Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Re-Made in the USA Available Free to Fifty Libraries After Author Todd Lipscomb Finds It In Only One

"Re-Made in the USA; How We Can Restore Jobs, Retool Manufacturing, and Compete With the World," is written by Todd Lipscomb who owns  Can you believe the author found his book in only a single library?  What with all the false censorship claims the American Library Association makes about books and the Internet, is it possible that this book is in a single library?

Ed Schultz of The Ed Schultz Show interviewed Todd Lipscomb and said, "It's a great book, it is full of information, full of insight, and full of the truth and it needs to be said.  I think it's a revolutionary book, the best book I've ever read on manufacturing and it's scary stuff.  If you're a small business person and you want to get your product out there, this is the website you want to go to.  If you're a consumer and want to buy American, this is what you can do.  ....  I think we should send this book over to Donald Trump."

Here is Chapter 1 "Why Buying American is Critical" free to all.  See for yourself.  See also:

How is it that "a revolutionary book, the best book I've ever read on manufacturing" is in a single library and only a single library?

Todd Lipscomb is graciously making this book available for free, not even any shipping and handling costs, to the first 50 libraries where someone simply writes and asks for the book!

I am writing about this because A) I want to help libraries get a free "revolutionary" book, B) SafeLibraries is read by many librarians so I am hoping this helps spread the free offer message, and C) I find it shocking a book this highly recommended is in only one library given how loudly people scream about censorship should anyone dare to block pornography from public libraries.

Mr. Lipscomb, I found your book is in 49 libraries at the moment by using WorldCat, and not all of them are public libraries.  It is a drop in the bucket.  I congratulate you on offering to provide free copies to public libraries.  I already link to you under "Non-Library Sites."

Here is the exact correspondence I received from Todd Lipscomb, dated 15 June 2011:

Good news came recently, as I received my first e-mail from a person to have come across and read my new book Re-Made in The USA in their library.  He had enthusiastic questions and was full of hope for our nation.  How that made my day!

Sadly, several others have reported that they went to look for the book at their local library and were told various versions of how their libraries were hardly buying books anymore due to budget cuts.  Decaying local tax revenue, caused in no small part by deindustrialization leaving less and less tax revenue as factories move abroad.  The local revenue that feeds our libraries is drying up.  Few things are sadder than a library without books, and what are the implications to the education of our young?

This has troubled me.  Together, we are making progress on the Made in USA issue, still the thought of empty library shelves has me wanting to take direct action.

Free copies of my book for libraries – For the first fifty people that reply to this note with an actual address of one of our nation’s libraries that you feel should have one, I will donate a copy and pay all shipping and handling expenses.  It is a modest start, although who knows what can grow from a good beginning?

If it goes well, I may do more -- a lot more.
I can only add that you should check first if your library will accept the book, even as a gift.  Selection policy is often used by libraries to keep out information with which the selector disagrees, like books about ex-gays, so be sure your library will shelve the free book once it receives it, else it might just discard it.


  1. My public library owns this book - and we paid for it! Remember that many, many libraries are not on WorldCat.

    By the way, even though I disagree with you a great deal of the time, I really enjoy your blog and appreciate the discussion about censorship, particularly regarding porn and children's access to inappropriate materials. While I love being a librarian, I refuse to join ALA - and the OIF is a major reason. Anyway, keep fighting!

  2. Thanks, Anonymous, for that compliment! I hope you will continue to comment here.

    Since you are a librarian, consider writing, anonymously if you wish, an article of interest to you as a guest blog post on my blog.

    I know a librarian such as yourself speaking out could be a career limiting move, but I will protect your anonymity.

  3. This guy, Todd Lipscomb, seems to be a bit of a scammer... I bought a pair of pillows believeing they were feather; they are made by California FEATHER! I got foam pillows! I complained and he could not have cared less, dismissively told me I was "welcome to return" them!

  4. Anonymous, I reviewed your claim and found it to be bogus. The site clearly says, "Standard Size Premium EnduraLoft Pillow Made in USA by California Feather." And let me put in bold the relevant parts you may have missed:

    Standard Size Premium EnduraLoft Pillow Made in USA by California Feather Company

    We spend eight hours a day give or take on our pillows, so watch out for foreign products that may not be clean inside.

    Therefore, we are thrilled to offer an amazing premium pillow at very reasonable price.
    These pillows use the best American made Enduraloft blown polyester, plus 200 thread count 100% cotton fabric.

    There simply is no better product on the market. I personally (Todd, Founder of have been using one for several weeks and love it!

    Plus, this pillow is MACHINE WASHABLE and DRYABLE! exclusive product!
    Standard size is 20"x26". Please order a pillow cover of the same size. Link shown bellow.
    Made in USA

    Please note: One customer read this description to mean feathers inside, but there are NO feathers in this product. Just safe, allergy-free polyester stuffing.

    Lastly, his "welcome to return" policy is generous as many businesses will require a trade or other purchase. I really think you mistook his customer-friendly attitude as dismissiveness. Give him another shot.

    Actually, it looks like a really good deal. I may get some.


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