Thursday, August 23, 2018

EBSCO Advertises 'P-rn and S-x Toys' to K-12 School Kids

EBSCO advertises porn and sex toys to school children, reports Concerned Citizens for School Databases, "p*rn and 's*x toys' are ADVERTISED TO KIDS thru #EBSCO K-12 DATABASES!":

"Easy access to porn on school devices creates a culture of sexual harassment #BackToSchool  via @ncose":

"Learn the truth about porn in schools #BackToSchool":

Here's guidance from Safe Schools, Safe Libraries, brought to you by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), including detailed examples of what EBSCO serves to children:

Send this packet of information to your local Parent Teacher Association:
Lest we think school librarians are not directly involved in ensuring school children remain exposed to inappropriate material provided by EBSCO and similar school database companies, I am reporting that the American Library Association is actively working to silence parental opposition to the porn industry indoctrination by claiming, like it does with Me Too, Times Up sexual harassment it calls "dubious," that the problem doesn't exist—it's an "unsupported belief."

None other than the so-called "Freedom to Read Foundation," a part of the American Library Association, is proud to report that its "trustees and liaisons" strategized about "a new movement calling for censorship or filtering of research databases, arising from an unsupported belief that the databases allow children to access pornography...."

Lastly, here are related tweets and a video from a number of sources:

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@ALALibrary @CCSDConvo @FTRF @EBSCO @NCOSE #BackToSchool

Friday, August 3, 2018

Twitter Censorship Enables Harm; Librarians Use Heckler's Veto for Censorship

SafeLibraries is shadow banned at Twitter as a direct result of librarians using the heckler's veto to silence me for exposing the harms of the American Library Association [ALA].  They publicly and falsely attack me and call for other librarians to block me on Twitter.  Perhaps hundreds do.  The result is Twitter algorithms have completely silenced me unless someone goes directly to my account.  I'm shadow banned.

There is no way for me to explain to Twitter that I have been the victim of a concerted censorship effort by librarians.  As a result, literally the only voice speaking out for an end to the sexual harassment of librarians by library patrons viewing Internet pornography is silenced.  Twitter is silencing that voice.  The attacks, even those amounting to defamation per se, are never blocked by Twitter.

Twitter Is Shadow Banning How ALA Harms Communities

So we understand what Twitter is silencing, here are some of the harms of ALA that I expose:
Bittman: "Looks at him, this fruit is blocking me."

Years of Heckler's Veto and Blocks by Librarians Lead to Twitter Shadow Ban

Because I expose those harms and name ALA as the source, some librarians attack me.  Here are some of the tweets that defame me and that call for me to be blocked by other librarians.  Some mock my race, some mock my assumed religionKnow that I was a volunteer librarian for two years, I am seeking to stop sexual harassment of librarians, I have never "doxxed" anyone—reporting unprofessional behavior like defamation is not doxxing, and I am not "anti-porn," rather I oppose how ALA misleads communities into harming themselves (and sex trafficking victims) by ignoring the law and legal precedent to advise the opposite.

There's a long list here to show the long-term effort to defame me and to get those hundreds of librarians to block me, and they do, that Twitter apparently then used for its shadow ban, and these are just some of the worst instances:
  • @MagpieLibrarian 31 Jul 2018 - I highly recommend blocking Dan Kleinman/Safe Libraries guy as he is known to harass women+dox ppl. #critlib
  • @MagpieLibrarian 31 Jul 2018 - Dan Kleinman is RT-ing a lot of you, trying to stir up a fight, so if you haven't blocked, I'd recommend it. #critlib
  • @MagpieLibrarian 31 Jul 2018 - Don't interact with Dan Kleinman. #critlib
  • @MagpieLibrarian 31 Jul 2018 - Remember that Dan Kleinman isn't a librarian, has never worked in a library, harasses women+doxxes library workers. #critlib
  • @MagpieLibrarian 31 Jul 2018 - Do not interact with Dan Kleinman. Do not interact with Dan Kleinman. Do not interact with Dan Kleinman. Do not interact with Dan Kleinman. Do not interact with Dan Kleinman. Do not interact with Dan Kleinman.
  • @MagpieLibrarian 16 Jul 2018 - Replying to @ReadingDanger - Dan Kleinman is a homophobe, transphobe, and all around nightmare. Doesn't want books about queer ppl in libraries, unless the books talk about queer ppl going to hell. Porn is bad, Nazis good. He's repulsive.
  • @MagpieLibrarian 15 Jul 2018 - Hey @OIF, a good way to know that you're on the wrong side of history is when Dan Kleinman, aka the anti-porn but pro-hate group guy, is on your side.
  • @MagpieLibrarian 28 Aug 2017 - Replying to @alphabeticallie @GaylePitman @robin_stevenson - I used to have a Tumblr called The Same Picture of Dan Kleinman Every Day but I got bored.
  • @MagpieLibrarian 28 Aug 2017 - Replying to @alphabeticallie - Dan Kleinman supports a hate group. I assume his last name is Jewish.
  • @jaslar 28 Jun 2016 - ALA in Orlando: blood drives, school supplies, many contributions. We stand by the victims, we offer aid. @Safelibraries does ... nothing.
James LaRue is the head of ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom
and the Freedom to Read Foundation
  • @wawoodworth - 1 Sep 2015 - When I feel bad about my life I recall that Concern Troll has a saved search for "library porn" that he checks daily and I feel much better.
  • @MagpieLibrarian 6 Aug 2015 - .@Wicholas Dan Kleinman is a pox. If he's Jewish, it is my obligation to apologize for him.
  • @meghancnyc 13 Jan 2015 - Replying to @MagpieLibrarian - @MagpieLibrarian I can't be Dan Kleinman because I'm not a repressed virgin with halitosis.
  • @MagpieLibrarian 8 Jan 2015 - Eat a bag of dicks, Safe Libraries guy.
  • @MagpieLibrarian 8 Jan 2015 - Safe Libraries guy is a straight up homophobe and has no say in the world of libraries. He's a massive tool+troll. BLOCK HIM. #teamharpy
  • @MagpieLibrarian 8 Jan 2015 - Hi, when it comes #teamharpy: Unsolicited advice. Don't engage w/Safe Libraries guy. He's not a librarian, he hates us. He has an agenda.
  • @MagpieLibrarian 1 Jan 2014 - Replying to @mciszek - @mciszek Or to be clearer of what you had in mind, or to say you learned something. Once douche-o SafeLibraries was on Manley's side...
  • @MagpieLibrarian 16 Dec 2014 - If you want2link 2 the 200 libs to follow list, consider using a Do Not Link until #4 + Safe Libraries are taken off:
  • @MagpieLibrarian 16 Dec 2014 - My comment onthe list: Thanks4including me but being on a list w/ #4+SafeLibraries man who spends his time harassing librarians is troubling
  • @MagpieLibrarian 16 Dec 2014 - And if any1 believes Kleinman is an LGBTQ ally check out his comments here:
  • @MagpieLibrarian 2 Dec 2014 - OK, everybody who can, donate to this, ESPECIALLY if you're sick of Dan Kleinman, that Safe Libraries jackass:
  • @MagpieLibrarian 2 Dec 2014 - If you didn't know, our asshole buddy, Dan Kleinman aka #SafeLibaries guy, is being sued.
  • @MagpieLibrarian 2 Dec 2014 - One of my VERY favorite Safe Libraries comments, right before I blocked his ass for forever and eternity:
  • @MagpieLibrarian 2 Dec 2014 - I KNOW it's tempting to fight with Safe Libraries guy. I know. I used to. He's not smart or informed. He's just a loud, white, idiot.
  • @ThePinakes 2 Jul 2014 - @olinj @jacobsberg Whoa! I didn't even notice a troll on our hash tag. Was it ... well, I don't want to attract his attention - s. l. guy?@MagpieLibrarian
  • @wawoodworth - 21 Apr 2014 - Replying to @dupuisj - @dupuisj @LibrarianRy @rdlankes Probably. As soon as Dan "Concern Troll" Kleinman shows up, you know it's going to get funky.
  • @MagpieLibrarian 31 Dec 2013 - The Safe Libraries Schmo is a fan of WillManley's blog: You are the last outpost for free speech within librarianship" STOP! STOP! MY SIDES!@MagpieLibrarian
  • @MagpieLibrarian 30 Oct 2013 - Safe libraries dude smells like Swiss Cheese
  • @wawoodworth - 27 Jul 2012 - Oh, @safelibraries, only a schmuck like you would equate privacy screens as being simply for porn viewing. Thanks for the RT.
  • @MagpieLibrarian 15 Feb 2012 - Replying to @SafeLibraries - @SafeLibraries Oh honey. I'm a librarian in Brooklyn. I'm definitely not scared of you.
By the way, even a few libraries block me on Twitter, something that may be illegal, and one reversed its ban after I simply asked (a friend of @MagpieLibrarian simply applied the block because he controlled the library's Twitter account; the director reversed that once she learned of the situation).  Those that block me are usually the ones that have committed various offenses against their communities and even against the United States of America.  Definitely a number of ALA leaders block me, including ALA Presidents and, oddly, the head of the Office for Intellectual Freedom.  When you're taking flak, that means you're over the target.

Effects of Twitter Shadow Ban and Search Ban

What are the effects of the shadow ban by Twitter? For one thing I lost a lot of followers.  I had about 2620 on 5 July 2018, and now on 3 August 2018 I have 2557, or a loss of over 60.  Hardly anyone follows me any more—because they don't see me anymore.  But this is the least of the problem.

You cannot find me in a search, meaning my name will not be autosuggested.  You have to know it and type it directly into the search box.  I see it when I'm logged in and I search, but no one else sees it.  Go ahead and try it for yourselves.  Search for @SafeLibraries.  It's not there.

I also learned that when I use hashtags, no one sees my tweets containing those hashtags.  This means Twitter is useless for speaking publicly as it now only allows me to read but not respond to what others say in a manner that uses hashtags, the leading way to be heard.  I cannot say #ShadowBanning, for example, or rather I can, but Twitter will suppress my tweet when people search for that tag.

For example, the other day I participated in a conversation at the hashtag #critlib.  Only I didn't realize I was really not participating because Twitter took that ability away from me.  No one saw my comments.  I didn't realize this so I was wasting my time because of Twitter, the obvious effect being to discourage me from exercising further First Amendment rights to free speech since they would only come to naught.  If I looked at the #critlib tweets, I could see mine.  But if other people looked, my tweets were excluded.  It's likely why no one responded to me as they did on that hashtag in the past before I was shadow banned.  Shadow banned really means banned, nothing shadow about it.

Take a look yourselves to see how I am excluded from #critlib chat: even though the librarian harassing me for over five years and complaining about my assumed race and assumed religion and assumed job has comments there responding to me and furthering Twitter's censorship, like this one:

Examples of What Twitter Banned

Here are some of the tweets that I wrote that no one saw during the conversation and no one can now see that had been and remain excluded as a result of Twitter's censorship.  In response to #critlib questions I raised legitimate issues that no one saw.  Here they are:
So those tweets are literally made invisible by Twitter, even during the ongoing #critlib discussion, even by the very people viewing the #critlib hashtag.

Lastly, to tweet about this publication, "Twitter Censorship via Librarians Enables Harm," hashtags for me are now useless.  I cannot say #ShadowBanning, for example.  I'll have to directly tag people.  It's speech censorship and denial of press freedom pure and simple.  And I am the only press reporting on how ALA harms communities.  And it's done by Twitter, at the hands of a mob of harassers who seek to silence my advocacy about how communities can protect themselves from the many harms caused by ALA.

I'll Join Legal Action Taken Against Twitter

So, in summary, what we have here is Twitter censorship, via librarians, where both the librarians AND Twitter enable the harms of the American Library Association listed above by blocking one of the few voices speaking out against them.

And Twitter provides no means to address the censorship which it should not even do in the first place.

I am going to make an effort to join any legal action against Twitter.  Congressmen Devin Nunes and Matt Gaetz, for example, are taking legal action.
Hat tip to Kevin DuJan @HillBuzz for the idea to contact Devin Nunes and Matt Gaetz.  Mr. DuJan is my cowriter with me on this publication for a good reason.  And he's the "gay" and the "fruit" that the library employees maligned and that ALA blocked from an open public meeting celebrating the awarding of an "intellectual freedom" award to a library (Orland Park Public Library) that facilitated child pornography viewing by following ALA guidance, and was protected by ALA's direct intervention.

Summary - Twitter Banning Produces Loss of Press Freedom to Advise on Governmental Actions

Twitter censorship has taken away my audience, but more importantly, it has taken away the public's opportunity to learn how their governments, as expressed in libraries by legislatively-constituted library boards, have been subverted toward doing the public harm and exposing library employees to sexual harassment.  No one can seek redress of their government under the First Amendment, at least on the issue of the harm enabled by ALA-recommended lawlessness in public schools and libraries, if my First Amendment rights are being trampled by Twitter.

Times Up doesn't apply to librarians if the one voice speaking out about Me Too librarians has been silenced by Twitter.


As of today it appears I am NO LONGER SHADOW BANNED.

That doesn't mean the underlying problem at Twitter has been resolved; I feel my writing this publication and spreading word about it has resulted in the lifting of the ban.

Meanwhile, the racist school librarian (working @cgps) who largely started all this years ago is still being racist and now misandristic, here against James LaRue of the ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom:

"I'd like to add 'edgelord white OIF bros' to the nice white lady demographic."

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@ALALibrary, @DevinNunes, @mattgaetz, @RepMattGaetz, @SexHarassed, @Twitter