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Seeking Author Trenton Lee Stewart; A Child Requests his Response to her Excellent Letter

Dear Trenton Lee Stewart,

A child has contacted me asking for my assistance in reaching you, the author of The Mysterious Benedict Society.  She would like you to read her excellent and thoughtful letter and respond to her.  You may do so here, or I will relay your message if you send me one.  I tried to find your contact information online but was not successful.  Hence this method of attempting contact.  Please understand.  Thank you very much.

If anyone knows Trenton Lee Stewart, will you please use the email link at the bottom of this blog post to send this to him? Thank you.


Here is the child's letter:

Dear Trenton Lee Stewart,

I read both of the Mysterious Benedict Society books. I thought they were absolutely genius. Both, are my new favorite books.
I love how much detail you put into them. I felt like I was in the book myself. You made the perfect adventures and problems. The characters seemed alive.
I love the personality you gave Reynie. He's sweet, smart, sensitive, and loving. If only he was real. I'd love to meet him. I wonder if he would be able to help me with my math homework. (Or maybe that's Sticky's job.)
At the end of the second book, I loved Sticky's positive attitude. Without Sticky to cheer the group on, they never would of made it to the boat carrying Mr. Benedict and Milligan.
Constance can be stubborn, but she loved Mr. Benedict very much. She had a lot of feelings for him. All she wanted to do was save her family.
Kate is very headstrong and brave. She learned a lot from the circus. She is probably very flexible. She almost never is upset or angry. In real life, if someone carried a bucket everywhere, I don't know what I'd think, but I guess it is pretty smart.
Mr. Curtain is so evil. Why would he ever do things that he planed. What the point? Everyone would rely on him and that would be a lot of work.
I feel bad for S.Q. I think he just didn't know really what to do. He was being a follower instead of a leader. If someone showed him the good path I'd think he would take it.
The Ten Men, had so many different weapons. It must of taken long to come up with them. They were all school supplies.
A few things shocked me at the end of your books. In the first book, you revealed that Constance was three. I had no idea that a stubborn girl like her was capable of learning morse code and practically saving the world. She's probably the smartest girl on the planet.
In the second book you made Milligan jump off a 50 feet cliff. It was amazing. I'm very surprised he lived. I feel bad for Kate. She lived so many years without her father. Finally when he found her again, he jumped off a cliff and completely paralized himself.
The Benedict Society has had many adventures, but I think they should have one more.

Your biggest fan,

P.S. Can you E-mail me back?


  1. usually one is able to contact the author through their publisher, in this case, Little Brown & Co.

  2. Thank you! Thanks to your lead, I found this tip.

  3. Dear Mr. Stewart,

    I absolutely LOVE your books!! They make ma feel as if they are really happening!! I get nervous and excited the whole time I'm reading!! I hate to put the book down!! I bring it wherever I go!!! I need a couple more pages to finish THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY AND THE PERILOUS JOURNEY. I am so disappointed when i finish the book!!! I hope you come up with many more great ideas to make more books in the series!!! What gave you the idea to start these books??? Whatever it was it gave you a great idea that many young people are enjoying as they read your books!!

    Your biggest fan,


  4. Dear Mr. Steward,
    I absolutely love both of the Mysterious Benedict society books! I just have one question! Will there be a movie? I think there really should be one!
    Anyway, can't wait for the 3rd book to come out! I really enjoy reading your books! Kate is my favorite character, because I can identify myself with her so much! She is just like me.... kinda scary though! :-D
    Thank you

    P.S: Please write me back! Thank you!

  5. Dear Trenton Lee Stewart,
    I bought your incredibly inspiring book
    known as The Mysterious Benedict Society.
    When I first picked it up at my local book store
    I was uncertain. I am exceedingly picky with books.
    The most enjoyable books are well written exceedingly addictive, and very inviting, they grasp every bit of your attention leaving you focused on nothing else.
    Your book did that for me. I loved it.
    I can't wait to get the second in your series.

    Thank you very much for creating such a work of art. Keep it up!


  6. Dear Sarah, Gabby, Alice, and Olivia,

    I am not Lee Trenton Stewart. But I have just sent a letter to his publisher asking him to respond here, and I have contacted some of my author friends as well using this handy URL that points to this blog post: So I am making an effort to ask him to respond. Let's all cross our fingers.

  7. dear Trenton Lee Stewart,

    Hello, I´m a 11 year old girl from Chile,and I have read your first book in spanish, and Im reading the second book. What I can say about your books, is that they are the greatest I´ve ever read. I can guess that when you where a child, you were the best and creative one in english, because you describe the characters so detailedly, that ( in my opinion) the characters become alive!.

    Your book is part of my daily weekend. I get up every morning, I have a shower and then start reading your book. Afterwards, I go roller skating and when I finish I continue reading your book. I do this a million times until the day finishes.

    One of my biggest dreams is being one of your books characters and being able to be with the characters.

    I hope you can give me your email so that I can contact you.Please continue writting such good books!

    Expecting that you write back( and reading your books),

    Olivia Barros.

  8. Trenton Lee StewartThu Nov 12, 06:55:00 PM 2009

    Dear Sarah, Abby, Alice, and Olivia,

    A thoughtful man sent me a letter alerting me to your comments on this website - a letter I only recently received, or I would have responded sooner. My apologies for the long delay.

    Many thanks for your wonderful compliments. No writer could ask for better, and I am grateful.

    If you would like to write me in the future, please note that I do not regularly visit this website, but I do receive letters at the following address: PO Box 17210, Little Rock AR 72222-7210.

    All best wishes,
    Trenton Lee Stewart

    p.s. Special thanks to Mr. K. for calling this page to my attention!

    1. Sir, you wouldn't happen to have an email address for fans, would you?

  9. Girls!! This is very exciting!! Trenton Lee Stewart responded here!!

    Before responding, be sure to ask your parents for permission. While his letter sounds perfectly authentic to me, it is the Internet, and nothing on the Internet is really ever certain. So again, please get your parent's permission to contact this address.


         PO BOX 17210
         LITTLE ROCK AR 72222-7210

    p.s. You are welcome, Mr. S, and thanks for responding here! And girls? Keep reading!

  10. I love the books soooo much. I'm going to get the third one for Christmas, and if I wait any longer, I'll probably freak out!

    Sarah wrote a good letter! Exactly how I describe the book also! And I love the father-daughter relationship in the stories. So heartwarming. *tear tear* Haha.
    Trenton Lee Stewart is a GREAT children's author. I absoulutly love those books and would recommend them for everyone. :D

  11. dear mr.stewart,

    I have read all of your books and i absoluotely loved them! I couldn't stop reading them. i always wondered how could anyone create such thoughtful, good mysteries? When I was little I used to read little mysteries,and i could never figure them out. such specific details such as mr.curtain taking over peoples minds is mind blasting!!!!!!

  12. Dear trenton lee stewart,

    I read both first and second books and i liked them. They are so natural and adventure-like. Also if I could suggest on how the character could have faced the challenge, he could have not be captured if hed notice mr. curtain in the cave, but anyway he met mr. benedict

    P.S hope you reply
    P.P.S this is my assignment

  13. Trenton Lee Stewart responded in a previous comment that people may write to him at PO Box 17210, Little Rock AR 72222-7210.

    Have fun!

  14. Dear Mr. Trenton Lee Stewart,
    I've read your first two books and am on the third. Never in my life will I EVER find a better book than your intriguing series!!!

  15. Der Trenton Lee Stweart,

    What is it like being a published author? What time period does the Mystetious Benedict Society take place in?
    I've read all 3 Mysterious Benedict Society books and I'm reading them again because there so good. You are my favorite author.
    From your biggest fan,
    P.S. Can you email me back? It would be a honor.

  16. I Love The Mysterious Benedict Society!
    Can you email me back?
    Your biggest fan Natalie

  17. Natalie, thank you so much for writing. Trenton Lee Stewart responded in a comment above to all his fans giving them an address to contact him. Please look above for that address then write him there.

    For myself, I am so happy to have provided this forum for his fans to find him and to write to him. Perhaps after getting a response from him you might come back her and write about it?

    Good luck, Natalie!

  18. Dear Trenton Lee Stewart
    I have to do a author profile and I am struggling to answer some question I picked you because all love all your mysterious benedict society books. Please email me. I need to finish this homework. Pleas email me :D

  19. Dear Trenton Lee Stewart,
    I'm a 15-year-old girl from Switzerland. I love your books, and I have one question: What is Milligan's name? The one he had before he was Milligan? I can guess that his last name is Wetherall, but what is his first name?

  20. Hi, KH, this is Dan, the author of this blog. Trenton Lee Stewart has responded in comments above to other writing here. Please see above for details, including an address to write to him.

    And yes, if you do get an email address for him that is intended for the public, please post it here.

    Thank you so much for writing here. I hope Trenton Lee Stewart responds to your letters. Here's part of what he said above:

    "Dear Sarah, Abby, Alice, and Olivia,

    "Many thanks for your wonderful compliments. No writer could ask for better, and I am grateful.

    "If you would like to write me in the future, please note that I do not regularly visit this website, but I do receive letters at the following address: PO Box 17210, Little Rock AR 72222-7210.

    "All best wishes,
    "Trenton Lee Stewart"

  21. I attempted to send Mr. Stewart a letter some time ago (at the address that he posted here) but after about a month I got it back in the mail with a return to sender sticker. It said that the letter was not deliverable as addressed and unable to be forwarded. I have no idea why that is.

  22. I attempted to send Mr. Stewart a letter some time ago (at the address that he posted here) but after about a month I got it back in the mail with a return to sender sticker. It said that the letter was not deliverable as addressed and unable to be forwarded. I have no idea why that is.

    1. I do not know why as well. His comment was from years ago. It is possible that 1) he moved, 2) the address on the envelope was incorrect, 3) the mail service returned the letter in error, 4) the mail service delivered it to the wrong address and that person got rid of it by saying wrong address, or 5) something else. So I'd suggest trying to send it one more time, or at least that's what I would do, perhaps after more Googling for a new address, if indeed that turns out to be the problem.

      Thank you so much for reading here. Whatever you do, keep reading! Here, there, and everywhere!


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