Thursday, June 29, 2017

'No Guns' Signs in Libraries Don't Work

Photo Credit: Adrian D. Garcia of The Beacon
"No Guns" signs in libraries don't work.  Criminals and law-abiding citizens still bring in their guns:
"No Guns" signs don't even apply in many cases:
By the way, the American Library Association tries to take away Second Amendment rights, even blaming guns and the National Rifle Association for terrorism, and working to force the Florida Library Association to reverse its position in support of Stand Your Ground gun laws:
Likely as a result of ALA interference, local libraries sometimes have to be officially ordered to take down the phoney "No Guns" signs or threatened into doing so:
So if you see a sign saying "No Guns" in your library, that's like a magnet for criminals with guns, and you, as a law-abiding citizen, can feel free to ignore the sign, depending on your state laws. "No Guns" signs in libraries don't work.

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