about the Louisiana school librarian Amanda Jones who sued parents for defamation and lost:

Fernandes, Deepa. “One School Librarian Who Spoke Out Against Censorship and Book Bans Became a Target of Extremists.” WBUR (NPR) - Here & Now, June 20, 2023.

Second, more insidiously, if anyone's "dictating by whim," it's the American Library Association that gives adult books like "Gender Queer" multiple awards for children to ensure that books spread to every school library.  It's the librarians doing the dictating.  And they don't call it censorship when they do it, they call it selection.  So it's fundamentally dishonest to project onto "extremists" what the librarians themselves are doing. 

For example, librarians are removing books by "dead white guys" including Shakespeare, and obviously they never think their own actions are extremist:

AASL/ALSC/YALSA Interdivisional Committee on School-Public Library Cooperation (SPLC). “Libraries Welcome All Families: A Conversation with Urban High School Students About Representation in the CT Nutmeg Nominees.” ALSC Blog (blog), April 23, 2019.

Meanwhile, even while knowing librarians are removing "dead white guys," here is EveryLibrary training people to focus on Shakespeare, the classics, and children's books being removed from libraries because that's what fires up voters.  And, librarians, definitely don't talk about the s3xually explicit books because, as the EveryLibrary trainer says as shown in the thirty second clip below, "we might not be winning, we really wanna focus on um the children's books and the um uh the classics um."  This is an example of why I say librarians flat out lie and use projection.  Librarians are banning Shakespeare while training other librarians and library trustees to decry the "extremist" parents banning classics like Shakespeare.  And EveryLibrary is a tax exempt organization for flat out lying?

"Children books are being banned for random reasons"?  He cites two oddball cases.  There are always outliers.  He leaves out the educationally unsuitable and pervasively vulgar works that may be removed immediately from school libraries.  It's deceptive to take outliers and leave out the mainstream problems of librarians s3xualizing children with graphic pedophilic works that even exhort kids to get on s3x apps like Grindr and meet a man for a night.  No, that he doesn't mention.  Just the farting dog case and the Dr. Seuss case.

"So many classic novels are being banned."  False.  Librarians are routinely removing classic novels by, as they put it, "dead white guys," including Shakespeare, and this poltroon claims classic novels are being banned like "To Kill a Mockingbird."  It's just more projection, a complete and intentional deception, an outright lie, but one people won't notice without knowing it's the librarians themselves who are herding children into gender ideology while tossing out classic literature.

"If you don't like a book, don't check it out."  That is completely irrelevant to the issue of whether inappropriate books should be in a library in the first place.  That's like saying, as ALA has, if you don't like seeing p*rnography on a library computer, well just don't look, avert your eyes, sweetie.  Judith Krug said that, including the sweetie part.  Now EveryLibrary says that.  

"Parents have the right to decide what their own children can and should read."  So deeply deceptive.  First, that is not the issue at all of what should be in a library.  Second, ALA works repeatedly and deceptively to keep parents in the dark about what their children are reading.  How?  One way is to advise librarians to use personal emails precisely to keep parents in the dark when they file Freedom of Information Act requests—just as EveryLibrary has done, as discussed below.  Another way is to order the censorship and blacklisting of a book review site by Common Sense Media since it gave parents ratings of the potential for s3xual inappropriateness of books.  So librarians claim only parents can judge, but that's not the issue, and they hide things from parents so they would be misinformed even if they did make their own decisions.  Here's more being hidden from parents by librarians:

"Legislators do not have the rights to restrict your reading."  Oh yes they do.  If your librarians are violating laws, community standards, and common sense by turning libraries into indoctrination centers, lawmakers not only have the right but the duty to act to force the librarians to act within the law.  So don't tell us legislators have no powers.  That's what the librarians want us to think.  As usual it's the exact opposite, legislators do have the power, and they are starting to use it precisely because librarians have gone completely off the rails and kids are being s3xualized and trained nationwide to hate each other as a result.

"Do you trust other parents to decide what your family is allowed the read"?  He's joking, right?  It's projection again.  The real question is do you trust librarians to decide what your family is allowed to read.  Librarians have a "Library Bill of Rights" that contains the Marxist idea that all ages can access all materials.  That's why they allow kids to read pervasively vulgar materials.  So kids would get anything at all from a librarian, and indeed that's what we are seeing again and again in the news.  That "Bill of Rights" sham is in almost every library.  That's the every library in EveryLibrary.  To them EveryLibrary means every library will allow kids access to inappropriate material because some Marxists added the word "age" to the "Library Bill of Rights" over fifty years ago, no one's yet realized, and we're going to damn well keep ramming it down people's throats, especially the easy targets: school kids away from their parents.  So actually yes, parents ultimately decide what goes on in schools and libraries—that's why they elect board members to carry out their wishes, not the wishes of some Marxists from Chicago, IL, called American Library Association.

"Do you trust the government to decide which books your family is allowed to read"?  What cojones these people have.  The ALA is currently getting its "Library Bill of Rights" enshrined into state law where one of the provisions is that states will stop giving money to schools that don't s3xualize their children with inappropriate material.  The law is there to get the governments to decide which books your family is allowed to read!  ALA is for that law!  Yet here is Mr. EveryLibrary saying you shouldn't trust your government as to which books to read.  Can you believe this guy?

So those are his "effective messages."  I just destroyed each one line by line.

To hammer home his lies, he says to "make specific books emblematic of this issue as a whole," emphasis his.  This is just as I pointed out what he did about when he talked about the farting dog book or the Dr. Seuss book and how he left out "Gender Queer" or "This Book is Gay."  He then says the message is market tested to fool people!  "Of those tested, it’s most effective to highlight children’s books and classic novels."  And that's why he talked about "To Kill a Mockingbird."  It's all deception.  It's all delusion.  It's smoke and mirrors.  He's telling people don't be honest, just stick to the script and talk about Theodor Geisel and Harper Lee because that's "tested" and that will fool people, fool them into s3xualizing and indoctrinating kids.  What a groomer this guy is, in my opinion.  And he's the guy writing the guide for library trustees.  Unbelievable, but there it is.

Then he doubles down on the direction to hammer home the lies: "Voters are most offended by the idea that children and classic books are being banned.  Banning classic novels and children’s books are nearly universally opposed."  Emphasis his again.  So leave out that "Gender Queer" is removed from libraries, not "banned" by the way, another deception he uses, and concentrate on Dr. Seuss.  This is pure deception.

So his "advanced training programs" to "boards of trustees" is not really training at all.  He's lying to the Internal Revenue Service now, if you look at the 990 he filed pictured above and linked below.  This is really advanced propaganda training to advance the s3xualization of children.  This is sick.  He's sick.  My opinion, of course.  But there's more.

The next bullet point is to advise boards to make ad hominem attacks against "book banners" as "close-minded, dangerous, extreme, and short-sighted," again, emphasis his.  He goes further!  He characterizes "middle/right" people as "racist" and "homophobic" since he says using such words to sway such people will not be "effective"!  What a racist.  What obvious bias.  What callous disregard for simple honesty.  Everything has to be worded carefully to trick people to side with groomer librarians against parents.  And this guy is running a nonprofit getting tax benefits to s3xualize our children.

The next bullet point tells board members and others what not to say.  Don't say people are "simply scared of anyone different" because he knows from "testing" that that particular lie is no longer effective for "anti-book banning messages."  There's been no book banning in USA since 1963, but the "book banning" scare is never-ending with these people because they know it works.  Well wake up folks, it's a ruse and has been for decades.  As Thomas Sowell put it, "Censorship Propaganda is Just So Much Hogwash":

Sowell, Thomas. “Censorship Propaganda Is Just So Much Hogwash.” The Seattle Times, October 5, 1994.

Then he turns back to "Republicans" again.  What does he say?  He says DO NOT talk about "race/CRT, and particularly s3xuality (including LGBTQ+/Gender) because those are winning issues for book removals, so don't talk about that: "To effectively speak to the competing impulse to NOT ban books we should not center our arguments or key points in these areas."  Emphasis his.  He is teaching people to be deceptive.  SO EVERYONE SHOULD DO THE OPPOSITE AND KEEP RAISING THE ISSUES HE'S SAYING NEVER TO RAISE.

And it's galling to see this direction, something that could come directly from a groomer: "Books related to sex/gender/sexual orientation are seen as not age-appropriate."  "Seen" as not age-appropriate?  He will never admit they are not age appropriate because the "Library Bill of Rights" eliminates that guard rail.  And as we saw above, parents are never to be trusted to make book selection decisions, only librarians, like this guy, who cannot even admit anything is ever age inappropriate.

"The possibility of charging library employees emerges as worrying among Republicans and Independents. We should talk about how this is happening around the country – (like Brooke Stephens filing police reports with Farmington Police Department and Davis County Sheriff’s Office)."  Well gee, no kidding, age guard rails have been completely eradicated by librarians, and this EveryLibrary guy is training everyone how to fool everyone else into ignoring the guard rails in their local communities.  This is EXACTLY why legislators are right to put some teeth into laws opposing the s3xualization of children.  No one else can protect the children from these liar librarians.  Parents are attacked, like school librarian Roxana Caivano is doing in Roxbury, NJ, in a case in which I am named.  Only legislatures can stop this and restore the guard rails to protect children.  Yet here's EveryLibrary arguing how "we should talk about how this is happening around the country," right in the bullet point after saying we should not talk about "race/CRT" and "s3xuality (including LGBTQ+/Gender)."  So deeply deceptive is this guy, is EveryLibrary, the crypto ALA organization, and to better s3xualize kids.  

Oh my, the guy's not done.  He has "additional points."  Here comes the "wedge" issue the Biden Administration adopted.

Wedge Issue on "Banned Books" Biden Administration has Adopted—It's Based on ALA Lies:

Bullet one about 8% is the same lie from above only reworded and set in boldface.  Then, using the fake book "banning" polls, he says, "This has great potential as a wedge issue."  WHAT A COINCIDENCE!  JOE BIDEN AND THE DEMOCRATS ARE USING "BANNED BOOKS" AS A WEDGE ISSUE!!!

Ordoñez, Franco. “Book Bans Are on the Rise. Biden Is Naming a Point Person to Address That.” NPR, June 8, 2023, sec. Politics.

Hines, Shawnda. “American Library Association Welcomes White House Actions to Address Book Bans.” Text. American Library Association, June 8, 2023.

The White House. “FACT SHEET: Biden-Harris Administration Announces New Actions to Protect LGBTQI+ Communities.” The White House, June 8, 2023.  (Contains a citation under "highest number" directly to American Library Association that cites Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Esq, the ALA Director who trains librarians they know material is s3xually inappropriate for kids but it is to be "reframed" as diversity and inclusion, hyperlink in original.  She also plagiarized the Banned Books Week Censorship Map and faked the Banned Books Week list (2010) so badly that after I reported it LGBT books fell off the list for the first and only time ever (2011)). Quote:
III.    Addressing Book Bans
  • Protecting Americans from book banning.  Across the country, our nation faces a spike in book bans – efforts that disproportionately strip books about LGBTQI+ communities, communities of color, and other communities off of library and classroom shelves.  In fact, 2022 saw the highest number of book bans in 20 years.  Book banning erodes our democracy, removes vital resources for student learning, and can contribute to the stigma and isolation that LGBTQI+ people and other communities face.  The Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights is announcing that to support its ongoing work to defend the rights of LGBTQI+ students and other underserved communities, it will appoint a new coordinator to address the growing threat that book bans pose for the civil rights of students.  That coordinator will work to provide new trainings for schools nationwide on how book bans that target specific communities and create a hostile school environment may violate federal civil rights laws.

So I just went through line by line the lie by lie of EveryLibrary, an ALA crypto group, and I get to the part where he talks about a "wedge issue" being "banned books," then I realize, that is EXACTLY in the news from just weeks ago.  So Joe Biden and the Democrats' wedge issue is based on ALA lie after lie, and all to s3xualize more school children.  Let that sink in.

The Biden Administration is pushing the views of a plagiarizing homophobic groomer "reframing" s3xually inappropriate books as diversity and inclusion.  Not an exaggeration; that's my opinion based on what I investigated and reported.  Deborah Caldwell-Stone is quoted in the story the White House links.  This nefarious thinking and trickery is the basis for the Biden Administration's "wedge issue" on "banned books."

This is remarkable breaking news—the connection between the "wedge issue" claim by ALA and the White House's adoption of that issue, even citing to ALA—that could affect the upcoming election.  My point here is not an election but the harm done to children if ALA efforts to s3xualize more school children are given the coercive force of government by the Democrats.

Let me move on with completing my analysis of this training document.

Librarians Rely on Good Will Yet They Reframe Explicit Material as Diversity and Inclusion:

In bold and underlined type, the largest text in the document, is the reason librarians get away with doing what groomers cannot do without serious repercussions.  "Libraries and librarians are broadly favorably viewed so libraries are entering this issue from a position of strength - American voters have a high regard for libraries, and certainly have more affinity for libraries and librarians than they do for politicians."  Librarians know they get away with murder, and here it is in black and white.  They can do anything and people will still assume they are fluffy pink rabbits who would hurt a fly.  Just to make this super clear, the trainer points out voters love librarians "more ... than they do ... politicians."  So no need to convince people to s3xualize children since people will side with librarians over politicians anyway, so just plow ahead and do it and you'll get away with it.  Nice.  And that's exactly why today schools are awash with inappropriate materials and grades are plummeting.

"3 in 4 voters say preventing book banning is important to how they decide to vote. It’s especially mobilizing for college educated women."  Remember, they set up a fake poll about book banning when that's not the issue and book banning hasn't happened since 1963, but the goal is political power, not truth.  So it's a great wedge issue, and who cares if it's all based on lies from an organization that knows it's s3xualizing children.  Boy, those "college educated women" really eat this up.

"We won’t need to fight too hard to get people to pay attention. Awareness of the issue is widespread, and book banning is fully opposed by half of American voters (an additionally 41% hold a middle of the road position)."  Again with the fake poll.  What, is this the fourth time that fake poll has been used to fool people?  But as to not "fight[ing] too hard" because "awareness of the issue is widespread," well he leaves out that ALA has been spreading that awareness.  He leaves out that ALA trains librarians that "sustained uh messaging that reframes the issue" is "need[ed]."  And that sustained messaging has been going on for decades, and here we are, "awareness of the issue is widespread."  How convenient and self serving.

He saves his last bullet for the Republicans.  He knows the Democrats are going to accept the lies hook, line and sinker.  So he's training library boards and librarians to "heighten discomfort for the Republican politicians who support book banning," as if anyone supports book banning.  So, "we suggest focusing on this group for persuasion efforts, (i.e. identify people on the right who oppose all book banning and activate them to speak up.)"  Emphasis in original.  Are you getting this?  If Republicans are speaking in opposition to "book banning," they have been "activated" by these people s3xualizing school children.

That's the end of the training documentation I got from a whistleblower.  There was not a single sentence that was truthful.  Everything was geared toward lying to people, toward creating a "wedge issue," toward racist and ad hominem attacks, then "activating" Republicans to "heighten discomfort" on the others.  And all to better s3xualize more school children.

And the Biden Administration has made "book banning" a "wedge issue."

How disgusting.

EveryLibrary Documents from Whistleblower:

Here are the documents provided to me by the whistleblower about the training he received as a library trustee from EveryLibrary, including the IRS Form 990s for the different EveryLibrary entities:

Note:  These documents were given to the whistleblower library board member by EveryLibrary in the course of training it provided to a public library.  So they were legally obtained.  I have to say this to head off any false claims made by EveryLibrary to try to get my report here censored.  That whistleblower sent me those legally obtained documents sua sponte.  So I legally obtained them.  None have proprietary markings of any kind.  Actually, they strongly recommend distribution of the documents—for "Long-Term Inoculation" of "legislators and local leaders" against parents:

Remember, long term inoculation is what ALA trains librarians to do, as displayed above, where it says: 
But ultimately, we found that the thing that needs to happen most, and it needs to happen before these bills are introduced, is sustained uh messaging that reframes this issue um that uh that takes it away from the idea that these are inappropriate for minors, or sexually inappropriate for minors, and promotes them as diverse materials and programming that are about inclusion, fairness, and protection of everybody's right to see themselves, and their families reflected in the books in the public library.
And here's a video of one of the EveryLibrary people giving his training to librarians, training that comprises the documents linked above and that is freely available online (hat tip Haley Kennington @LadyKennington):

Isn't it inspiring when that EveryLibrary trainer, Peter Bromberg, who's training librarians and trustees to use "long-term inoculation" to get people to accept the Marxist-infused "Library Bill of Rights" also uses the Marxist fist to promote the First Amendment and EveryLibrary?  So patriotic!

What a coincidence!  Just like ALA with its Marxist President—there's that Marxist fist again!  #RebelReader!  A child reading child p*rn.  What a rebel!  

Documents Filled with Gold:

The whistleblower-provided documents linked above are filled with gold.  I've analyzed just the one two page one.  The others, eight pages and 133 pages, are equally filled with flat out misinformation and lies, line after line.  

Even the obligatory attack on Moms For Liberty is there, with ALA's signature means of never naming ALA's alleged enemies.  As you read this attack, know it's pure projection (like complaining about "right wing media and social media channels" when they train themselves to cultivate friendly media and improve their own use of social media), uses the typical word definition changes (like "diverse content") and scare quotes (like "'parental rights'"), and it's in reaction to ALA's increasing its harm to children—then they complain and call us extremists when we notice:

So this organization that promotes ALA training that the Biden Administration now uses for its "banned books" wedge issue also trains library boards and librarians to violate law, including open public records laws: "Note: these are roles to be filled by civilians, not librarians.  Any work done to ID or work with citizens acting in these roles should not be done on work time, or with work resources.  Do not use work email or phones."  See page 6 here:

Wow, an organization training people to violate law precisely to hide from parents and politicians how they are s3xualizing and indoctrinating children is the source for the Biden Administration's wedge issue on "book banning."  

And here, on pages 115 and 121, it trains librarians how to lie to parents about the very book "Gender Queer" that has been removed from many schools under the Pico case:

I have to stop because the lies are so many I could write a book.  Librarians should lose all credibility since they operate under these deceptive guidelines that target children.  And I'll be happy to provide anyone with further analysis and detail on any of the other EveryLibrary (ALA) training documents I have provided, as provided to me by a whistleblower.  More whistleblower input is welcome.

Others See the Propaganda As Well:

And others see the pure propaganda as well, like these examples:

Schultz, Madeline Fry. “The Book-Banning Narrative Being Pushed by Democrats and the Media is a Mirage.” Washington Examiner, June 9, 2023.

“The Democrats and the Biden administration are broadly relying on Americans’ first blush instincts being with them, and not unreasonably so,” Eden explained.  “In the abstract, of course, being opposed to book bans polls well.  But they’re also counting on Americans never learning what’s actually going on in these schools and what these parents are actually objecting to.”

Kurpis, Jon. “School Librarians and the False Book Banning Narrative.” Substack newsletter. Jon Kurpis Official Substack (blog), May 26, 2023.

Providing vivid p[]rnography to underage children does not make you a good school librarian or a progressive educator.  It makes you a groomer and a reckless danger to students.

(Anonymous Whistleblower Library Director) Kleinman, Dan. “The Banned Books Hustle.” SafeLibraries® (blog), September 17, 2022.

Librarians know “banned books” get traction with the public.  If not in the local area then anywhere they can promote the outrage.  It can be beneficial to a librarian’s career to fight the good fight on the supposed behalf of the community.  They can enhance the woke Marxist agenda of the local school or run a program intended to indoctrinate children into becoming Queer and receive hi-fives, ball gags, and job offers.

Greene, Jay. “Are School Libraries Banning Thousands of Books? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Trust the Left’s Narrative.” The Daily Signal, May 11, 2023.

It is simply false that 2,532 books were removed from schools during the 2021-2022 school year. We know this is false because we examined online card catalogues and found that 74% of the books PEN America identified as banned from school libraries are actually listed as available in the catalogues of those school districts. In many cases we could see that copies of those books are currently checked out and in use by students. 

Call to Action:

I have provided you with smoking gun evidence of training for the s3xualization and indoctrination of children by ALA (EveryLibrary) given to me by a whistleblower library board member.  It's your job to read it, learn it, and recognize it when these exact same lies and misdirection are used in your own communities by librarians and library trustees who are trained to sneak around you and who no longer should have your good will:

Well, did you read them?  Then click above and read them!!

Let me add that, for standing up against the s3xualization of kids in schools, Moms for Liberty has been attacked by ALA as shown above and elsewhere, Southern Poverty Law Center, mainstream media, the Biden Administration, and I just noticed by Big Tech as well, as shown below.  Obviously they are doing something right:

The greatest thing you can do is run for and get on school and library boards!!  Then don't be fooled by EveryLibrary and ALA.  That's the best way to change what these people are doing to harm our children and our country.

Lastly, oppose Secretary Cardona and the US Department of Education plans to implement ALA policy.  So get involved and oppose that as it's based on the pure propaganda laid out above.


Whatever's happening to s3xualize kids, American Library Association librarians stand at the center of it.  I just proved it's all based on propagandistic training by ALA people (EveryLibrary) that incorporates ALA's, well, extremist policies, like the Marxism embedded in its "Library Bill of Rights" that Illinois just made law.  It's extremist to give children s3xually inappropriate material.  It's librarians who are the extremists, not the parents and legislators trying to stop them from s3xualizing children.

And now the Biden Administration is taking these extremist views nationwide—because groomer librarians said "banned books" would be a "wedge issue" based on faked information.


Piling on Moms For Liberty, as discussed above, is none other than, you guessed it, EveryLibrary.  The quote was to make a point about something that's bad, not a quote of support, but don't let facts get in the way of piling on:


Now ALA's EveryLibrary is grifting off of Hitler:

They accuse Moms for Liberty of "well-funded dark money."  Simply more projection as the reality is the opposite:

American Libraries Magazine. “ALA to Distribute $1 Million to Support Fight Against Censorship,” June 22, 2023.


  1. Thank you . I have debated this issue on Facebook . When I object to books containing sexually explicit material parents say exactly what the ALA prompted them to say:
    “YOU are a NAZI book banner.
    Librarians are professionals with advanced degrees who know better than you do .
    YOU are a homophobe, objecting to books needed by LGBTQ youth .
    Don’t tell me what my kids can read , etc.”

    I am so glad to hear about the whistle blower


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