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Banned Books Week is Gay Promotion? Author Admits ALA Faked 2010 Top 10 Challenged Book List

A recording I made of an author essentially admitting that the American Library Association's [ALA] Top 10 challenged list is faked and used to promote a political agenda has become the subject of an exclusive, top billed report on WorldNetDaily:

I am just the messenger.  I am just reporting what author Amy Sonnie said as to why her book placed #9 on the ALA's 2010 list of challenged books.  Actually, Amy Sonnie is reporting, and I merely have a tape recording of what she said at a New Jersey Library Association meeting that I attended.  The story is big because the ALA faked its top 10 list, one of the listed authors essentially admitted as much and the admission was recorded, and the list is promoted and taken as the truth nationwide.

Go read the WND report to see for yourself.

The ALA faked #9 and awarded school librarian Dee Venuto for LGBT-related reasons (archive link), a librarian who admitted in a New Jersey Education Association publication that she cannot bring herself to read racy material for children so she lets her students read it for her.

Might the ALA have faked #1, And Tango Makes Three, also about the same "big deal"?  Well, it was challenged only four times yet it is supposedly #1.  We are talking about an organization that used plagiarism to promote Banned Books Week, after all.

The story is an exclusive, and it headlines WorldNetDaily!

Think about it.  If the top book challenged in the USA was challenged only four times in a year, obviously there is no crisis that the ALA keeps shouting about.  If the ALA has to artificially push LGBT material higher on the list, obviously there is no crisis about the "big deal."  Even progressive critics of the ALA decry the ALA's use of BBW as "propaganda."

Can anyone ever trust the ALA for anything ever again?  Really, I mean it.  Faked lists.  Plagiarism.  Political agenda.  Propaganda.  So much more I'm leaving out for brevity.  Is there no limit to the ALA's dishonesty?

See more on National Hogwash Week here:


Remarkable.  The ALA posted a YouTube video of author Amy Sonnie speaking in support of Banned Books Week.  I "favorited" the video and left a comment in favor of the author but critical of the ALA.

The ALA removed the comment!  The self-arrogated freedom of speech advocates deleted my free speech!  I'll take that as further evidence of guilt.

Here's what I said, followed by a graphic of what it looked like online with "All Comments (1)" before the ALA deleted it:
I really admire Amy Sonnie.  I spoke with her for a half hour at a New Jersey Library Association meeting and saw her speak there. 
That said, her book has not been banned and the ALA admitted to her that in truth her book was not the 9th most challenged of 2010.  See "Is Library Association's 'Banned Book Week' Really 'Gay' Promotion?; Critic Calls Event a 'Hoax Perpetrated on the American Public Since 1982,'" by Dave Tombers, WorldNetDaily, 25 September 2011. 
So the ALA top 10 list is faked.

Comment supporting Amy Sonnie but criticizing
ALA's faked top 10 list

And here is what it says now in bold, red typeface with "All Comments (0)" when I tried to repost the comment:

You have been blocked by the owner of this video.

So much for freedom of speech.

I'll be posting soon about how the ALA has tacitly admitted it plagiarized a low quality "censorship map," exactly as I said about a year ago.  I'll point out that plagiarism violates its own code of ethics and I'll demand some action be taken, else the code is mere window dressing.  Let's see if/how the ALA will block me on my own blog.  We already know the ALA has gotten me blocked on Wikipedia.  So the free speech people got me blocked from Wikipedia and now from YouTube.

So much for freedom of speech.



In what I view as a major if tacit acknowledgement by the ALA that it fakes the annual top 10 challenged book list to use the LGBT community to promote the ALA's own interests, after claiming And Tango Makes Three is in the annual challenged book list "for the past five years," and after I exposed the fraud used to promote that work and another, the book has disappeared from the 2011 list:
Indeed, "homosexuality" as a reason to remove material is entirely missing from this year's list.  So the very two books I pointed out were falsely promoted by the ALA, the only two claiming "homosexuality" as the reason they were on the list, even one being persistently on the list, have been removed, and there are no others under the "homosexuality" category to replace them.

Listen to the 2010 award-winning author admitting the ALA faked the list to promote her LGBT book, starting at about the 45:13 mark, as reported in the WND piece above.

As research shows faking claims of LGBT harassment results in increased, not decreased, LGBT harassment and suicide, I am very happy that I have, it appears, stopped the ALA from faking claims about LGBT community harassment that harms the LGBT community while helping the ALA.  Yes, the ALA harms the LGBT community, and faking the 2010 list was just one way.

I'll never hear from any in the LGBT community who have not been harassed as a result of stopping the ALA from making false harassment claims that thereby harms the LGBT community, but I still feel good that I may have contributed even a little to improving the lives of those in the LGBT community who may have been targeted as a result of the ALA false harassment claims.


Here is further evidence ALA fakes data used to create its annual "banned" books fraud:


Dropbox dropped all the URLs, so I think this one is now correct, to hear the awarded author admitting ALA faked the list to promote her LGBT book, starting at the 45:13 mark:


I added the link to the recording of the author admitting ALA fakes it annual banned books list to some of the text above. and checked all the links for currency.  Changed some links to archive links.


  1. Your source material is from WorldNutDaily. That should be your first clue that it's crap.

  2. @Ben Fenton

    You apparently did not read "WorldNutDaily," as you say. Read it again.

    WND's source was, are you sitting down, the "banned" author who said exactly what WND quoted her as saying. Read the author's quote again. Oh here:

    "The only other challenges that I'm aware of are these two, and I talked to the ALA Office of Intellectual Freedom about it. I said oh my God I'm listed on [unintelligible], and they said because this was such a big deal, and because the book was actually removed, whereas many of these titles that get challenged, some get challenged but not removed, that is how it made it onto the list for this year."

    That quote provides an inside view of the ALA's OIF at work. Behind the scenes, the fix is in; the ALA admitted other books were challenged more than hers, but they listed hers because 1) it was one of the few actually removed, and 2) a "big deal" was made over the book. That "big deal" was the LGBT angle. I know. I was directly involved--so much so that the school librarian involved said I was changing the library profession.

    And who made the LGBT angle big, further supporting what the "banned" author reported about the ALA? Why the ALA itself. The ALA gave an award to the school librarian involved for promoting the LGBT material. And WND reported that too.

    So we have an author admitting the ALA revealed the top 10 list is faked, and, to corroborate that, we have the ALA giving an award as it did.

    And "WorldNutDaily" provided that information. It's just the messenger, but you just can't resist shooting it.

    To back up WND's claim, WND did not just take my word for what it reported. No. It apparently wanted to check out its story. To that end, I was asked to provide WND with, are you ready for this, Ben Fenton, with the entire recording of the entire talk given by the author. The transcript WND daily provided is word for word exactly what the "banned" author said on the recording.

    Attack "WorldNutDaily" all you want. It won't make the issue go away. It won't make the recording of the "banned" author saying the ALA artificially promoted her work over others go away. It won't change the fact, and it is now established as a fact, thanks to WorldNetDaily and its presentation of the words of the "banned" author that it first thoroughly researched, that the ALA faked its 2010 top 10 list of challenged books.

    The ALA fakes the top 10 list. No wonder you ignore that issue and attack "WorldNutDaily" in an ad hominem fashion. You really didn't expect the ALA's American Libraries magazine to publish what that "banned" author said, did you, especially where the magazine previously whitewashed a rape in a public library, right?

    So the ALA won't publish it, and when another source does, it's attacked as "nutty." And the significant breaking news supported by a recording of a "banned" author that the ALA fakes its highly influential top 10 list to promote its own political agenda is to be overlooked. And you're a free speech advocate, Ben Fenton?

  3. Oops, I now see Ben Fenton is a "WorldNutDaily" troll who used my post to go off again about WorldNetDaily. Nevertheless, I like how I responded, so I'll leave his troll comment up. I may remove future trolling. DNFTT.

  4. Wow! I didn't know That! Thank you for the information!


    Which ones support a gay agenda?

  6. Hi Dan, its @ vonea, Just trying to be up to date on this important issue. I see: that Ms. Babs Jones, is a very dishonest person with her function at the ALA in charge of OIF Office of Intellectual Freedom and FTRF (1969 founded) Freedom to Read Foundation. She has a doctorate in Legal History, and she is not an Attorney. Maybe that should be challenged to require Doctorates of Legal anything to be Lawyers? Then they could be disbarred and removed when they do what she is doing. Maybe there should be a way to take away the legitimacy of Doctorates when they are dishonest with their work? Looks like we need more foxes in the ALA henhouse?


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