Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Montville Public Library Records Request Regarding Library Attorney Ann Grossi

Dear Montville Public Library Director Allan Kleiman,

Montville Township
Public Library
I am seeking information within the library's control that is available to the public but is not yet linked on the library's web site.  I am looking for certain Library Board meeting minutes missing from and specifically August and October to December 2011 and March 2012 to present.  I left a message for you a few days ago about this but I have yet to receive a response, hence this letter.

Please let me know how I may obtain a copy.  Electronic copies or even updated/new links on the library's web site would be perfect and would serve the library's purpose at the same time.

I have filed an OPRA request with Montville for related records ( ).  I included you in the cc list.  The response has been that I should approach the library.  I hope to avoid filing an OPRA request with the library out of respect for the library's time.  So please respond to this letter.

I seek the records to determine if the library's attorney Ann Grossi has recently advised the library essentially that library patrons have a First Amendment right to what is commonly called pornography, just as she basically did in the Roxbury Public Library about a year and a half ago ( ).  Ann Grossi's actions and responses in Roxbury are specifically discussed in a News 12 NJ report in which I appeared but Ann Grossi (and New Jersey Library Association President Pat Tumulty) refused to appear:  "Porn in Public Libraries," by Walter Kane, Kane In Your Corner, News 12 New Jersey, 5-6 November 2011 ( ).  Walter Kane told me he would not let Ann Grossi (and Pat Tumulty of NJLA) bury the story by refusing to appear.

I would also appreciate if you would provide any other documentation including recordings publicly available that indicates how Ann Grossi advised the library on the issue of or related to the First Amendment, pornography, and/or library filters.  Both Mayor Braden and you are reported in the Montville Patch to have made statements that excuse porn in the library and that are simply false.  I am attempting to determine the source of that false information so that I can best advise the community that it is perfectly legal to block pornography from its public library and to refuse to unblock porn sites ( )

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Dan Kleinman of SafeLibraries

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