Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gay Slurs from Orland Park Public Library Trustee and Attorney Diane Jennings: Watch the Videos

OPPL's Diane Jennings: What is
she saying? Watch the videos.
Orland Park Public Library, Orland Park, IL, is a library that allows and covers up child pornography viewing.  One of its elected trustees is named Diane Jennings, Esq.  Ms. Jennings is one of the people using gay slurs to attack the whistleblowers of the library's criminality.  Amazingly, her gay slurs were captured on video tape as well as her public defense of them.  Please watch them both:

  1. Video of Diane Jennings using gay slurs against gay man who is one of the child porn whistleblowers
  2. Video of Diane Jennings defending her gay slurs.

Read the details written by one of her victims.  While you do, keep in mind she is an elected official and an attorney covering up her crime of not reporting child pornography in a public library for which she is a trustee:

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