Friday, August 7, 2009

IT Experts Say Library Filtering Easy to Configure

Information technology experts have said providing public libraries with an effective Internet filtering solution is a snap. Further, concerns about overblocking can be easily overcome, and any anti-filtering stance is "behind the times." See "IT Experts Could Foil Library Porn Pervs," by Mark Bode, Sunshine Coast Daily, 7 August 2009, emphasis mine:

A brainstorming session between a group of Sunshine Coast IT experts yesterday has yielded what they claim would be a powerful tool in the fight against those using public library computers to access porn.

The nine Microsoft-certified technicians from the Kunda Park-based company EH Technology want Sunshine Coast council to consider implementing a filter-firewall technology called a sonic wall.

EH Technology business development manager Adam MacLennan said the content security management application would prove a potent foil against those who use public libraries to view or download pornography – including offensive child images.

Council has previously said it was against installing internet filters at libraries because it would result in inoffensive sites being blocked.

However, Mr MacLennan said his team could install a system which would allow library staff to easily unblock inoffensive sites if asked to do so by a patron. “We can set it up the way council wants,” he said.

Mr MacLennan said many companies – including his own – successfully used internet filters and firewalls to stop staff from accessing certain websites.

The Scottish-born computer expert said council’s anti-filter stance at its libraries was “behind the times”.


Is your public library "behind the times"?


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