Friday, April 29, 2022

School Librarian Job ‘Truly the Best’ Because Sexualizing Kids is So Easy

Here’s a school librarian:

“truly the best” 

Another librarian job space is about to open up as soon as parents see this.  Anyone know who this is and where?

Hat tip to Libs of TikTok for reporting this—and notice the responses to her tweet show the exact opposite of the claim that school librarians are so well loved:

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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Huge F U to Parents: Texas Library Association #TXLA22

Texas Library Association (TxLA) is holding an annual meeting having a drag queen as the keynote speaker.  Houston Public Library had two drag queens who were convicted pedophiles reading to kids at drag queen story hours that are illegal in public libraries.  So TxLA having a drag queen as a keynote speaker is a huge F U to parents.  And I told reporter Luke Rosiak of Daily Wire as much, as seen in this story (graphic at right):

Rosiak, Luke. “Texas Library Association Conference Features a Drag Queen and Ibram Kendi.” The Daily Wire, April 26, 2022:

“What they rely on is the fact that librarians have one of the highest goodwill ratings of any profession, so they use it to get away with a lot, because no one suspects that a librarian would groom their children,” Dan Kleinman, a parent advocate who runs the group SafeLibraries, told The Daily Wire. “This is a direct screw-you to all the legislators down there,” he said. “This is a huge F-you to parents.”

And it's a "huge F-you to parents" and legislators because one moment Texas libraries allow criminal drag queens to "read" to kids then the next moment TxLA makes drag queens the leading topic.  

And graphic CSAM for kids in schools is explained away as First Amendment "FReadom."  The leading groomer imho Carolyn Foote @FReadomFighters even won an award for her grooming training for librarians. 

By the way, TxLA blocked me for reporting accurately on what is occurring at the annual conference where they use the hashtag #txla22.  Well, it turns out the most popular tweet of #txla22 is the guy they blocked, so into free speech they are:

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Thursday, April 21, 2022

Marxist Elected American Library Association President; Vows to Wield Power

A Marxist has been elected President of the American Library Association.  She vows to "wield" "collective power" to accomplish Marxist goals she calls "a better world."

A better world to Marxists means more graphic child p r n in schools, more Drag Queen Story Hour in public libraries despite it being illegal in such venues, more Critical Race Theory training for more school librarians, more open racism with the whites-not-allowed ALA "Spectrum Scholarship," more pronoun buttons in elementary schools, more pushing of an anti American agenda from the Marxist President of the "American" Library Association.  

"But the working class cannot simply lay hold of the ready-made state machinery, and wield it for its own purposes." Karl Marx, The Paris Commune (1871).

But Emily Drabinski is ready to simply lay hold of the ready-made ALA machinery already embedded throughout America and American schools and "wield" it.  This is not a exaggeration.  Think how ALA is currently calling it "FReadom" for school children to access graphic CSAM—it even set up a brand new site called "Unite Against Book Bans" to crowdsource the wielding of power to bully parents and legislators to keep CSAM in schools.

Do not fund libraries.  The money will only enable "collective power" to be "wielded" on American citizens—especially children.  ALA's newly elected President says as much herself.  And definitely run for and obtain library board and school board positions to slow or stop what's likely to happen.


See also:

Nightingale, Hannah. “Marxist Elected to Head American Library Association.” The Post Millennial, April 20, 2022.
Shure, Natalie. “Meet the Socialist Librarian Running for President of the American Library Association.” Jacobin Magazine, April 5, 2022.
Rudolph, Dana. “New President-Elect of American Library Association Is Also a Lesbian Mom.” Mombian (blog), April 14, 2022.

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Monday, April 18, 2022

Comment on Charter Schools Program

The following was submitted by me to the United States Department of Education courtesy of Public Charter Schools.

I oppose the Department of Education’s proposed new rules for the Charter Schools Program (CSP).

Charter schools provide competition, as it were, to non-charter public schools that are one size fits all, with all being the lowest common denominator.

In a one size fits all world, one gets poor and unfortunately standardized results like school librarians who make graphic child pornography available to school children.  They scream “#FReadom,” shout down any opposition with full media support, and their American Library Association grants such books like “Gender Queer” multiple awards so school librarians in non-charter public schools can claim the graphic child pornography is award winning so parents would harm their own children if they did not let their children explore graphic child pornography from a “safe space.”  It is literal sexual grooming of school children by people trained by American Library Association to ignore child pornography because, they and we are told, only lawyers can determine what that is.  

Judith Krug, an ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) board member who joined American Library Association and single-handedly changed it from within so children would be exposed to harm including child pornography, said this twenty years ago that remains in effect today: “‘A librarian is not a legal process,’ Krug said. ‘There is not librarian in the country—unless she or he is a lawyer—who is in the position to determine what he or she is looking at is indeed child pornography.’”  Source: “Librarians vs. Police In a Suit Sparked by Porn,” by Jeffrey M. Barker, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 12 August 2002, accessed at

School librarians are the groomers, trained to groom.  If a man in a van gave children the same material, including the graphic showing the boy giving oral sex to a man or directions to, he would be treated as a groomer and handled accordingly by the police and the legal system, or perhaps directly by the community.

But school librarians are assumed to be harmless and trade off that public perception and good will, even brag about it as they did during this past National Library Week as a way to “#UniteAgainstBookBans” due to parental and legislative opposition to graphic child pornography in public schools.  And people believe they are harmless.  So nothing ever happens and the graphic child pornography spreads to more schools and more children via more school librarians.  And if parents do speak out, they are frequently silenced by school boards violating open meeting laws, let alone bullies and bribes organized by American Library Association, ACLU and the like.  Parents need a way out.

One way out is charter schools.  Charter schools give parents an option for schooling so they need not send their children to be sexually groomed.

I realize this sounds like I’m exaggerating.  I am not.  

The problem is about to get worse as American Library Association has just elected Emily Drabinski as its president, an avowed Marxist who stated explicitly, “I just cannot believe that a Marxist lesbian who believes that collective power is possible to build and can be wielded for a better world is the president-elect of @ALALibrary.  I am so excited for what we will do together.  Solidarity!  And my mom is SO PROUD I love you mom.”  Source:

I oppose the Department of Education’s proposed new rules for the CSP because parents must have alternatives for the education of their children.  The CSP is the only source of dedicated federal funding to support the growth of charter schools to meet community need.  It is more important than ever to work together to ensure the CSP can meet its intended purpose of expanding the number of high-quality public schools available to students across the nation.

Thank you for your consideration.

[NOTE: graphics were not included in letter to US Department of Education.]
@ACLU @ALALibrary @charteralliance @edrabinski @usedgov 

Monday, April 4, 2022

ABC News Propagandizes For Child Grooming Librarians; ALA Propaganda Exposed

Graphic child p r n in public schools is rampant. American Library Association (ALA) is the prominent groomer (people who give graphic child p r n to children) ensuring school children get and retain access via a number of means, such as giving awards, training school librarians to spread it, etc.  “It has become the leading advocate for sexualizing children and politically indoctrinating them.”  Source: “What To Do About Your Local Library Putting Porn On Kids’ Shelves,” by Jonathan G. Lange, The Federalist, 26 October 2021, accessed at

One prominent means to ensure kids retain access to graphic child p r n is to get mainstream media to parrot what ALA groomers say without any fact checking whatsoever and without any balance.  ABC News is an example of a media source parroting the groomers.

In “The Librarians Uniting to Battle School Book Ban Laws; Many of the Banned Books Focus on LGBTQ and Racial Issues,” by Adisa Hargett-Robinson and Keira Shannon, ABC News, 26 March 2022, accessed at, we see ALA propaganda parroted so much that it changes the entire story.  The story points out “71% of Americans” don’t want censorship of books and “ideas,” while those who do are a “very vocal minority” who hate gays and black people.

The truth is the exact opposite.  But ABC News did not do any significant fact checking.  It merely parroted exactly what the ALA groomer and the school librarian groomer said, leaving people with the impression groomers were right to protect the “freadom” of kids to read anything and, “Mama GrizzlyStacy Langton was just another “conservative” targeting books by gay and black people.  

ABC News didn’t even report that Stacy Langton was herself censored (in violation of open meetings law) at a school board meeting for reading aloud and displaying the contents of pedophilic books children get in Fairfax schools.  That gets you silenced at school board meetings but school librarians get to give that same material to school children.  See, “Virginia Mother Who Exposed Pornographic Books Barred From High School Library,” by Jeremiah Poff, Washington Examiner, 8 November 2021, accessed at 

And Stacy Langton doesn’t oppose books by gay and black people.  ALA twists that on purpose and ABC News broadcasts ALA’s fake spin.  In reality, something ALA doesn’t reveal and ABC News doesn’t fact check:

Langton said the characterization that she’s unhappy because there is gay pornography in our children’s schools is not factually correct. “This is pornography full stop. Straight up,” she said. “It doesn’t matter at all to me what the gender is of the people depicted engaging in the pornography. It doesn’t matter to me at all what the sexual orientation is of the people engaging in the pornography. If this pornography had been a normal heterosexual situation – a man and a woman engaging in it or whatever, I would have said exactly every single word the same way I said it at that meeting. This is about the decency of the school environment that our children go to school in.”

Source: “Mother Exposes Sexually Graphic Books Available in FCPS Libraries,” by Heather Zwicker, Fairfax County Times, 1 October 2021, accessed at

Here we see again Langton opposes the material for its sexual content, not because supposedly conservatives hate gays and blacks as ALA implies and ABC News parrots: 

Stacy Langton believes parents should control when and how their children learn about sex, and she is adamant that “Gender Queer” and “Lawn Boy” should not be on the shelves in the Fairfax County Public Schools, where two of her six children are enrolled.  She has spent the past six months trying to remove the texts, which she believes threaten children’s morals because they describe sex scenes in graphic detail—including, in “Gender Queer,” an encounter between an apparent teenager and an older, bearded man.

“There’s an age-appropriateness to all things, and that includes sex education—you’re inherently going to be destroying a child’s innocence and their purity until they’re old enough to be able to understand,” said Langton, 52.

Librarians Fighting Bans and Scrambling to Preserve Children’s Freedom to Read,” by Hannah Natanson, Washington Post, 22 March 2022, accessed at, hyperlink in original.

Somehow ABC News could not find either report while fact checking.  So it could not report accurately and without the political spin that conservatives hate gays and blacks, a spin ALA wields decade after decade to spread more inappropriate material to more community schools.

For more on what Stacy Langton experienced for speaking up at her school board meeting, see “Watch: School Board Squirms as Mom Reads Them the Gay Porn in Books Available to Students; ‘Go to Jail. Go to Jail!’ Crowd Chants,” by Luke Rosiak, The Daily Wire, 23 September 2021, accessed at

Further, ABC News completely omitted the whole reason for the story, namely, school children are getting access to graphic pedophilic material in schools and it’s so bad that parents and legislators are finally acting to oppose the groomers, as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently did, pictured top right, and moms are even running for political office on this issue, like Noelle Kahaian in Georgia—see  It’s child p r n, it’s graphic, kids are getting it, in schools, from their school librarians directly or via teachers, organized and trained by ALA—and ABC News is completely silent on that.

As to the complete opposite, the truth is that 62% of people oppose school children having access to explicit material in schools.  The ALA groomer said, and ABC News blindly reported, that 71% oppose book censorship.  That’s true, but the 71% poll was about public libraries generally, while the 62% poll was about school libraries specifically.  So the reality is most people oppose inappropriate material in public schools.  That’s nowhere in the ABC News story.  Instead it reports the exact opposite.  

And the 62% number comes from a Harris poll.  See, “Most Oppose Explicit Books in Public Schools Says Harris Poll,” by Dan Kleinman, SafeLibraries, 26 April 2011, accessed at  

And that poll was about explicit text, not the graphic pedophilia the groomers are promoting nowadays.  Were the poll to be rerun today regarding the graphic child p r n kids are getting from ALA and school librarian groomers quoted by ABC News like Carolyn Foote crying “FReadom,” the value would likely jump up to 99% opposed, 1% librarians, and the groomers would be the “very vocal minority.”

Another ALA lie ABC News parroted is that conservatives target gays and blacks.  Had ABC News done the slightest fact checking, they might have learned ALA itself has a deep history of racism, right from its creation, that it hides to fool people.  “Librarianship has a propensity to sanitize its history.  ….  By such means, … librarianship has manifested a consistent desire to control the narrative surrounding libraries and their defense of intellectual freedom and opposition to censorship.”  Did you know Melvil Dewey who founded ALA “was a racist and anti-Semite because of membership rules at his private New York Lake Placid Club and that he was also a sexual harasser driven out of the American Library Association (ALA) by a group of ALA women in 1905 who refused to condone his behavior any longer”?  See, “Sanitizing American Library History: Reflections of a Library Historian,” by Wayne A. Wiegand, The Library Quarterly: Information, Community, Policy, Vol. 90:2: 108-120, 2020, accessed at

ABC News somehow completely missed that and instead decided to help ALA “to control the narrative surrounding libraries and their defense of intellectual freedom and opposition to censorship.”  This time ABC News is defending graphic child p r n for school children that everyone else in the world knows is wrong and should be removed immediately.

ALA also has a history of homophobia, having hired then rehired a homophobic trainer even after she first trained librarians to oppose child p r n whistleblowers, who happened to be a gay man and a married woman with children, by asking the librarian trainees why would a woman let her small children around a gay man.  See: “Brave Librarian Speaks Out as ALA Facilitates CHILD Porn,” by Dan Kleinman, SafeLibraries, 21 January 2017, accessed at  Read what a scared librarian whistleblowing on ALA itself said, where “the ALA woman” is Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Esq., so you can see the true character or lack thereof of the woman telling all librarians that “Gender Queer” isn’t child p r n and school children must keep reading it—but who media like ABC News love to cite without fact checking:

To: Megan Fox 

Ms. Fox,

Our [library] received your recent FOIA request related to the crisis workshop held December 17, 2013. I attended this event but have been told not to respond to you so I am doing this [after work] from a new email account. My job would be threatened if it were known I was telling you this so please do not try to ID me.

My notes from the workshop were taken from me [in the past] when a big brouhaha happened about this. Not sure what it was all about but my boss said [he/she] got a call that you were looking for things related to the workshop and depending on FOIA and so my notes from the workshop were taken at that time and I was told not to ask for them back. They are gone now.

I was told recently that you had used FOIA to ask for them again and that you will be told that no notes exist but that is not true. They were taken but they did exist.

What I can remember about the workshop is this. There were five speakers. Two from Orland Park. Two others were women from the ALA and there was a man from the ILA. Not sure on their names. The two Orland employees were one older with brown hair and glasses and one blonde younger woman. Not sure on their names. But the Director was the older woman and I think the younger woman was the Asst. Director. Not sure. The older woman was more measured and careful when she spoke but the younger one got emotional at times.

You and a friend of yours whose name I don't recall were featured as examples of two people from the tea party who are attacking libraries around the country as part of some plot. The ALA woman said that this is like what happened to Acorn but now the tea party is going after libraries. They really seemed to believe this but [where] I was at few people bought into that.

The Director said that you and your friend were paid operatives of the tea party and that you came to Orland Park in October looking for something to invent a complaint about. They said you made up a story and lied about seeing someone doing inappropriate things. Then you started filing FOIA requests about the library after that excuse. Blondie said that you were paid by the tea party to do this.

Then the Director and Blondie went into a big production about what they had been doing to stop you. The Director said that any library encountering the tea party should involve the police because there are good relationships with the police in towns and villages. The Director said that she has a personal friendship with the Orland police chief and that this was "instrumental" in handling you. I remember how she said the word "instrumental" and she said that the police and the village officials were working with the library on preventing you and your friend from getting any traction. The Director also said that the police should scare you away and have you move on with your lives soon. Blondie said that the police are good tools to use against attackers like you because no one wants the police visiting them and the police will side with the library against patrons especially when they are not even from town.

A big deal was made about how you and your friend do not live in Orland and you are outsiders and paid operatives.

Then it got more personal and they showed slides from your website and I guess your friend's website. I remember a picture of a big shark and also a picture of bees. There was a picture of your friend with Sarah Palin and another picture of him with Hillary Clinton shown. And there were pictures of you that looked like they were head shots taken for promotional purposes. The Director and Blondie said that the two of you were setting up a scheme for money and that this was all a stunt to either get attention for you or to write a book.

Blondie said that Orland was focusing only on you and ignoring your friend because he is gay and it gets messy to attack a gay guy. But they have plenty of examples of how to combat a mom who complains. Treat her like Sarah Palin and tell everyone she is dumb and just makes babies was the gist of that. This is when that photo of Sarah Palin and your friend was shown I think. This was a big section of their talk and it went on for a while about how you were painted as a liar and how Blondie looked at everything you said or wrote to find any inconsistencies. The Director said that as soon as an inconsistency was found that the media were alerted to it as proof that you could not be trusted.

Blondie also said it was necessary to say that you did not have children with you in the library because that further made you a liar. She said that since you had no videos or photos of your kids in the library that it was their word against yours and people automatically believe the library over regular people.

The ALA later picked up that thread and said it was a useful tool to use because people just believe what a library says and we need to take advantage of that. Who would believe that the library was doing anything wrong?

The Director and Blondie then talked about how they were documenting everything that you and your friend did and taking it to the police until a charge could be filed at some point. Once you crossed a line they would be able to neutralize you and get an order from a judge keeping you away from the meetings.

The plan was to ignore anything you wrote in social media as much as possible but counter it using the local media which promised they would put forward the library's defense against your claims.

The strategy was to use the police to get you to stop coming to meetings and to make the community members not believe you by making you look like a liar.

[I or someone] asked in the question answer period if what you were saying is true and if there were reports of things happening in the library and the Director said that unfortunately you had gotten ahold of old reports and were lifting them out of context.

The Director said that no more incident reports would be written on matters in the library and that instead communication would be verbal to avoid FOIA.

The ALA picked this up too and advised everyone to stop writing incident reports and to instead do them as voicemail round robins to be deleted every day. This way staff stays informed but there is no paper trail later.

The takeaways and learning experiences from this matter involved how to neutralize attackers like you and your friend and how to make people not believe them and how to use allies in the community such as the police to make people like you go away.

This was not the kind of workshop a lot of us thought we were signing up for and it [was a waste of everyone’s time]. I was upset that I had to listen to all this. Most of it seemed crazy to me because no one would answer the question on whether or not what you had said happened had happened and if the incident reports were true. It was all just a meeting about how to chase you and your friend away.

There was also a big thing where Blondie got upset and had to justify why she decided to go on some radio show. I forget which one but the ALA woman said that you should never go on a live show unless you are well acquainted with the host and know the questions in advance. She said that Blondie made the mistake of allowing the hosts of the show to put words in her mouth and that damaged the library from a PR perspective. Blondie said she would never do a live interview again and would instead stick to putting out the press releases that the ALA would proof for her.

The ALA and ILA said to never send emails but to call on the phone and the Office for Intellectual Freedom would help. They gave us the number and I remember writing it down. I remember writing down the phone numbers for the Director and Blondie too and the number for Bob from the ILA. No one wanted anything in writing just phone calls. Nothing important on voicemail either just say to call back. It was a big deal to keep saying to keep everything verbal and off email and not in writing.

I am trying to think if there is anything else.

You asked about a presentation that was given and we never received a copy of it but the Director and Blondie had pictures of you in a presentation. It had about 30 slides. They had pictures of you from online and pictures of your friend.

Blondie kept pointing out that he is gay and also that he attacks the President and that he also told everyone years ago that Michelle Obama made a "whitey tape". I didn't know what she was talking about but she really seemed to have a personal hatred of your friend because Blondie got most upset when talking about him.

The Director got most upset when talking about you however. She called you "Ms Fox" and never said the name Megan. Blondie said Megan and also said your friend's first name, I remember. But the Director kept saying "Ms, Fox" and her tea party colleague. She said that you live in Mokena and your friend lives in Chicago and you both have no business being in their library.

I also remember that a jab was made at you for being a homeschooler and for being tea party members and that you should not be hanging out all day with a gay guy with your kids anyway.

Why aren't you and him at work? Blondie asked that. Why don't you have jobs? And Blondie made a crack about maybe you should be at home taking care of your kids and not harassing the library.

It was a very strange workshop. No one I know who went had a positive response to it.

Then afterwards it was pretty much forgotten until March when the brouhaha happened and my boss came racing around telling me that I had to get rid of everything from the workshop. That's when my notes were taken.

And now we are back at this again for some reason and I'm being asked if I got rid of all my notes because you are emailing about this again and everyone wants to make sure. My boss said [he/she] got a call about this to make sure. I don't know who the call was from. But I thought you should know because I've never been to a workshop like this where afterwards it was a big thing to collect all the notes and pretend like it never happened.

And I never was at a conference where people talked so personally about patrons like you and your friend. That has never happened before and I thought you should know.

I do not want any trouble so do not try to contact me or find me. This is the only contact I am going to have with you and I hope you understand and it is the only help I can give you.

And who is the “ALA woman” person who hired and rehired the homophobic trainer named “Blondie”?  None other than ABC News’s own source, Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Esq., Director of ALA’s so-called Office for Intellectual Freedom who instead orders librarians to destroy public records and evidence of its homophobia and how it trains librarians how to attack parents and how to get others like the police to attack them as well.  Somehow ABC News didn’t report on her homophobia and her attempt to get the following deleted: “Gay Hate @ Your Library,” by Dan Kleinman, SafeLibraries, 27 July 2014, accessed at

Here, watch the homophobes who covered up child p r n in action being homophobic against the gay child p r n whistleblower.  The principal harasser is the person “Blondie” who sued me and who the ALA Director Caldwell-Stone rehired even after knowing of her homophobia: "Bridget Bittman Commits Disorderly Conduct/Breach of Peace on 7/8/14 According to Officer Schmidt," by Megan Fox, YouTube, 8 July 2014, accessed at as shown here:

There was even a book written about this child p r n coverup and ALA’s associated homophobia, but somehow ABC News’ fact checker missed it: “Shut Up!: The Bizarre War that One Public Library Waged Against the First Amendment,” by Megan Fox and Kevin DuJan, 2016, accessed at

It’s also noteworthy that ALA ordered librarians or destroy the public records made of its homophobic teaching, as my “Gay Hate @ Your Library” publication explained.  For a homophobe to attempt to hide her homophobia—by ordering librarians to defy records retention laws, no less—is evidence that she’s fully aware of her homophobia and is trying to cover it up.  Did ABC News report this?  Of course not.  And because librarians support ALA efforts to sexualize children, not a single negative consequence has occurred for Caldwell-Stone, instead, she has been promoted.  If your company promoted homophobes, that would make your company homophobic.  ALA is homophobic.  And ABC News cites this homophobe without a peep.

So ABC News is publishing false statements that parents oppose gays and blacks while not reporting ALA itself is homophobic and has a long history of racism.  ABC News is publishing fake news that most people oppose censorship of library books, which is true standing alone, but in the context of this story about school books, leaves out that most people oppose explicit books in public schools.  It’s media malpractice.  All to facilitate efforts to keep graphic child p r n books in the hands of children in public schools.

And exactly why is ABC News seeking out ALA for opinions on what is child p r n in school books when—another fact check ABC News missed—ALA trains its librarians they cannot determine what is child pornography since only lawyers can do that.  Sort of like you don’t know what is a woman if you’re not a biologist.  

Judith Krug, an ACLU board member who joined ALA and single-handedly changed it from within so children would be exposed to harm including child p r n, said this 20 years ago but somehow ABC News missed it: “‘A librarian is not a legal process,’ Krug said. ‘There is not librarian in the country—unless she or he is a lawyer—who is in the position to determine what he or she is looking at is indeed child pornography.’”  Source: “Librarians vs. Police In a Suit Sparked by Porn,” by Jeffrey M. Barker, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 12 August 2002, accessed at

And this is why librarians claim “Gender Queer” and “Lawn Boy” and books like that contain no child p r n—because they were trained by an ACLU board member then at ALA’s “Office for Intellectual Freedom” that they do not know what is child p r n.  And ABC News is right there to be the groomers’ megaphone.  In reality, a graphic depiction of a boy giving a man oral sex is child p r n, and everyone knows it, but people let groomers groom because everyone assumes school librarians are there to help children, instead of trained by ALA to harm them.

Of course, ABC News is not the only media source hiding the truth.  NBC News is along for the ride, calling the pedophilia in “Gender Queer,” vital, needed, and life-saving (source: “Author of ‘Gender Queer,’ One of Most-Banned Books in U.S., Addresses Controversy,” by Matt Lavietes, NBC News, 19 December 2021, accessed at  And, homophobe Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Esq., is interviewed there too, again with not a peep about ALA’s own racism and homophobia:

Here are other facts ALA and media are not revealing about graphic child p r n in schools but that you can use to counter the false statements and the media megaphone:
  • Even ACLU/ALA leader Judith Krug said regarding inappropriate material, and I quote, “get it out of there.”  It’s not censorship to immediately remove graphic child p r n from public schools—without any need to follow ALA-recommended materials reconsideration processes that ALA designed to make it less likely inappropriate material would be removed.  Here’s what she said in context: “On rare occasion, we have situations where a piece of material is not what it appears to be on the surface and the material is totally inappropriate for a school library.  In that case, yes, it is appropriate to remove materials.  If it doesn't fit your material selection policy, get it out of there.”  See: “Marking 25 Years of Banned Books Week: An Interview with Judith Krug,” 46 Curriculum Review 1, September 2006, p.12, accessed at
  • Everyone knows inappropriate material should be removed from schools, but the US Supreme Court encapsulated it best in the case ALA lost on library p r n filters where the Court said, “The interest in protecting young library users from material inappropriate for minors is legitimate, and even compelling, as all Members of the Court appear to agree”—but ALA doesn’t agree so it doesn’t tell anyone about this.  Again, as Wayne A. Weigand said, it’s ALA burying its bad history (and $1.5M loss) so it can harm school children’s futures with false claims of intellectual freedom and censorship.  See US v. ALA, 539 US 194 (2003).
  • Specifically regarding public schools, the US Supreme Court ruled that while books may not be removed from schools for the ideas they contain, they may be removed forthwith for being “pervasively vulgar”—and a graphic of a boy giving a man oral sex pervades the whole book, does it not?  Indeed that’s what all the news is about.  So removing books like “Gender Queer” is fast and easy under the case if one is not intimidated by school librarian groomers and their groomer library associations who inevitably bully people.  The case has been used in a number of jurisdictions to successfully remove such books from schools—despite what ALA claims.  See Board of Education v. Pico, 457 US 853 (1982).
  • That groomer homophobe Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Esq., says “Gender Queer” and the like cannot be removed because another US Supreme Court case ruled that for something to be considered obscenity a three prong test applies and the work must be considered as a whole.  So “Gender Queer” having only some graphic child p r n means it does not meet the obscenity test “as a whole.”  “‘So clearly, Gender Queer would not meet that standard,’ says Caldwell-Stone. ‘It is a literary graphic novel memoir, a coming-of-age [story], that happens to, at parts, deal with sexual topics.’”  What she doesn’t tell you is this case does not apply to a school setting that was addressed almost a decade later.  See, “Wake County Library Makes It Harder to Ban Books; Following Administrators’ Decisions to Remove and Reshelve Books, Wake’s Library System is Updating its Book Challenge Policies,” by Jasmine Gallup, Indy Week, 16 March 2022, accessed at
  • Further, why does anyone take her legal pronouncements seriously when at the same time librarians are told only lawyers can determine what is child p r n.  Librarians may not decide what is child p r n but they somehow all know “Gender Queer” is not child p r n because it does not meet the Supreme Court’s three prong obscenity test.  “Clearly,” ALA’s top lawyer says, “Gender Queer” is not obscene.  It’s a double standard ALA uses to spread more harm to more children.  They don’t know what child p r n is but they definitely know what child p r n isn’t.  Do not be fooled.  Remove “Gender Queer” from schools and anything like it—it’s your legal right, just get over the shouting of the groomer librarians.  See Miller v. California, 413 US 15 (1973).
  • Lastly, even school students know they should not be reading inappropriate material in public schools.  Look at what they say (source:

So ALA is flat out misleading people with inapposite poll results, leaving out applicable poll results showing the exact opposite, and calling out parents for being conservatives who discriminate against gays and blacks, all to ensure school children continue reading graphic child p r n pushed into schools by ALA in the first place.  And media parrots and trumpets this false view while casting parents as racist, homophobic censors for daring to oppose school librarians who are protecting First Amendment rights affording the freedom to read for marginalized children.

Any parents or legislators working to stop grooming in public schools need to be aware ALA will flat out lie and make like librarians are innocent as shown above and media will act as ALA’s megaphone without a shred of fact checking or balance—all to keep groomers grooming students in schools.  

Librarians act like they know what they are doing and everyone thinks they do.  It’s time to turn that around.  Parents know what they are doing and school librarian groomers need to be brought up on grooming charges with litigation holds placed on schools so they don’t destroy incriminating public records, no matter how many times they claim the “destruction of our democracy” or how loudly they shout, “FReadom.”  

Sonia Poulton gets it spot on:

The morning after I published this, ALA published it’s annual “State of America’s Libraries.”  Exactly as I wrote above, ALA defended giving kids graphic child p r n in schools by leaving out the graphic nature of the material and instead blaming conservatives and claiming they were hating on gays and blacks.  It’s the same old same old, whatever it takes to intimidate/scare off parents and legislators with the “R” or “H” word to keep the child p r n flowing.

“[C]onservative groups … sought to pull … stories of people who are gay, trans, Black….”  “[A]ttacks orchestrated by conservative parent groups and right-wing media that targeted books about race, gender, and LGBTQIA+ issues….”  “[C]learly targeted LGBTQ students; it was so clearly targeting race.”  “[A] rising tide of xenophobia and homophobia….”

These are groomers using intimidation/bullying to keep children exposed to graphic child p r n.  They shouldn’t be given any credence.  They should be brought up on grooming changes, and laws should be amended to preclude graphic child p r n from public schools and include school librarian groomers.

See my tweet about it here: