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Fire NYPL President Marx for Drunk Driving; Library Allows Unlimited Pornography So Needs a New Leader Anyway

NYPL's drunk driver Anthony
who should be fired.
Only in America can you have the president of the largest lending library, the New York Public Library with the famous lions, drive his public library-owned 2009 Audi A4 while drunk, get in an accident, plead guilty to a DUI/DWI misdemeanor, then have the library keep him as president.  FIRE HIM!

Is there a single person in the world who gets to drive the company car while more than twice the legal alcohol limit (0.19 BAC), smash it, plead guilty to DUI, then have your employer defend you?  Talk about the 1%!  This guy is in the 0.19%!  Just look at how the library reacted to the privileged Dr. Anthony W. Marx who obviously could afford an attorney who helped him turn a crime into a misdemeanor:

In a written statement, the library said it was "satisfied that the incident has been resolved and looks forward to the important work ahead for Dr. Marx and the library."

And this is a library that allows nearly unlimited access to pornography, falsely claiming that under "long-standing library policy" the First Amendment requires the library must allow it:

Brooklyn Public Library porn.
"A lot of the times, I see people watching pornography and stuff like that. The man right next to me today was watching naked women," Julio Sosa, 14, said at the Jerome Branch in the Bronx. 
Library officials defend their policy of allowing easy access to porn as a free speech issue, claiming that only five percent of web traffic on public library computers is to porn sites. 
"Our staff carefully monitors use of computers in adult areas.  It is long-standing library policy - here and across the nation - to abide by the First Amendment," said New York Public Library spokeswoman Angela Montefinise.

Well gee, the library allows unfettered porn despite the means that allow any library to keep it out, and now the library allows a drunk driving president to keep his job.  No wonder the library allows porn—it's anything goes—as this recent drunk driving debacle shows.

In reality, even the first sentence of US v. ALA says, "1. [P]ublic libraries' use of Internet filtering software does not violate their patrons' First Amendment rights...."  Does not violate the First Amendment.  Someone needs to change that "long-standing library policy."  Further, other library directors, who are not drunk drivers by the way, talk about the "dogma" the American Library Association [ALA] and its acolytes use to claim libraries must allow porn.  Now the New York Public Library has drunken dogma.

Sign at parking space for
NYPL President Marx?
What a disgrace.  This guy makes over half a million dollars a year with terrific perks, his library is filled with porn, he gets drunk and smashes the library's car, and that's okay with the library.  Tell me, are there any limits at all in this library?  Talk about privileged!  This guy should be tossed out of this public institution immediately.  It's a public institution after all.  Members of the public do not get to keep their jobs after smashing the company car, and neither should privileged Marx.  I demand that someone look into this matter, toss out the drunken president, and get someone who will follow the law and insist on blocking porn in the library.  Is there no respect for public institutions anymore?  Is there no respect for the porn actors victimized by big porn who get victimized again with each viewing, including in public libraries?

Are any politicians still pursuing legislation to reign in the libraries in New York City?  Contact me again.  I will help you more.  Your previous ideas were too timid anyway and were aimed at getting around the dogma.  Enough is enough, is it not?

"But will the children forgive Mr. Marx?"  Why are we even asking—get rid of him already.  It's time to move on.

Exactly what is it about a librarian that causes people to fall for dogma and gives librarians a free pass no one else would get?

Library-owned 2009 Audi A4 that NYPL President
Anthony Marx smashed while driving with 0.19 BAC.
Then he got to keep his job in that public library.


This "Tony Marx" is the embodiment of the double standard.  Get a load of this and you'll see exactly what I mean:
Anthony Marx, former president of Amherst College and current president of the New York Public Library, offers a different perspective.  He insists that elite higher education has a "responsibility…to hold up public service, and examples of public service, as life paths that we value and need as a society."  Universities and colleges should be concerned with the career paths of their graduates, particularly those in the public realm.  According to Marx, "To the degree that the graduates of top universities are not going into public service, into teaching, and into all kind of arenas that require talent for us to have the kind of society that we want that is something we should worry about."
Source: "Public Service of the Future," by ImeIme Umana and Beatrice Walton, Harvard Political Review, 10 December 2011.

Drinking and driving and getting in an accident on the public's dime in the public's car, and the public library approves by not firing him.  Some public responsibility, some talent, some public service of the future!  With unlimited porn, no less.  And the Harvard story is in defense of the "Occupy" movement, yet Dr. Marx is part of the 0.19%!  You can't make this stuff up.

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