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Drag Queen Story Hour Harms Children Says Senator Rubio; Cancel All DQSH From All American Libraries

Drag Queen Story Hour harms children, says US Senator Marco Rubio.  The issue arose when Ramstein Air Base library advertised for "Drag Queen Story Hour" for children.  

The point here is that if children are harmed, then the activity is blocked by law from public libraries that requires library activities be for the use and benefit of the public (as I've previously reported), and the statements by a US Senator make clear Drag Queen Story Hour is harmful.  As such it violates library laws, so it is time to dismantle and preclude all such shows throughout American public libraries.  

Here are specific statements made by Senator Rubio showing Drag Queen Story Hour is harmful to children:
  1. "politically divisive event"
  2. "gross abuse of taxpayer funding to place children in a sexualized environment"
  3. "It is completely insane for Ramstein AFB to use on-installation resources for rituals like 'Drag Queen Story Time.'  These inappropriate events are extremely divisive at home for good reason; in all cases, they place young children in close proximity with adults who are intentionally and explicitly sexualized."
  4. "decisions over children and their bodies should be left to moms and dads serving our nation, not mediated through publicly funded propaganda on U.S. Air Force bases"
  5. "children are being exposed to sexually charged content"
  6. "extraordinarily divisive events involving the children of U.S. servicemembers"
So a US Senator now says Drag Queen Story Hour harms children.

The only obstacle to stopping DQSH grooming in public libraries is groomer librarians standing in the way claiming FReadom and inclusion.  Don't let them.  Treat them as one treats groomers giving out candy in a playground then providing smut.

Just to be very clear, there is no way librarians are not specifically targeting children for sexualization:
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Back to Ramstein AFB, don't worry about the librarians there complaining they cannot sexualize children with Drag Queen Story Hour.  They will find other ways to target children, like with the "Gender Queer" book prominently displayed at the top of all others in the base library as shown in the graphic below, a book that is being removed from public schools due to the graphic displays including of a boy giving a Lewinsky to a man—and there's a direct reference to kink dot com, a BDSM site.  Indeed, a judge has ruled as obscene the very book most prominently displayed in the military base's library:

So while our military men and women are defending freedom, military base librarians are defiling their children.  Good thing the harmful DQSH indoctrination was stopped but it looks like the librarian groomers themselves need to be removed.  Don't feel guilty about stopping groomer librarians.  Just do it.

And expect librarians to play the guilt game, the inclusion game.  They are already doing it.  

As Libby Emmons reported, Melissa Kay @mellyliveshere from Ramstein Air Base said, "We're being forced to cancel all drag events on Ramstein due to a minority of people that have nothing to do with our base or community.  Inclusive my ass Air Force."  It's a minority of people who push sexualization of children in public libraries in the first place, not a minority who force cancellation of drag events—that's what most would do if they could.  Nice attempt at framing.  Setting that aside, notice she makes a plea for inclusiveness then uses it to hammer the US Air Force.  "Trans" inclusion has or should have nothing to do with the sexualization of children; only groomers argue otherwise.

In reality, librarians are anything but inclusive.  The call for inclusiveness is just another crow bar to slip in more sexualization of more children.  To demonstrate how librarians are anything but inclusive, see how black librarians where forced out of their jobs in libraries due to the racism that has been inherent in public libraries and the American Library Association from the beginning and that continues to this day. 

Notice even in that Library Journal article the emphasis was on mentoring, not deep-seated racism.  The real story was the inherent racism in librarianship driving black librarians out of the "profession," but Library Journal buried that lede because true inclusion is of no use to librarians, except to the extent it could be used as a cudgel.

No, librarians are not inclusive.  It's just more virtue signaling and more excuses to inure people to allowing librarians to sexualize children in libraries, or as Senator Marco Rubio put it, "intentionally and explicitly sexualized."

In summary, Drag Queen Storytime is harmful to children, even Senator Marco Rubio says so, and as such it is illegal in public libraries.  Librarians saying otherwise are groomers, the very people who should not only be ignored but actively removed from any position dealing with children. 


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