Saturday, May 16, 2009

NJ Okays Sex Offenders Near Libraries

The following is from the New Jersey Family Policy Council [NJFPC], and it appears NJ libraries may have become less safe, at least for a while. At a minimum, we know NJ communities now have less local control over their own communities.

The ACLU arguments in this case, however, may have merit, unlike the guidance from the American Library Association that leads a library to destroy a computer hard drive to protect a child porn viewer then force out the reporting librarian.

Here are excerpts from the NJFPC story:

NJ High Court Favors Sex Offenders
by New Jersey Family Policy Council
15 May 2009

Last week, the New Jersey State Supreme Court ruled 6-0 against the safety of our children and in favor of convicted sex offenders by denying towns the right to restrict where sex offenders may live.

As the Star Ledger reports, the Court said towns cannot bar sex offenders from "living within a designated distance of any school park, playground, public library, or daycare center."


So, let's get this straight. The Parole Board willingly admits that factors "more significant" than proximity to our children hold greater sway in determining where convicted sex offenders may live and also says it openly welcomes input from towns, and yet our State Supreme Court denies towns the right to prevent sex offenders from living close to places children congregate!

The rate of recidivism among sex offenders is astronomical, and yet the Court is more concerned with the supposed "rights" of convicted sex offenders than with the health and safety of the very children they target!

We echo the words of Harry Wyant, Mayor of Phillipsburg – one of the towns that passed an ordinance restricting where sex offenders may live: "[I]t's ridiculous that we can't restrict these individuals from areas of concern.... It flies in the face of home rule."


Indeed, the Court was wrong, and its misjudgment has placed all children across the state at risk.


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