Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Open Borders and Illegal Immigration Support is the American Library Association's Latest Non-Library Venture; Welcome to Choose Privacy Week

Open borders and illegal immigration support is the American Library Association's [ALA] latest non-library venture, thanks to George Soros:

I am quoted extensively in this article about the ALA's new venture into illegal alien support:

Kleinman asked of the grant from Soros and the video production, "Why is the American Library Association prostituting itself out to the likes of George Soros to issue propaganda for him and his message on topics that are not a library issue?"

He added, "The video is clearly promoting an end to illegal immigration enforcement, to usher in an era of open borders.  What do open borders have to do with libraries?"


He added, "The bottom line is this.  The ALA has expanded its mission to promote causes that have nothing to do with librarianship – and that's concerning."

The ALA did not respond to a WND request for comment.

See also:

If you are a librarian and you are learning for the first time that the ALA is promoting open borders propaganda in exchange for large sums of money, how are you not wondering how the ALA has wandered so far from its mission?  Welcome to "Choose Privacy Week."

Here's one way to oppose the ALA on this issue:

Illegal Immigration: "It's a Crime."

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