Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Jaw Dropper: Library Needs to Raise Taxes Due to $100K Legal Bill from Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins to Defend Access to Child Porn

"They squandered $100,000 on
their attorneys to fight patrons who want
to shut down the access point to child
porn in this library."
Watch this video—it's a jaw dropper.  A library needs to raise taxes because of being over budget to pay Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins, Ltd., $100K to defend child porn, for almost a year now!

Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins.  This is the same firm I wrote about yesterday that violated the law to hide its legal bills from the public!  See:  "Library Censorship: Excessively Redacted Legal Bills in FOIA Response."

Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins.  This is the same firm that manufactures evidence!  See:  "Library Lawyers Manufacture Evidence But Inspire Humorous Video; ALA Takes Opportunity to Teach How to Thwart Complaining Patrons."

Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins.  This is the same firm that does not reveal even to the Illinois Attorney General that Illinois library law blocks porn, even legal porn, from all Illinois libraries!  See:  "Library Censorship to Defend Child Porn; Another Request for Review Filed With the Illinois Attorney General."

Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins.  This is the same firm found guilty of holding a meeting on Lincoln's Birthday holiday in the Land of Lincoln where policy was approved to allow porn and silence me, even though they wrote the book on the law!  See:  "Beware the 'Dennis Walsh Watusi' @ Orland Park."

Now, keeping Klein, Thorpe and Jenkins in mind and remembering we are talking about a public library (Orland Park Public Library) and publicly elected officials defending access to child porn, watch this jaw dropping video:

"To keep child porn available in this library.
That's what the $60,000 will be used for"

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