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City of Leander Texas—No Drag Queen Story Hour

From: Arthur Schaper
Sent: Tuesday, June 11, 2019 1:02 PM
Cc: Tracy Shannon;;;;;;;;
Subject: Re: City of Leander Texas -- No Drag Queen Story Hour

Dear Leander, Texas, City Council:

I am saddened, dismayed, and disgusted by the lack of courage taken up on this council to put a stop to the Drag Queen Story Hour program at the city library.

Two of the city council members had contacted me last month, and they assured me that they had nothing to do with this program, and they cancelled it.

Now it's being promoted by this so-called "Open Cathedral" church in Leander. You have a duty to put an end to this travesty. Drag Queen programs across this country are part of a perverse agenda to normalize sexual confusion and deviance. This is not about openness or acceptance at all.

Ironically, this church is not very open about who the Drag Queens are who are reading to these children on June 15th, I contacted the library, as well, and the staffers cannot tell me who is going to be reading to the children! The church has not responded at all.


Our Houston MassResistance leader Tracy Shannon exposed that not one but TWO sex offenders were intermingling with the children at the Freed-Montrose branch of Houston Public Library earlier this year. And now the Leander Library does not even have the common decency to inform the public—in a public library paid with public money—which drag queens (their stage names as well as real names) who will be reading to impressionable children.

This whole thing just reeks. This program must be suspended immediately. The lack of transparency, the insistence on hiding from the public what is happening at this library—it's just terrible!

I demand an answer on this right away.

My cell is (973) 610-8296.

PS. — Do not give me this excuse that the library is run by a third-party contractor, therefore the city council has no authority to stop the program. The funds are the city funds, and the contract was initiatied by the city. You as city council members have full power and responsibility to put an end to this perversion.


Arthur Schaper, Organization Director

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