Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jaw Dropper: Library Needs to Raise Taxes Due to $100K Legal Bill from Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins to Defend Access to Child Porn

"They squandered $100,000 on
their attorneys to fight patrons who want
to shut down the access point to child
porn in this library."
Watch this video—it's a jaw dropper.  A library needs to raise taxes because of being over budget to pay Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins, Ltd., $100K to defend child porn, for almost a year now!

Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins.  This is the same firm I wrote about yesterday that violated the law to hide its legal bills from the public!  See:  "Library Censorship: Excessively Redacted Legal Bills in FOIA Response."

Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins.  This is the same firm that manufactures evidence!  See:  "Library Lawyers Manufacture Evidence But Inspire Humorous Video; ALA Takes Opportunity to Teach How to Thwart Complaining Patrons."

Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins.  This is the same firm that does not reveal even to the Illinois Attorney General that Illinois library law blocks porn, even legal porn, from all Illinois libraries!  See:  "Library Censorship to Defend Child Porn; Another Request for Review Filed With the Illinois Attorney General."

Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins.  This is the same firm found guilty of holding a meeting on Lincoln's Birthday holiday in the Land of Lincoln where policy was approved to allow porn and silence me, even though they wrote the book on the law!  See:  "Beware the 'Dennis Walsh Watusi' @ Orland Park."

Now, keeping Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins in mind and remembering we are talking about a public library (Orland Park Public Library) and publicly elected officials defending access to child porn, watch this jaw dropping video:

"To keep child porn available in this library.
That's what the $60,000 will be used for"

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Library Censorship: Excessively Redacted Legal Bills in FOIA Response

Excessively redacted legal bills from public
entity defending access to child porn.
The Orland Park Public Library [OPPL] has been found by the Illinois Attorney General [AG] to have excessively redacted legal bills obtained via Freedom of Information Act [FOIA] request.  It basically blacked out any useful information to which the public is entitled under FOIA laws.  A portion of an excessively redacted bill is shown at right.

OPPL must to respond to the AG with "un-redacted copies of the records responsive to Mr. Kleinman's FOIA request, as well as any additional legal or factual basis for the assertion of [claimed FOIA exceptions]" if it wishes to reverse this finding:

This started in a library that has for years allowed child pornography and has for almost a year thwarted efforts to stem the illegality.  The library has for half a year blocked me from saying Illinois library law precludes all libraries throughout Illinois from allowing Internet porn.  Here is the latest example:

I am investigating the library for ties to the American Library Association [ALA] that is the nation's top facilitator of porn in libraries nationwide ( ).   One of my investigative activities including asking the library for legal bills.  After all, OPPL's lawyers at Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins, Ltd, Chicago, IL, and Orland Park, IL, have charged almost $100,000 for thwarting efforts to stop the library from serving child pornography.  So those bills likely contain revealing information.

Here is my request for the legal bills, the library's response including the excessively redacted legal bills, and a polite conversation I have with the library's FOIA Officer Scott Remmenga as I try very hard to avoid having to seek intervention from the AG:

If FOIA stands for the public having access to the records of a public entity, and if that entity excessively redacts FOIA responses making the records essentially devoid of information, is that not government censorship?  Isn't it particularly egregious/ironic in the case of a public library claiming it would be censorship to keep people from accessing "constitutionally protected material" on public library computers despite the law saying the opposite?

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Illinois Attorney General Launches Investigation Into Public Library Censoring Me In Violation of Law

The Illinois Attorney General has launched investigations of the Orland Park Public Library, Orland Park, IL, for its censorship of–yours truly.  That's right, me.  Twice, no less, in "OMA Request for Review – 2014 PAC 29489" and in "OMA Request for Review – 2014 PAC 29540."  Hat tip to Megan Fox for making me aware of this:
  • "Two More Letters Opening Investigations Into the Wrongdoings of the OPPL-BoT; This One is Really Interesting Because It Involves the Library From Prohibiting Dan Kleinman From Speaking," by Megan Fox, Fans of Megan Fox, 9 June 2014:
    Two more letters opening investigations into the wrongdoings of the OPPL-BoT This one is really interesting because it involves the Library from prohibiting Dan Kleinman from speaking.  The ALA lists Dan Kleinman as their number 1 enemy because he is the nation's leading expert on the lies the ALA tells the public!  The OMA does not prohibit people from speaking via video-conference, but the OPPL-BoT passed unreasonable restrictions specifically to silence Kleinman!  Keep in mind that the OPPL-BoT regular teleconferences in to conduct their meetings.  Why not just let Dan Kleinman have 5 minutes?  What's the big deal?  It's 5 minutes!  This board can't listen to someone well-educated on the subject for 5 measly minutes?

Neither 2014 PAC 29489 nor 29540 name me, but both are about blocking someone from teleconferencing at public meetings, in this case the monthly library board of trustees meetings.  I was the only one who asked to speak at two meetings; was signed up on the list of speakers; was ready, willing, and able to teleconference, but was not allowed to speak.  I was the only one the library board specifically wrote policy about to silence me–at its criminal meeting in violation of law during a state holiday, as the Illinois Attorney General has recently determined.

To explain this matter further, see my own Request for Review made to the Illinois Attorney General on this very issue of the library repeatedly blocking me in violation of the law.  I spell out the law that blocks porn from all Illinois libraries, and that is likely exactly why I have been repeatedly blocked and why the censorship continues.  These are elected public officials blocking me in violation of the law, so this is censorship:

Winston Churchill: "[S]ome people's idea of [free speech] is that they
are free to say what they like, but if anyone says
anything back, that is an outrage."

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Magnet Libraries

Criminals know to seek out and use public libraries having weak or nonexistent library porn filters.  Below is an example.  And the evidence comes right from the mouth of the criminal.  So if your library allows porn despite policy and the law, your library is a magnet for criminals.

Notice the library's Internet use policy states it provides Internet filters, blocks porn in accordance with law, and adheres to the Children's Internet Protection Act, but it is completely useless, as all "acceptable use policies" are.  It is apparently just for show because it looks really good but it obviously does not work.  The Maricopa County Superior Court judge and relevant legal counsel ought to consider if the library is itself partly responsible for providing an attractive nuisance:
  • "Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources," by Scottsdale Public Library, Scottsdale, AZ (hyperlinks in original):
    4.  The Library provides filtered access to the Internet in order to adhere to the requirements set forth in Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS 13-3501 “Obscenity, Definitions”, 13-3506.01 “Furnishing Harmful Items to Minors, Internet Activity”, 13-3507 “Public Display of Explicit Sexual Material”) and the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Because filtering software is inherently imperfect, we cannot guarantee that all Internet content will be appropriately filtered at all times.

    5.  Adult customers may request unfiltered Internet access at any time without having to provide an explanation to library staff. Disabling of the Internet filter by Library staff in no way exempts the customer from ARS 13-3507 “Public Display of Explicit Sexual Material.”
Ever heard of magnet schools?  Well Scottsdale Public Library is a magnet library.  Does your community have a magnet library like this one?


A man awaiting trial on child sex crimes was arrested at his Gilbert home Tuesday on allegations of downloading hundreds of images of child porn at a Scottsdale library, police said.

Murat Alev, 60, was wearing a court-ordered ankle monitoring device that enabled Maricopa County adult probation officers to track him down at Mustang Library at 10101 N. 90th St.

Alev was a school bus driver for the Gilbert school system at the time of his arrest, according to a probable cause statement.

Alev handed over a thumb drive that he admitted contained hundreds of images he downloaded of young naked girls while on the library computer, a court document stated.

Court paperwork stated Alev had been at the library for six hours.

Alev told a Scottsdale police detective that he was at Mustang Library because its computers "don't filter as well as other libraries," according to the probable cause statement.

The man is currently on felony release pretrial services for furnishing obscene materials to minors. As part of his release conditions, he is not allowed to access computers or the internet.

Scottsdale police detectives arrested Alev after a Maricopa County Superior Court judge granted a warrant.

Authorities said examining the thumb drive and said future charges are possible.

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