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Informants Needed for Jobs in Public Libraries and to Expose ALA Training Librarians to Hide Sex Crimes

Library; All About Spying
Graphic Credit: Roofman the Spy
Informants are needed for jobs in public libraries to help stem the flow of child pornography occasioned by the American Library Association [ALA] training librarians to destroy all evidence of criminal activity in libraries or not to record it in the first place.  The function will be to fill jobs in libraries and do everything expected, but quietly provide information to me and others about when library crime incidents are being suppressed, where, and what is the information being suppressed.  We want you to keep your jobs so all provided information should come from non-library resources during off times.  Anonymity/confidentiality guaranteed.  Of course protect non-criminal patron privacy.

The Orland Park Public Library [OPPL] in Orland Park, IL, has been making child pornography available to the public for years and refuses to stop doing so.  It recorded hundreds of library incidents including sex crimes per year until 2014, and it recorded that it rarely called police on such incidents, including child pornography.  In December 2013, it received training from ALA to stop recording sex crimes to make the crimes appear to the public to go away, to mislead the public, to further ALA's own goals.  As a result, in all of 2014, OPPL has recorded only four incidents.  Hundreds per year are now four and the crime problem from the unfiltered Internet has suddenly disappeared.  Informants are needed to collect that information of illegality in libraries that ALA orders to stop being collected.  It is ALA diktat to destroy and not collect library crime information that harms patrons and librarians alike and necessitates the need for informants.

Details of the Graphics Information Clerk Job at OPPL

OPPL is now advertising for a job as a part-time "Graphics Information Clerk" (graphics designer?).  We want that job filled by someone willing to spy on the library's censorship of illegal activities, usually sex crimes resulting from the unfettered child pornography on the Internet.

Here are details about the need for an informant to fill the "Graphics Information Clerk" job at OPPL:
Here are details about the job from RAILS:
Here are details about the job from OPPL itself:

Informants Also Needed to Expose ALA Training Librarians to Hide Sex Crimes

Generally, we also need active librarians who attend ALA trainings or conferences to provide us with information about ALA's "Office for Intellectual Freedom" [OIF] training librarians to hide criminal activity from the public.  ALA OIF did this at a 17 December 2013 training in Illinois.  It refuses to release the videotape of the training.  So we need informants to gather this information for us, then we will publicize it.  Such training goes counter to all community standards and past library practices and procedures.  It needs to be exposed to help stop ALA OIF from spreading it.

And if you attend these meetings and take notes, make copies for yourselves that you keep at home as ALA has been issuing orders to have all such notes, recordings, handouts destroyed.  Librarians are complying for fear of losing their jobs.

And to Expose Homophobia

By the way, that ALA OIF training also included homophobic remarks by one of the trainers, namely, the PR employee at OPPL.  ALA OIF knows this, yet that gay hater/trainer is being presented by ALA OIF in additional training.  That's another reason why ALA refuses to release the videotape of the training, ALA President Courtney Young refuses to talk about it, and why informants are needed.

See the homophobic ALA trainer/hater in action in another context here: "Gay Hate @ Your Library."

Sample Incident Report That OPPL No Longer Collects Per ALA Diktat

Here is an actual incident report from OPPL, the very kind OPPL no longer collects because ALA OIF trains librarians to stop making such reports—as if ALA has the power to tell your local librarians what to do—but obviously it does:

Actual OPPL "Incident Report Form" showing public
masturbation at a computer desk, the very kind of
record OPPL no longer keeps per ALA diktat.

Thank you for your help.

Informants, please contact:

  • (Dan Kleinman @SafeLibraries)
  • (Megan Fox @IntolerantFox)

On Twitter:  @IntolerantFox @OIF @OrlandPkLibrary @VillageOrlandPk

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