Tuesday, January 12, 2010

ALA Ignores Afro-Cuban Civil Rights; Keeps Refusing to Demand the Immediate Release of Cuba’s Imprisoned Independent Librarians; ALA Will Not Celebrate MLK Day

Nat Hentoff says:
Meanwhile, the American Library Association keeps refusing to demand the immediate release of Cuba’s imprisoned independent librarians. Can’t the ALA spare a few words of strong support for Afro-Cuban civil rights instead of gently admonishing Fidel and Raul?

Maybe during this year’s ALA Banned Books Week here, a charred copy of the “felonious” biography of Martin Luther King Jr. can be put on display.

"Castro Racism Gets its Due," by Nat Hentoff, The Trentonian, 12 January 2010.

The ALA will obviously not be celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day since it does nothing while MLK books burn in Cuba and librarians remain jailed for having libraries.  If only the jailed Cuban librarians had given inappropriate material to children, then the ALA would have given a damn.



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  1. Should someone contact this guy?

    "'Ethiopia Reads' Founder to Keynote American Library Association Event"

    Maybe he could speak out about the ALA's ignoring Afro-Cuban civil rights like Andre Codrescu spoke out while giving an address to the ALA about the Cuban librarians the ALA ignores. See "Author Codrescu, at President's Program, Slams ALA's Cuba Stance," Library Journal, 23 January 2006.


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