Sunday, February 17, 2013

IMLS: Don't Award Fraud in Public Libraries

A federal agency called the Institute of Museum and Library Services [IMLS] awards the National Medal for Museum and Library Service (shown at right):

At least two of the award finalists are the King County Library System and the Pierce County Library System:

Both libraries committed fraud (in my opinion, by defrauding the E-Rate program under the Children's Internet Protection Act):

They may have enriched themselves with stolen funding to afford what it took to get the awards.  I have no idea how a library that commits fraud would be selected for such an award.  But I predicted something like this might happen:

I certainly hope neither library wins the award.  IMLS:  please don't award fraud in public libraries.


Remarkably, IMLS has awarded the Pierce County Library System with its National Medal for Museum and Library Service.  Specifically, see 7. Pierce County Library System.

What a disappointment.  A library committing CIPA fraud is awarded by another governmental entity.

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