Monday, October 24, 2011

Media Fans Book Banning Flames in Brookfield, CT, While the Board of Education Advises People Not to Vote for the Alleged Book Banners

Apparently, some media in Brookfield, CT, fans the book "banning" flames where no such banning exists or is even being requested, let alone that the last book banning in the USA occurred almost half a century ago.

See for yourself as the Brookfield Board of Education discusses the issue of the pervasively vulgar book by Toni Morrison entitled The Bluest Eye:

You see, when people like Chris Delia stand up for a "parent's right" to protect their children from harm, that often ruffles feathers, even within boards of education, as illustrated below.  I love where Mr. Delia says some BOE members are telling others not to vote for him, then he is told to wrap up his comments:

See also Pam Kurtz talking about how she and Mr. Delia are "unfairly vilified in the press" as "book banners" for trying to keep inappropriate material from children that even the author says is for an adult audience.

Let me remind people of the following:

Given the above, one wonders why certain media remains completely oblivious to that.  I informed the relevant paper of this information on October 7, but I do not think it paid any heed, judging by the above videos.

Lastly, see the list of school-related issues in:


I have received the following response from the Chairman of the Brookfield BOE, presumably given the title, since my text says, "I love where Mr. Delia says some BOE members are telling others not to vote for him....":

Thank you for the information Mr. Kleinman.

I should point out that the "Board of Education" has taken no action in advising people to vote for or against anyone.  To say so is erroroneous [sic] and misleading.  Individual members of the Board of Education have ALL acted on their personal time to support various candidates in the upcoming election and they are fully entitled to do so.

Thank you,

Ray DiStephan
Brookfield BOE


Ray DiStephan, Deputy Director
Brookfield's Best Candidates
I hereby predict the Brookfield public school children will be allowed by the Brookfield BOE to continue to read that book that is so pervasively vulgar that is has been removed from other schools.  I base this prediction on learning that Brookfield BOE Chairman Ray DiStephan is simultaneously the Deputy Chairman of "Brookfield's Best Candidates" that publicly supports candidates other than those listed above who seek the reevaluation of the book and the book selection policy generally.  There is no way Ray DiStephen would ever hand Chris Delia and Pam Kurtz a win, or even a fair hearing, when he is opposing them and supporting their political opponents.

I predict there is no way Ray DiStephan will put the interests of the Brookfield children above his own interests.  Not only is he opposing the "book banners," but he is a clinical school social worker for fourteen years.  [Seventeen years, per email to me from Mr. DiStephan.]  As such, he is unlikely to take any action that he might perceive may jeopardize such a position and its associated benefits and pension.

Can't say as I blame him for putting his personal political and financial goals over the needs of the community's children, at least that's what he's doing or will do in my opinion, but I know I would not do such a thing.

When people in Brookfield make a decision for who might be best in the Board of Education, heed should be given to the self-serving selections of the current BOE Chairman, Ray DiStephan.

Of course, this is all my opinion, but I believe it to be well founded.

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