Tuesday, June 27, 2023

General Mike Flynn Calls American Library Association 'Marxist Thugs' Who 'Hurt, Abuse or Negatively Influence Our Children'; Brave Books Blocked

General Mike Flynn denounced American Library Association as "Marxism thugs" and said ALA needs to "stop trying to hurt, abuse or negatively influence our children or any children for that matter."  This in the context of ALA's training librarians to commit censorship of Brave Books by Kirk Cameron and block his use of public library meeting rooms.  Right during ALA's annual conference #ALAAC23, this has to be the biggest shock for the organization since losing the US Supreme Court case in 2003 that allows Internet filtering in libraries.  

Librarians responded by attacking General Flynn as a "moron," and I predict library media will be sure not to report on this truthfully, if at all.

Many others criticized ALA as well. Kirk Cameron, Andy Ngô, Haley Kennington (who did the initial research and tweeted evidence of the censorship attempt), Christin Bentley, David J. Harris, Jr., HotAir, Twitchy, and myself.

It's about time major attention is being brought to bear against what I have been reporting for almost twenty-five years.  Thank you General Flynn for saying what you did and promising to follow up!  Thank you Kirk Cameron for your book reading drive!  Thank you Haley Kennington for your excellent research!

Here's what different people has to say about ALA's training for censorship of conservative voices:

General Mike Flynn:

I, for one, am sick and tired of the Marxist thugs on the left who currently control far too many of our institutions of government and other activities that are taxpayer funded…the American Library Association (ALA), a taxpayer funded entity, is at the very heart of this latest controversy. 

ALA, this won’t be the last time you hear from me regarding this issue.

This, among many reasons, is why we must get positive and strong leaders with God-given common sense back in charge of our country. Those in charge currently are driving us straight through the gates of hell. 
Lastly, stop trying to hurt, abuse or negatively influence our children or any children for that matter. Why does the left insist on culturally abusing children? WTH!!!???

Brave Books, and do read the entire thread:

Haley Kennington, the initial researcher who got the ball rolling, and everyone should watch this to see how egregious is ALA's training, like it's advising librarians to bully those who come to the library for Kirk Cameron events:

Andy Ngô, a super excellent reporter (full disclosure, I read his book "Unmasked: Inside Antifa's Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy"):

Kirk Cameron, the actor/author against whom ALA members express their ire for his daring to let kids read wholesome books:



Christin Bentley, SREC SD-1, who fights "filthy books" in Texas schools and helped get HB900 passed after sending the Texas legislature over of month of daily reports of, well, the "filthy books" in Texas schools:

David J. Harris, Jr., who doesn't like David:

Despite the library leader Deborah Caldwell-Stone, Esq., getting caught red-handed training librarians how to keep Kirk Cameron and friends from reading Brave Books in public library meeting rooms, librarians are defending ALA by smearing General Flynn.  

These people are despicable.  They get caught training for censorship (making a complete mockery of all their "United Against Book Bans" and "Banned Books Week" efforts to defend schools kids from parents trying to stop school librarians from giving their kids s3xually inappropriate material because Caldwell-Stone trained them to "reframe" it as diversity and inclusion, but I digress) and their reaction is to smear the General.  

Here, parents and Kirk Cameron are called "hatemongers" by Harvard Medical School librarian Matthew Noe (who smeared me causing me to get death threats):

Here the General is "this moron" and "incredibly disingenuous":

Now he's "completely bananas" and "sh*t":

Here it's "nonsense":

Here it's "Lol. Lmao.":

It really is time to defund the American Library Association, stop sending money to ALA, stop buying memberships, stop attending its trainings and conferences.  I am building another library association, but that's neither here nor there in this particular matter, other than to say my library association will not train librarians how to commit official public censorship.

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