Friday, December 2, 2011

Library Kicks Out Occupy Encampment

Bangor Public Library logo.
While the American Library Association [ALA] is supporting the so-called Occupy Wall Street Library, the Bangor Public Library (@BangorLibrary) has had the good sense to finally kick out the Occupy Bangor trespassers from library property:

Poll results showing people support
kicking out the library trespassers
who are part of Occupy Bangor.
The Bangor Public Library gets it.  The ALA does not.  As an illustration of why the ALA should not support the so-called "Occupy" movement, consider the following:

Bangor Public Library Director Barbara McDade said, "We certainly will allow them to use the property to protest, but we don't want them staying on the property 24 hours a day."  For that, the United Nations might put a target on her head:

Congratulations to the Bangor Public Library for making the right decision, no matter how reluctantly.  And to emphasize it made the right decision, poll results on the Bangor Daily News site, displayed above right, show the vast majority support the library in expelling the trespassers.  Yes, free speech will not be suppressed, but, as is clearly seen in Bangor, trespassing is not free speech.

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