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ALA Enables Soros to Indoctrinate Children and Communities Nationwide in a Manner that Threatens Freedom of Speech

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The American Library Association is enabling noted "open society" advocate George Soros to indoctrinate or propagandize children, media, and communities nationwide in a manner that furthers Soros organizations's efforts to curtail freedom of speech:
"Today the American Library Association (ALA) unveils a new campaign to engage librarians, journalists, news ethicists and students across the country in a news literacy education project.  The campaign, 'News Know-How,' is supported by the Open Society Foundations."

When I say "indoctrinate or propagandize," I mean it.  George Soros funded Media Matters for America [MMfA] has just been caught propagandizing America.  I mean control over major, well-known media individuals and outlets.  I mean writing the news as actually read on major network prime time news broadcasts.  I mean weekly coordination with political powers in control.  I mean having an enemies list of private individuals, politicians, and organizations, to hunt down, attack, then have removed from the airwaves.  Several media sources have lost their jobs as a result.  All this and more represents an unprecedented attack on the freedom of speech in the USA.

See for yourselves with these examples:

The ALA, the self-arrogated national freedom of speech police, could care less about accepting major donations from and acting on behalf of the person responsible for this curtailment of free speech that has already seen several voices removed from the airwaves, like Don Imus.  It is this person, George Soros, who funded MMfA and its massive curtailment of freedom of speech and associated control of American news outlets and national indoctrination.

It is this person funding the ALA so it can help "librarians, journalists, news ethicists and students across the country" to learn about "nonpartisan, critical analysis of news and information." It is this person who has bankrolled the perpetration of the greatest suppression of free speech in American history who will guide "high school students, with public libraries as their 'newsroom,' [on] how to distinguish facts from opinions; how to check the source and validity of news and information and how to identify propaganda and misinformation."

By the way, the Girl Scouts of America still has not explained how MMfA got published in one of its booklets for girls, even though the author revealed that she submitted her writing with Snopes, not MMfA, and had never heard before of MMfA:

What a coincidence!  Soros-funded MMfA uses an American institution, the Girl Scouts, to promote MMfA as a source to clear up "media misinformation," while the Soros-funded Open Society Foundations uses another American institution, the American Library Association, to teach communities and students "how to identify propaganda and misinformation."

You getting this?  Does anyone want to speak up about this before it's too late and free speech becomes impossible through the sheer weight of unfettered indoctrination?

I have written before about George Soros's control over the ALA, and it is not pretty.  See:

Noteworthy is that American Libraries, the ALA's monthly magazine, intentionally set this article in ALAnews, and only this one article, as the only one that will not allow people to add comments.  You will accept the Open Society Foundations's propagandizing "librarians, journalists, news ethicists and students across the country," and you will not be allowed to have any say whatsoever.  Remarkably, this run and hide strategy is the same one used by MMfA, also Soros funded!  See:
  • "David Brock Explains It All," by Vince CoglianeseThe Daily Caller, 21 February 2012.
  • "PICKET: (VIDEO) Media Matters' David Brock Runs From Questions on Organization's War on Fox," by Kerry Picket, The Washington Times, 21 February 2012:
    Media Matters for America (MMFA) founder David Brock refused to talk to the Washington Times affiliated radio show America's Morning News on Tuesday morning about the series of stories The Daily Caller has been reporting on for the past week regarding his organization's aggressive plan to go after the Fox News Channel.

    According to the Media Matters documents obtained by the Daily Caller, part of the 2012 strategy was to treat the cable news channel like a political opponent and hire private investigators to look into the personal lives of Fox News employees who work both on the air and behind the scenes.

    The ultimate objective, according to the documents, for MMFA is to make the channel come off as an illegitimate news source to potential viewers who may have no opinion of Fox while pushing mainstream news outlets to treat the network as illegitimate as well.

Librarians, are any of you going to do something about this?  Communities, are you willing to learn about this so you can combat this?  Media members, do you realize what is happening to freedom of speech in the USA?

The American Library Association has become one more George Soros funded means to curtail freedom of speech in America.  The ALA may not see it that way, but huge amounts of money originating from Soros may have something to do with that. The ALA has lost all credibility on that issue that it ever may have had.

I call on the ALA to rethink its association with the greatest threat to American freedom of speech.

When the ALA tells your community about freedom of speech, such as in trying to stop local citizens or school boards from keeping children from reading inappropriate material, just keep this in mind.  The ALA has no credibility on freedom of speech while it is funded by and acting on behalf of the greatest threat to freedom of speech the USA has ever known, and in a manner designed to further spread freedom of speech abrogation.

"News Know-How" is really propaganda know-how.  Set a Google alert for it and watch as it creeps into your own communities.  Then speak out before it is too late.


Those wishing to learn about George Soros whose money the ALA so gleefully accepts should read:


2011–2012 ALA CD#19.2
2012 ALA Annual Conference

ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee
Report to Council
2012 Annual Conference
Anaheim, CA
Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee (IFC) is pleased to present this update of its activities. 




News Know-How

Under the leadership of Barbara Jones, OIF's latest initiative is the News Know-How program,
supported by a grant from the Open Society Institutes.  This grant brings together journalists, 
librarians, and high school students to discuss how to check facts and discern fact from opinion 
in the news—from newspapers to radio to social media.  News Know-how draws from librarians'
expertise in information literacy in general.  This summer and autumn there will be programs in 
Iowa, Chicago Public Library, Oak Park Public Library and Pratt Free Library (Baltimore).  For 
more information, contact the Office for Intellectual Freedom (oif@ala.org).

In closing, the Intellectual Freedom Committee thanks the division and chapter intellectual 
freedom committees, the Intellectual Freedom Round Table, the unit liaisons, and the OIF staff 
for their commitment, assistance, and hard work. 

Respectfully Submitted, 

ALA Intellectual Freedom Committee 

Pat Scales (Chair) 
Gladys Smiley Bell
Teresa Doherty
Barbara Fiehn 
Julius Jefferson
Jim Kuhn
Robin G. Shader
Barbara Stripling
Ma’lis Elizabeth Wendt
Kathleen Condon-Boettcher (intern)
Cynthia Mari Orozco (intern)

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