Tuesday, September 2, 2008

ALA Admits Media Manipulation - Endnote Hyperlinks Provided for St. Louis MetroVoice Cover Story by SafeLibraries

The American Library Association [ALA] has publicly admitted to media manipulation, not in so many words, of course. ALA leadership has displayed how it works nationally to defeat local efforts to restore local control to public libraries. Citizens and media alike should bear this in mind next time a community is having trouble shaking off ALA control over the public or school library. I wrote about this, including the ALA's smoking gun, and now I am just providing hyperlinks for the endnotes in the original story.

My above the fold, full spread article in the St. Louis MetroVoice can be found online at: "Who's Controlling County Libraries: Taxpayers or the ALA? New Teen Sections at County Libraries Stocked with Sexually Explicit Materials," by Dan Kleinman, St. Louis MetroVoice, 21 August 2008. It is over 4,000 words and has 27 endnotes.

Here are the hyperlinks for the endnotes for anyone's convenience. By the way, the email text backed up by endnote #12 is the number one smoking gun. I could not find the article in endnote #4 still accessible online, hence no hyperlink.


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http://www.ala.org/gaming/ (Accessed 9 August 2008). Document ID: 463962.

(2) http://www.slcl.org/branches/db/

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http://www.moeagle.org/moeagle/pdf/MEFNsummer2008.pdf (Accessed 9 August 2008).

(4) “Library Director Charles Pace said they do have the displays with the types of materials in question in stock; however, he said that personnel were not authorized to place them where they were placed. He said that library officials will carefully look at the materials and will determine in a matter of a few weeks if they will be moved to another part of the library. He said there are approximately 17 books to review and they will look at the work as a whole.”
“Residents Concerned About Sexually Explicit Materials at County Library,” by Ted Dixon, Jr., West Newsmagazine, 19 September 2007.

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