Monday, January 30, 2023

Openly Marxist American Library Association Needs To Be Defunded

The American Library Association is now openly Marxist.  It needs to be defunded; governments must stop reimbursing librarians for anything having to do with ALA.  Its new President-Elect Emily Drabinski said:
I’m looking forward to thinking through how the resources that will be given to me can be put to good use for the goals that I think all of us on the left share.
[H]elping people access the language of a socialist vision of what the city could be and the role of the library I think is something I could do.
I didn't feel, when I was running, that I was running as a socialist. I felt like I was running as an organizer. Concretely as a labor organizer, specifically, a workplace organizer. My background is really in union work. I’m a member of DSA [Democratic Socialists of America]....
I really believe in collective power, and I believe in it because I've built it and I've used it, and I see what it can do in terms of fundamentally changing the conversation. I think about how many things we can talk about openly since AOC was elected, that we couldn't before.
I think the socialist project, along with a range of other movements against white supremacy, patriarchy, and others, has played a role in the fact that we can now talk openly about the abolition of the carceral state. The public conversation about defunding the police, and thinking about different ways of organizing our relations to one another. To me, that's something that’s only possible through deep organizing and is the ethic that we brought to the campaign.
It's funny, I am openly socialist, but I don’t pick the label and it's been made very clear to me that I campaigned for and won election to a fundamentally liberal organization, in the "small L", so publicly claiming a socialist identity has implications for the broader association.
I tweeted that I was a "Marxist lesbian" when I won, and I absolutely am a Marxist, and absolutely am a lesbian, but I got a ton of blowback, which is not great, but I don't know. We have to be brave, we have to be willing to fight, and the right has no compunction about being completely out there with their totally hardcore racist ideals, and their white replacement theory bullshit.
So funding American Library Association is funding "the left" and only "the left." Source:

Auston Democratic Socialists of America. “Creating a Socialist Vision for Public Libraries: A Conversation with Emily Drabinski.” Red Fault (blog), July 7, 2022.

Fortunately, some libraries are already getting the message and defunding anything to do with ALA or its acolyte state library associations:

Camenker, Brian. “Big Victory: Wyoming Library Board Cuts Ties with American Library Association Over Graphic Children’s Books.” MassResistance, November 6, 2022.

I could go on and on about the rising Marxism at ALA and why it must be defunded, put this will be a good enough introduction:

Kleinman, Dan. “Marxist Elected American Library Association President; Vows to Wield Power.” SafeLibraries® (blog), April 21, 2022.

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And here we see at LibLearnX the Marxism is now on full display, featuring ALA's Marxist President-Elect Emily Drabinski:


This report of mine has inspired Dr. James Lindsay to call for the defunding of the American Library Association in what has to be the biggest news—bad newscoming out of ALA's LibLearnX. 

What an embarrassment for being called out as the "captured Marxist organization" that ALA has become.  Librarians should consider dropping membership in ALA as well; now that you know, choosing to stay will be self revealing.


People are waking up: