Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wyoming Libraries and SafeLibraries Logos

Here is the new Wyoming Libraries logo of what looks like a Playboy bunny reading a book:

Here is the SafeLibraries logo/parody of the typical library street sign of an open book/reader, but having a Playboy bunny:

What do Wyoming libraries and SafeLibraries have in common? A sense of humor! "We are using bumper stickers in the libraries as a way to bring an element of humor to libraries and make them more interesting to residents who do not normally use the library." And the "favicon" for SafeLibraries, as enlarged above, is perfect for libraries that sing the American Library Association anthem.

I see the two logos as being near mirror images of each other, with both demonstrating a sense of humor. Way to go, Wyoming Libraries!

Wyoming residents, go get your free access to the ChiltonLibrary auto repair database. I'm jealous!

(Hat tip to James Taranto for bring this to my attention in "A Kerfuffle Over a Flap," James Taranto, Wall Street Journal - Best of the Web, 24 March 2009, citing to "Library's Mudflap Girl Campaign Turns Heads," by Matt Joyce (AP), Casper Star-Tribune, 23 March 2009.)


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  1. The ALA itself is now promoting the Wyoming mudflap girl: "Wyoming's Mudflap Girl Still a Hit," 26 March 2009.


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