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Gay Slurs from Orland Park Public Library Trustee and Attorney Diane Jennings: Watch the Videos

OPPL's Diane Jennings: What is
she saying? Watch the videos.
Orland Park Public Library, Orland Park, IL, is a library that allows and covers up child pornography viewing.  One of its elected trustees is named Diane Jennings, Esq.  Ms. Jennings is one of the people using gay slurs to attack the whistleblowers of the library's criminality.  Amazingly, her gay slurs were captured on video tape as well as her public defense of them.  Please watch them both:

  1. Video of Diane Jennings using gay slurs against gay man who is one of the child porn whistleblowers
  2. Video of Diane Jennings defending her gay slurs.

Read the details written by one of her victims.  While you do, keep in mind she is an elected official and an attorney covering up her crime of not reporting child pornography in a public library for which she is a trustee:

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Media Help Cover Up Child Pornography in Public Libraries; Chicago Tribune Covers Up for Orland Park Public Library

Chicago Tribune "Believe it!"
Actually don't believe itit helps
hide child porn in libraries.
Media help cover up child pornography in public libraries by not reporting about it.  By not reporting about it, it doesn't exist.  Since it doesn't exist, it keeps going on and people in libraries and victims featured in the child pornography keep getting harmed.  Media help enable this.

The Chicago Tribune Helps Cover Up Child Pornography

Case in point, the Chicago Tribune helps cover up child pornography in the Orland Park Public Library [OPPL].  OPPL allows unfettered child pornography, does not call the police when a patron complains, and destroys computer records police need for an investigation.  Yet one would never know from Dennis Sullivan's reporting for the Chicago Tribune: "The state agency's decision responds to a complaint by Mokena resident Megan Fox who, with Chicago resident Kevin DuJan, has been trying to get the library board to modify policies that allow unrestricted online access, including to pornography, on library computers."

So, according to the Chicago Tribune report, the problem is merely pornography, not child pornography, and who cares anyway because neither whistleblower is from Orland Park.  Now, having established the problem is mere pornography, it is easy to say, "The Orland Park library, with the backing of the American Library Association, has cited the First Amendment as one reason for its policy that does not restrict Internet access in its adult computer area.”

Imagine If an Honest Reporter Had Written About Child Pornography in Libraries

Imagine if that sentence had been reported by an honest reporter: "The Orland Park library, with the backing of the American Library Association, has cited the First Amendment as one reason for its policy that does not restrict Internet access to child pornography in its adult computer area and does not report such crime to the police."  That is what the library has been and is now doing, but the Chicago Tribune will not report that.  By not reporting it, it doesn't exist.  Since it doesn't exist, it will never be stopped.  And the Chicago Tribune will have aided and abetted child pornography in public libraries.  And the Chicago Tribune does this repeatedly.

As honest reporter Sharyl Attkisson said, "You usually know you're onto a story when opponents/critics want to censor even the discussion of the topic."

Other media can appear to be slightly better.  The Orland Park Prairie presents a story that is closer to reporting instead of repeating, but still the issue of the presence of child pornography is completely absent.  If it exists at all, it is merely the word "controversial" in the title.  The whole issue is about the library voting on policy allowing child pornography, covering it up, then silencing whistleblowers, and this will be the issue at the library board meeting on August 18, but you would never know from The Orland Park Prairie:

By way of disclosure, the "Public Comment Policy revision" was specifically designed to silence me personally as I was the only person seeking to speak via electronic means.  OPPL has prevented me from speaking at three separate meetings for about half a year, once by misapplying policy and twice by applying policy that the Illinois Attorney General eventually ruled was illegal.  I wonder if the library will discuss the policy in a manner that makes it clear it was designed to allow child pornography and block disfavored experts in library law from speaking while the library allows favored experts in library law to speak, even though they too are from out of town, but they too favor child pornography.  Oh sure they say they don't, but then they teach that only judges can determine what is child pornography, not librarians, and librarians are not a component of law enforcement.

Media Gives ALA the Home Field Advantage By Not Discussion Child Pornography

Part of the reason people like Dennis Sullivan and Bill Jones decide to couch library criminality in terms of "pornography" is to give the American Library Association [ALA] the home field advantage.  They know that if they wrote the truth, namely, child pornography is being accessed, men are masturbating publicly in the library, sex crimes are frequent and go unreported, and ALA guides local libraries how to hide such crimes from public disclosure including by destroying public records, the public would naturally side against the library.  So, Dennis Sullivan chose to change what this is all about, to make it seem like it's just another in a string of moms who don't like porn and want it out of the library.  That's so the ALA will be believed when it swoops in and regurgitates its tried and true missives about "the First Amendment," "constitutionally protected material," and "liberty."

OPPL Covers Up Child Pornography Then Delays or Omits Reporting to the Police

If you've been following this story, it actually started back in October of 2013 when it was discovered that child porn was accessed in OPPL and its director, Mary Weimar, covered it up.  She never reported it to police and hid the report for several years until is was uncovered by the whistleblowers.  This is part of a pattern where illegal behavior like accessing child porn and masturbating at the computers in the library was covered up, aided and abetted if you will, with the police either never being called or deliberately not called until after the offenders had been given the chance to leave the building.  That way the criminals would not be arrested and nothing about arrests in the library would ever make the local papers—and no one would notice the library's own policy allowing child pornography is the very facilitator of the criminality.

Some Media Act Like Public Relations for Libraries That Allow Child Porn

Dennis Sullivan and reporters like him deliberately decide to engage in public relations assistance for libraries like OPPL.  They purposefully choose to ignore the child porn, the masturbation, and the other sex crimes and instead pretend this is about a mom in the suburbs hating porn, whereas the good library is standing up for First Amendment rights.  This would be like if a reporter went to the beach because of a shark attack and instead of writing about that, to not scare off tourists and help keep local businesses open, the reporter chose instead to do a story about a helicopter mom who was haranguing people about not going into the water until thirty minutes after eating.

Media Tees Up a Win for ALA and its First Amendment Dogma

Dennis Sullivan deliberately misses the real story (including the danger to children) because he wants to frame the story in a way that allows the ALA and the library to "win" by teeing up this "First Amendment" dogma.  In reality, child porn and public masturbation have nothing at all to do with the First Amendment.


Some media run cover for public libraries that follow ALA diktat to allow child porn then cover it up.  If you see libraries and media making people appear to be busybodies poking their noses into nobody's business, you'll need to dig deeper on your own.  As Sharyl Attkisson said, "When somebody doesn't want you to even hear info because they have decided the 'truth' for you--you should be wary.  Think for yourself, do your own research, make up your own mind."


The public library has admitted to allowing and covering up child pornography.  See:

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

FCC: Library Filters Work, Having Them is a Community Decision, and Libraries Should Revisit CIPA Filters Due to Technological Advances

Lisa Hone, Esq., FCC
Library Internet filters work well, it's a community decision to have them, and libraries should reconsider using them given "the technology has advanced so tremendously."  Read this comment from Lisa Hone, Deputy Division Chief of the Federal Communication Commissions's [FCC] Telecommunications Access Policy Division.  It was made during a webinar by FCC's Jonathan Chambers, Chief of the Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis and others from FCC's Wireline Competition Bureau:
I would also just remind folks that that that communities have lots of lots of leeway so that to be in compliance with CIPA is a community decision about what you need to do to be in compliance with CIPA, and, so, I know there're some people who are just opposed philosophically to to to any sort of burden but, um, I think that A) communities can decide what their community standard is under CIPA, and B) the technology has advanced so tremendously that it's pretty easy to have a different standard for adults and children, which I don't think was really the case, uh, when CIPA was first enacted.  So to the extent that it's a bar and, uh, and a library hasn't revisited the issue in recent years, it might be worth revisiting.
  • "E-rate Never Sleeps," by Marijke Visser, District Dispatch, The Official ALA Washington Office Blog, 8 August 2014, Lisa Hone speaking at about 18:06 into the FCC webinar.
CIPA, by the way, is the Children's Internet Protection Act that requires filters on public library computers in exchange for certain federal E-rate funding.  Lisa Hone said what she said after one library director wrote: "Many libraries don't apply [for FCC E-rate funding] due to CIPA."  In other words, they voluntarily turn down federal funding because they think they speak for the community and are "just opposed philosophically to to to any sort of burden."  Lisa Hone spoke up to attempt to correct that outdated view.

Library Filters Work: "Technology Has Advanced So Tremendously"

So library Internet filters work and work well.  Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, not even ALA's so-called "Office for Intellectual Freedom" [OIF].  I have previously revealed how the head of OIF was forced to admit filters work while she was being interviewed on an NPR affiliate after library director Dean Marney won state and federal cases proving not only that libraries may legally filter, but they need not unfilter porn:

Communities Get to Decide, Not "People Who Are Just Opposed Philosophically"

Further, it's a community decision to have filters, not solely "some people who are just opposed philosophically."  These are community libraries.  Community rules should apply.  They should make informed decisions, informed by people like FCC's Lisa Hone, not misinformed by Barbara Jones or Deborah Caldwell-Stone from ALA OIF.   They intentionally mislead communities into being the leading facilitators of porn in the nation, and my source for saying this is Ernest Istook, CIPA's author:

Lisa Hone Calls for Libraries to "Revisit" Past Decisions Not to Filter

So, as Lisa Hone points out, if your library "hasn't revisited [library filters] in recent years, it might be worth revisiting."  CIPA has been around for over a decade, after all.  A lot has changed, even if ALA OIF makes like it hasn't.

Example of Local Library Using ALA Propaganda to Push Child Porn

In closing, here's an example of a local library applying ALA OIF propaganda to push child pornography: Orland Park Public Library [OPPL].  We saw above that ALA OIF claimed filters blocked breast cancer searches, then was forced in early 2012 to reverse itself only a week later.  Barbara Jones said: "Um, I would like to say that, yeah, the breast cancer example probably is kinda old these days...."  OPPL is a library that allows child porn viewing, covers it up for the viewers, and criminally silences the whistleblowers who are part of the community that Lisa Hone rightly says should get to decide whether to use filters.  But one who is "just opposed philosophically" is the library's public relations advocate Bridget Bittman.  She mislead the community in many ways, including this from late 2013, a year and a half after the Barbara Jones admission that breast cancer is just an excuse and with Barbara Jones's direct, personal involvement in guiding OPPL:
Bittman said filters would not only limit a patron's rights, they could ban access to sites college students or people doing research might need to access.  Being denied access to the word "breast" might prevent a person from looking up breast cancer, for example, she said.

Conclusion: Filters Work, the Community Decides, Libraries Should Revisit Not Filtering

That is the kind of false information ALA OIF trains people to say, to mislead communities.  That is why what FCC's representative Lisa Hone said is so important for people to know:
  1. Library filters work, 
  2. Having them is a community decision, and 
  3. Libraries should revisit past decisions not to use CIPA filters due to tremendous technological advances.
Brava, Lisa Hone!


Major goof, folks.  I thought the speaker was Marijke Visser of ALA.  It was actually Lisa Hone of FCC, even better.  Even more authoritative.  So now, not only has CIPA's author said ALA misleads communities about CIPA, not only has ACLU said filters work, but now the FCC itself is saying filters work, communities should get them if they want, and recalcitrant libraries should rethink their past opposition to filters.

Therefore, I have changed the article above to change the speaker's name, title, place of work, picture, and caption, otherwise the information remains accurate.

I thank Alan S. Inouye, Ph.D., Director, Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) for noticing this error.  I listened several times and did not pick up the change in speakers.  Listen yourselves and you'll see what I mean.

You'll even hear FCC's Jonathan Chambers make other statements in support of CIPA and filters that I had not reported above, not letting the librarians try to pressure him into making concessions that would have eviscerated CIPA.  Lobbying, they call it, they have an entire office for it.  It's really an effort to take away your legal rights without your even knowing.

CIPA's author says filters work.  Now FCC says it too.  Even ACLU said filters work, and ACLU worked with ALA to lose big before the US Supreme Court when trying to overturn CIPA.  It's only OIF that says otherwise—"lonely joker on a shelf," as Sir Paul McCartney would put it.

Saul Alinsky Rule #1 is "Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have."  Or as Joe Walsh put it, "If you just act like you know what you're doin' everybody thinks that you do." People should stop thinking ALA OIF knows what its doin' regarding library filters and should realize it is intentionally misleading.  FCC, CIPA's author, and even US v. ALA co-plaintiff ACLU say library filters work.  When OIF says they don't work, it's old dogma designed to mislead, like its leader Barbara Jones already was forced into admitting on that NPR station.  Don't buy it.


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Informants Needed for Jobs in Public Libraries and to Expose ALA Training Librarians to Hide Sex Crimes

Library; All About Spying
Graphic Credit: Roofman the Spy
Informants are needed for jobs in public libraries to help stem the flow of child pornography occasioned by the American Library Association [ALA] training librarians to destroy all evidence of criminal activity in libraries or not to record it in the first place.  The function will be to fill jobs in libraries and do everything expected, but quietly provide information to me and others about when library crime incidents are being suppressed, where, and what is the information being suppressed.  We want you to keep your jobs so all provided information should come from non-library resources during off times.  Anonymity/confidentiality guaranteed.  Of course protect non-criminal patron privacy.

The Orland Park Public Library [OPPL] in Orland Park, IL, has been making child pornography available to the public for years and refuses to stop doing so.  It recorded hundreds of library incidents including sex crimes per year until 2014, and it recorded that it rarely called police on such incidents, including child pornography.  In December 2013, it received training from ALA to stop recording sex crimes to make the crimes appear to the public to go away, to mislead the public, to further ALA's own goals.  As a result, in all of 2014, OPPL has recorded only four incidents.  Hundreds per year are now four and the crime problem from the unfiltered Internet has suddenly disappeared.  Informants are needed to collect that information of illegality in libraries that ALA orders to stop being collected.  It is ALA diktat to destroy and not collect library crime information that harms patrons and librarians alike and necessitates the need for informants.

Details of the Graphics Information Clerk Job at OPPL

OPPL is now advertising for a job as a part-time "Graphics Information Clerk" (graphics designer?).  We want that job filled by someone willing to spy on the library's censorship of illegal activities, usually sex crimes resulting from the unfettered child pornography on the Internet.

Here are details about the need for an informant to fill the "Graphics Information Clerk" job at OPPL:
Here are details about the job from RAILS:
Here are details about the job from OPPL itself:

Informants Also Needed to Expose ALA Training Librarians to Hide Sex Crimes

Generally, we also need active librarians who attend ALA trainings or conferences to provide us with information about ALA's "Office for Intellectual Freedom" [OIF] training librarians to hide criminal activity from the public.  ALA OIF did this at a 17 December 2013 training in Illinois.  It refuses to release the videotape of the training.  So we need informants to gather this information for us, then we will publicize it.  Such training goes counter to all community standards and past library practices and procedures.  It needs to be exposed to help stop ALA OIF from spreading it.

And if you attend these meetings and take notes, make copies for yourselves that you keep at home as ALA has been issuing orders to have all such notes, recordings, handouts destroyed.  Librarians are complying for fear of losing their jobs.

And to Expose Homophobia

By the way, that ALA OIF training also included homophobic remarks by one of the trainers, namely, the PR employee at OPPL.  ALA OIF knows this, yet that gay hater/trainer is being presented by ALA OIF in additional training.  That's another reason why ALA refuses to release the videotape of the training, ALA President Courtney Young refuses to talk about it, and why informants are needed.

See the homophobic ALA trainer/hater in action in another context here: "Gay Hate @ Your Library."

Sample Incident Report That OPPL No Longer Collects Per ALA Diktat

Here is an actual incident report from OPPL, the very kind OPPL no longer collects because ALA OIF trains librarians to stop making such reports—as if ALA has the power to tell your local librarians what to do—but obviously it does:

Actual OPPL "Incident Report Form" showing public
masturbation at a computer desk, the very kind of
record OPPL no longer keeps per ALA diktat.

Thank you for your help.

Informants, please contact:

  • (Dan Kleinman @SafeLibraries)
  • (Megan Fox @IntolerantFox)

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