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Library Leaves Pedophile Free to Molest Other Children; King County Library System Defrauds Taxpayers of $1,158,253 from CIPA Program; Media Investigation Needed

A public library let a pedophile go free, albeit after kicking him out of the library.  It was the roommate of the pedophile who called police.  Only then was the pedophile captured before he could molest another child.  By the way, the library system to which the public library belongs appears to have defrauded the government of $1,158,253.

Keep in mind the American Library Association [ALA] advises libraries not to call the police:  "As for obscenity and child pornography, prosecutors and police have adequate tools to enforce criminal laws.  Libraries are not a component of law enforcement efforts...."  As I have previously written, "Libraries Aid and Abet Pedophiles, Destroy Evidence, Retaliate Against Whistle Blowers, Claim Dubious Privacy and Free Speech Rights; ALA At Fault."

Read the article from The Seattle Times reprinted below and ask yourself if the pedophile might have molested another child in another public library bathroom had the roommate not called the police.  Isn't it common sense the library should have called the police instead of just kicking out the bad guy so he can move on to the next library?  Was it following ALA advice not to call the police?  Might there be liability involved for the library?  Thank goodness for the roommate who finally acted appropriately.  I urge the media to dig into this story further.  The library definitely holds ALA diktat in high esteem.

by Jennifer Sullivan
The Seattle Times
11 October 2010, 
hyperlinks and italics added, bold in original:

A convicted child molester who is accused of leering at a young girl at the Shoreline Public Library is back behind bars as King County prosecutors seek to have him civilly committed.

Robert R. Porter, 40, was arrested Friday and ordered held without bail.  Senior Deputy Prosecutor Hugh Barber said in a court filing that the state wants to have Porter held in jail and evaluated because of the recent "overt acts" involving the child at the library, the court filing said.

Under Washington state law, sex offenders can be confined indefinitely if it's determined they're a danger to the public.

Porter was convicted of first-degree child rape and first-degree child molestation in Clark County in 1995, Barber said in his filing.  Porter's victims included three 10-year-old girls, according to a sex offender notification [hyperlink in original] on the King County Sheriff's Office Web site.

While serving an 11-year prison sentence, Porter participated in sex offender treatment and was diagnosed as having a Mental Abnormality of Pedophilia, an illness that would make him likely to engage in acts of violence if not confined to a secure facility, prosecutors said.  Between his prison release in 2006 and 2009, Porter was on probation.

The King County Sheriff's Office started investigating him again earlier this month after receiving a phone call from his roommate, prosecutors said.  The roommate said that Porter told him about the Oct. 4 incident at the library.  Library staff told investigators that they kicked Porter out of the building after the mother of a 3- or 4-year-old girl reported that the man had been leering at the child.

Investigators talked to Porter on Oct. 8 and he said he was watching little girls at the library that day and was "fixated" on one particular child because she was "perfect," charging papers said.  Porter told detectives that he hoped to follow the girl into the restroom so she could perform a sex act on him, the papers said. 

Is your child "perfect"?  Better yet, does your library follow the law and common sense then call the police, or does it follow the anything goes ALA policy?  Find out before it's too late.  Speaking of acting too late, read on.

Defrauding the Government of $1,158,253

The library's actions caused me to take a closer look at its policies.  I found that the library claims  CIPA compliance: "The Board decision to comply with CIPA paves the way for continued federal funding for Internet access for KCLS."  Since 2004, the King County Library System [KCLS] has obtained $1,158,253 in funding based on that claim.

It's a false claim.  The library is stealing, in other words.  Fraud.  The money must be returned.  Of course this is all my opinion, but CIPA requires librarians, not patrons, to temporarily disable filters for patrons upon request:  "An authorized person may disable the blocking or filtering measure during any use by an adult to enable access for bona fide research or other lawful purposes."  A patron is not an "authorized person" or there would be no need for the requirement and all of CIPA would be useless.  So any disabling of filters without library involvement is not allowed under CIPA.  Yet the library policy specifically calls for filters to be disabled without library involvement after the first instance.  From the library system's "Internet Filtering Policy":

If a patron (17 years of age or older) wishes to opt out of filtering, he/she may request this of a KCLS staff member.  With valid photo ID, the KCLS staff member may change the patron's card status to allow unfiltered access for "legitimate research or other lawful purposes."

And with the "card status" changed, the patron can thereafter and forever more have unfiltered access without the intervention of any "authorized person," just his own card.  CIPA compliance has just been evaded.  The patron gets unfiltered access without having an authorized person disable the blocking.

I calculate, thanks to the federal government's "Automated Search of Commitments tool," (hint, use "Advanced Search") the following money was obtained fraudulently for "Internet Access" ("Telcomm" is not involved) by the "King County Library System," post 2003, the year CIPA was found constitutional in US v. ALA:

  • 2004  $0
  • 2005  $187,200.00
  • 2006  $195,570.00 + $15,001.01
  • 2007  $256,066.32 + $85,905.79
  • 2008  $7,854.60 + $128,033.16
  • 2009  $26,555.80 + $256,066.32
  • 2010  $0, so far reported

That's a total of $1,158,253 fraudulently obtained by the library system that didn't call the police on the perpetrator in the Seattle Times story.  By the way, CIPA compliance failures may result in an audit that may result in the return of all funding to the federal government.  People might be interested in filing a complaint with the "Whistleblower Hotline" for the return of the misappropriated federal funding.

This library system is not the only one to defraud the taxpayers in this manner, in my opinion.  See also, relevant sections of which I hereby incorporate by reference, such as the ALA's guidance to libraries to sidestep the law:

 Will the Media Investigate the Obstruction of Justice, the Fraud?

Will the media further investigate this story using the information provided above and in the Brownsville Public Library and Brooklyn Public Library stories?  Is failure to call the police on pedophiles acceptable or legal?  Is it obstruction of justice?  Is defrauding the government of over a million dollars by claiming CIPA compliance acceptable or legal?


The Farce of the Year 2011 Award goes to....

I suppose ripping off taxpayers and leaving pedophiles to go free are part of the strategic plan.  The word "fraud" permeates this farce of an award.

Oh look, the top billed person judging the award, namely the ALA Immediate Past President Camila Alire, is herself a plagiarizer when she was ALA President.  No wonder KCLS was selected.




  1. he hoped to follow the girl into the restroom so she could perform a sex act on him

    I want to vomit after reading this line.

    I'm not knowledgeable enough to make a comment about the ALA (particularly because I have not done my research), however, if the librarians simply kicked this man out because they were following guidelines... I can understand why. If the staff did not know he was a child molester, he was probably receiving the benefit of the doubt.

    But still... That's horrifying to know that he wanted to take that little girl into the bathroom. What if it actually happened?

    Do libraries typically get notified of local pedophiles and the like, or are they left in the dark?

  2. Tori (Book Faery), thanks for writing on another blog post of mine. I welcome your input.

    My opinion is that common sense says if someone appears to behave in a fashion as described in the news report vis-a-vis children, you call the police. You don't take chances. The library, on the other hand, did not call the police. Further, it appears to have been following ALA guidance not to call the police. This and related reasons, like libraries actively assisting criminals like in Holyoke, MA, claiming adherence to ALA guidance, is precisely why further investigation is warranted, and I have called for such an investigation. Not knowing he was a child molester is not good enough, to me. The library should have called the police who are best equipped to address the potential threat--an actual one in this instant case.

    As to getting girls in the bathroom, that has happened. Philadelphia and Des Moines comes to mind immediately but there are other cases. In each case, the library refused to use Internet filters as a result of ALA guidance, and viewing of material that would have been blocked but for the ALA's interference was directly involved in the crime.

    Do libraries get notified of local pedophiles? In the Philadelphia case, the perp was ejected from another Philadelphia library for similar or related behavior and even appeared on TV news showing how easy it was to get porn in the public library. But the library at that time adhered to ALA diktat. After the incident, the library finally applied filtering technology despite ALA guidance. Telling, no?

    Further, the ALA tracks each incident of anyone even complaining about inappropriate material for children, and it ridicules each and every person making such a complaint, but it does not track, to my knowledge, issues related to crimes in public libraries, etc. Heck it even advises libraries how to skirt the law and has even whitewashed rape and blamed at least one incident on the victim, a child, if I recall (New Bedford, MA). I have called on the ALA to track crimes, but it has not and it likely will not. So, in answer to your question, we'll never know..

    Thanks again for writing and I look forward to hearing from you more. The ALA has named me as its number one nemesis, and I"ll be writing about that when I get a chance, but know that your comments are being read by many people, including those at the ALA and in library schools. So please keep writing. Agree, disagree, it doesn't matter, I publish it all, unlike the ALA's OIF (Office for Intellectual Freedom). Thanks again.

  3. I hope you knew this when you posted this entry. Just in case;

  4. I posted the same link about a rape incident that took place in BKL. The link seemed to be cut off, so I post it here again. Please delete the previous post. It is just that I would like you to read this. A down syndrome teen was raped in the bathroom in the central branch, Brooklyn.

  5. I am the Anon who posted the link to the Bklyn Paper article on the case of teen sexually assaulted in BPL. Soon after that, I found the entry on your response to the exact article.

    Now those above and this comment are all unnecessary so please feel free to delete/not publish.


    Anon who is planning to launch a blog so I will keep you posted.

  6. Anonymous, contact me and I might have some advice for you.


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