Thursday, August 23, 2018

EBSCO Advertises 'P-rn and S-x Toys' to K-12 School Kids

EBSCO advertises porn and sex toys to school children, reports Concerned Citizens for School Databases, "p*rn and 's*x toys' are ADVERTISED TO KIDS thru #EBSCO K-12 DATABASES!":

"Easy access to porn on school devices creates a culture of sexual harassment #BackToSchool  via @ncose":

"Learn the truth about porn in schools #BackToSchool":

Here's guidance from Safe Schools, Safe Libraries, brought to you by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), including detailed examples of what EBSCO serves to children:

Send this packet of information to your local Parent Teacher Association:
Lest we think school librarians are not directly involved in ensuring school children remain exposed to inappropriate material provided by EBSCO and similar school database companies, I am reporting that the American Library Association is actively working to silence parental opposition to the porn industry indoctrination by claiming, like it does with Me Too, Times Up sexual harassment it calls "dubious," that the problem doesn't exist—it's an "unsupported belief."

None other than the so-called "Freedom to Read Foundation," a part of the American Library Association, is proud to report that its "trustees and liaisons" strategized about "a new movement calling for censorship or filtering of research databases, arising from an unsupported belief that the databases allow children to access pornography...."

Lastly, here are related tweets and a video from a number of sources:

URL of this page:

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@ALALibrary @CCSDConvo @FTRF @EBSCO @NCOSE #BackToSchool

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