Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Donate NOW to Protect Children in Public Libraries; Pima County, AZ, Swing Vote Up for Grabs

Dear SafeLibraries Readers,

I am asking you to donate NOW to a political candidate in Pima County, AZ, who, if elected, will become the swing vote that will require the public library to implement CIPA-compliant Internet filters. This one race will produce a majority on the issue of stopping the viewing of X-rated videos at the libraries.

As it stands now, the libraries have filters, but allow adults to decide for themselves whether or not to use them. That is not CIPA compliant, although the libraries claim it is. (I'm considering filing a complaint for CIPA compliance failures.) As a result, public libraries have "become places where men watch x-rated videos with our kids nearby." And the incumbent supports this.

You know my efforts are to educate people about what can be done in public libraries to protect children from harm caused by the policies of a national library association. Here is a case where we can actually get involved in helping someone to get elected to a position where he can do just that—the incumbent has not and will not. I'm asking you to please give a little right NOW as well. You can use credit cards, and the payment web site is safe and secure. I myself have donated $25. Please give more if you can.

I thank you very much, and I hope to bring you good news about this Pima County, AZ, election. Please consider sending this message to your friends.

A check may be sent to:

Brenner for Supervisor
1611 W Prince Rd
Tucson AZ 85705

Better yet, donate with a credit card using PayPal's highly secure interface:

Corporate checks are not allowed by law, and the limit to donate is $390.

Watch this ad, then donate NOW:


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