Thursday, May 10, 2012

Citizens Stand Up to School Board; Attempt to Stop Speaker From Using Words in 'Beloved' Fails Big Time

Watch this video to see citizens standing up to a school board about inappropriate books for public school children, and watch the reaction when the grandmother is told to stop using the curse words that pervade the books the school is providing the children, in this case Beloved by Toni Morrison:

Note, I have previously written about this community (and apparently the school board ultimately decided to keep the children exposed to the inappropriate material):

Also note, this is an example of how people are standing up to the sexualization of children in public schools, for example by schools using the books Waterland and Beloved.  But exactly why do they only get three minutes to speak?

Bravo to Plymouth Canton Community Schools & Common Sense (  I'm going to add it to my Library Watchdogs page (  Join us!

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