Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Political TV Ad Exposes Library Policy Supported by Opponent Who Allows X-Rated Video Viewing Near Children

This political TV advertisement exposes public library policy supported by an opponent who allows "x-rated video" viewing near children. For details, see "Supervisors' Library Porn Solution a Joke," by Barney Brenner, Tucson Citizen, 18 August 2006.


In these tough times I love that children are using our libraries more. But they've become places where men watch x-rated videos with our kids nearby. Sharon Bronson voted to let this continue. I want it to stop. What do you want?

On Screen Text:
  • Barney Brenner Supervisor District 3
  • Paid for by Brenner for Supervisor Committee. Dennis Melin, Treasurer.

Brenner For Supervisor
November 2008
Moret & Associates Adv.



  1. This story has been picked up by a major library filtering expert:

    "Library Filters Make for Attack Ads in Arizona Race," by David Burt, Filtering Facts, 29 October 2008.

  2. I just sent the following email to Sharon Bronson, CC to the Pima County Supervisors and the Pima County Public Library, after I saw her blog post entitled, "Another Example of Barney Saying Anything to Get Elected - 'Increasing Funding'," by Sharon Bronson, SayAnythingBarney, 17 October 2008. The increased funding is for "animal care."

    Here is the email:

    Dear Sharon Bronson,

    My interests are library issues. Barney Brenner came to my attention because of that. He created a TV ad and a robocall related to the library issues, so it got interested in the matter.

    It seems to me that on the issues of the library filters, Barney Brenner is accurate. But I don’t have to take his word for it. I just have to look at objective facts.

    Fact. The Pima County Public Library [PCPL] claims to be CIPA-compliant, where CIPA is the Children’s Internet Protection Act.

    Fact. The PCPL obtained federal funding under the CIPA E-rate program for funding that may only be obtained by CIPA-compliant libraries.

    Fact. That funding amounts to about $17,000 in 2008. ( 2008: $768.00 and $16,410.00 )

    Fact. CIPA requires that filters be disabled by library staff, not by patrons. ( FEDERAL LAW: An authorized person may disable the blocking or filtering measure during any use by an adult to enable access for bona fide research or other lawful purposes. )

    Fact. PCPL policy states filters are disabled by patrons. ( LIBRARY POLICY: When adults using library computers attempt to access a questionable site (such as sites that are sexually or violently explicit) they will first see a screen advising them of state and federal cautions regarding viewing of questionable websites in public use areas. Adults then can choose to proceed or cancel their website choice. )

    Fact. PCPL policy is not CIPA compliant. ( There is also the question of whether allowing x-rated material is "bona fide research or other lawful purpose," but we don't have to get to that issue since CIPA has already been violated by allowing patrons to disable the filters themselves. )

    Fact. CIPA noncompliance is reportable to the FCC.

    Fact. It is my understanding that you, Sharon Bronson, are in part responsible for this CIPA-noncompliance.

    Fact. It is my opinion based on the above that Barney Brenner has made statements in his robocall and his TV spot that are essentially true regarding this library issue.

    Therefore, would you tell me how any of the facts I have presented are mistaken? I am about to inform the FCC of about $17,000 that appears to have been obtained at least mistakenly.

    Alternatively, please advise whether you will cause the library policy to be changed in accordance with CIPA, whether the PCPL will no longer seek such E-rate funding, or whether you will request the library refund the money to the federal government voluntarily. If none of these will be done, or if I receive no response from you within thirty days, I will report the facts to the FCC at http://www.universalservice.org/sl/tools/whistleblower-hotline.aspx

    Thank you very much.


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