Monday, June 20, 2011

Library Propaganda and Fraud Recognition Exercise

It is time to present a library propaganda and fraud recognition exercise.  I have been writing about such topics for a while, so here's a chance to test your skills.  Watch the below news video containing public library propaganda and evidencing the potential for fraudulent and/or criminal activity by the library.  See if you can pick out the false, misleading, incriminating statements yourselves and comment below with what you found. 

Bonus points:  See if you can pick out the statement that is a direct result of the American Library Association's opposition to the USA PATRIOT Act and that adherence to leaves children exposed to harm nationwide.

Double bonus points:  See if you can use this "Automated Search of Commitments" to see which libraries are committing CIPA fraud and perhaps committing a crime or misdemeanor.

"'I don't really see it as being a loaded gun kind of situation,' said Jan Bryant the Head Librarian at the Muskogee Public Library."  I do, and obviously local citizens like Thomas Faulk and Steve Rathbun do, and such statements by the head librarian are intended as a deception.  I ask police and media investigators to contact me so I can explain.

"After all, viewing adult pornography is legal...."  Correct, but a public library may legally exclude it.

Here's the story and the corresponding news video to evaluate for propaganda and potential fraudulent and/or criminal activity by the library, then please comment below: 


  1. Many thanks to that parent raising the issue. We have to be on top of our public library. We can not trust their decision making, since the library official obviously could not see the difference between information and pornography. After all it’s our children we’re talking about. Why would they care

    1. Thanks, Anonymous. And if I can help you any in your own community, please let me know.


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