Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Illinois Library Commits $25,000 Fraud; Library Media Covers Up

An Illinois library commits $25,000 fraud.  Atlanta Public Library, Atlanta, IL.  The Illinois State Library orders the money to be returned.  It all happened because of the persistent work of open government watchdogs, in this case Illinois Leaks "Edgar County Watchdogs":

Library Media Coverup—Fake News:

Stories by Edgar County Watchdogs:

Stories by American Library Association:

  • None

Stories by Library Journal:

  • None

26-0-0.  Library media provide no stories on the topic.  None.  They do not want people to know local libraries may not be the angels people think they are.  In this case, library media equals fake news for failing to report on fraud, etc.

Is your local library getting away with anything?  Is your media hiding anything?

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