Sunday, January 1, 2023

School Librarians Directly Attack Parents; Time to Remove All ALA Influence

School librarians now directly attack parents.  At an upcoming annual conference, librarians will get pins to wear saying, "Librarians: Tougher than Your Challenge."  So when a parent meets a librarian about inappropriate material in a school library, the librarian may be wearing a pin saying, "Librarians: Tougher than Your Challenge."  That's librarians directly attacking parents, created and egged on by American Library Association (ALA).  It's bullying—by librarians—to keep kids reading sexually inappropriate materials in schools.  It's time to remove all ALA influence, both in policy and people.

These pins will be handed out by the American Library Association [ALA] at an ALA conference called LibLearnX:

For those who do not know, school librarians have been actively pushing sexually inappropriate material on school children. ALA trains librarians that sexually inappropriate material that could be immediately removed from schools under Board of Education v. Pico for being pervasively vulgar should instead be "reframed" as "diversity" and "inclusion."  Meanwhile, in obvious projection, "ALA Blames Parents for 'Toxic Framing' of Explicit Books."  

Any parents waking up to this reality are challenging these books in schools across America, often being silenced by school boards (and media) that cannot bear to hear the explicit words and see the graphic child p r n pictures their children are getting from their school librarians.  ALA spins this as a rising tide of censorship, racism and homophobia, and even created Unite Against Book Bans as a direct result of parents successfully using Pico to remove "Gender Queer: A Memoir" by Maia Kobabe from public schools.  

Media naturally applies the ALA spin that parents are homophobic censors who are in the vast minority when the truth is the exact opposite per a Harris poll and a recent Rasmussen poll saying, "Voters overwhelmingly oppose sexually explicit books in public school libraries, and believe schools have an obligation to inform parents what their children are being taught."  

Media repeats the ALA lie that the First Amendment requires schools to make available any material of any kind because, under ALA's so-called "Library Bill of Rights," it's supposedly age discrimination to keep children from any material whatsoever, and to hell with what Pico says.  

But media never report those polls/laws and librarians just keep pushing no matter what or who the obstacle—parents are just another obstacle—hence the LibLearnX pins to buck up the librarians to face inquisitive parents seeking redress of their government under the First Amendment.  Librarians use the First Amendment to argue kids must get graphic child p r n in schools while ignoring the First Amendment when it comes to parents rights to find out what's going on.  Heck, librarians even work to subvert the law, precisely to keep school kids reading explicit materials Pico would eliminate—see "School Librarians Train to Violate FOIA Law to Keep Parents In the Dark About Sexualizing Children."  And ALA is urging librarians to get legislators to legislate away the right for parents to even complain in the first place.

Notice the ALA organization promoting the pins to bully the parents?  It's none other than ALA Booklist.  Why is this significant?  Because Booklist Selection Policy is used to select supposedly good books for children, then schools incorporate Booklist into their policies.  In Tulsa, OK, for example, Booklist is even listed first in the school system's selection policy: "Selection Tools; Standard review sources such as Booklist, Horn Book, School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, The Digest of Software Reviews: Education, and AFVA Evaluations."

So ALA's Booklist, used by schools to evaluate materials appropriate for students, is handing out buttons to librarians telling them not to let book challenges by parents succeed in removing sexually inappropriate material.  At ALA's LibLearnX.  Government employees learning to better sexualize children in government schools, and getting little buttons/pins from ALA Booklist to keep the training top of mind and to send a signal to complaining parents.

ALA's LibLearnX has a "Statement of Appropriate Conduct / Virtual Meeting Code of Conduct."  The ALA Booklist pins buck up school librarians to bully parents, meanwhile the ALA itself demands, "ALA has zero-tolerance for any form of discrimination or harassment."  Can you believe what kind of two-faced people are librarians?  Don't screw each other, but parents? For parents, librarians are tougher than any challenge and no matter what they do, their children are going to read sexually inappropriate material no matter what parents say.

Action to take:  
  • Know that it is us parents in the vast majority, not the ALA-trained groomers using flimsy excuses like reframing explicit material as diversity and inclusion and using a fake ALA poll for Unite Against Books Bans showing most people oppose book banning.  No kidding!  But that's not the issue.  The Harris and Rasmussen polls ALA ignores are the issue, that the vast majority oppose explicit books in schools, the opposite of what ALA says.  That's why ALA ignores those polls—and that's more evidence of the dishonesty of ALA and why its policies need to be extirpated.  This graphic from ALA Unite Against Book Bans is a flat out lie:

  • Know parents and their community's rules should control local schools and libraries, not the policies set by a groomer organization from Chicago, IL, that's applying ACLU policy to sexualize and indoctrinate America's children.  ALA says, "individuals should not be making decisions for other readers or for other parents' children. Specifically, a small group of parents should not dictate what books other people's children are allowed to read."  The reality is that ALA from Chicago, IL, is doing the dictating, telling your community that kids must be allowed to read anything at all, even graphic child p r n like "Gender Queer," and parents should be wholly ignored.  It's projection.  It's ALA making the decisions instead of parents/communities.  Don't fall for the ALA lie.
  • Do not accept any book reviews from ALA Booklist or other sources ALA pushes since ALA Booklist is handing out pins to encourage librarians to automatically defeat any challenge by any parent.  Talk about bias!  If you get any documents from schools or any policies or book review decisions referring to ALA Booklist, know the fix is in and parents have lost out to the overwhelming bullying of ALA librarians trained to defeat parental requests, even by use of illegal means, with policies that bake in the bias.  
  • Librarians will do anything at all to sexualize school children.  Anything.  Then they will brag about it to each other on Facebook in ALA Facebook groups or crypto ALA Facebook groups (those run by ALA librarians without displaying official sponsorship by ALA).  TikTok is another place librarians brag about sexualizing kids against their parent's express wishes, just search Libs of TikTok @LibsOfTikTok on Twitter for the word librarian.  So investigate such sources to get inside information.  For example, it is how I learned that Houston's public library did not vet two convicted pedophile drag queens who wagged their behinds in children's faces even though the library has a policy to vet everyone—because the woke librarians felt vetting a drag queen would be a microaggression.
Since ALA says, "Librarians: Tougher than Your Challenge," we know they fear parents and the truth is the opposite.  ALA's new Marxist President Elect Emily Drabinsky has vowed to "wield collective power" to bring revolution to school students, as reporting about me and her in the New York Post.  Even the New York Times has reported "Librarians Losing Child Sexualization War Against Parents; Librarians Want Out."  

Well, we parents should wield our collective power—since we are in the vast majority as the Harris and Rasmussen polls prove—to rid the schools of the ALA policies and its acolyte employees and board members.  

It's time to stop the sexualization of school children by librarians, and it's going to be parents and their allies who will be stopping it.  

Here's a new pin: "Parents: Tougher than Your Chicago Illinois Trained School Librarian Following ALA Policy."


  1. Defund the ALA! Close the DOE! Restore honor and accountability!

  2. Great article to share with those who believe the local propaganda fishwrapper that the libraries don’t contain materials harmful to minors.
    Is there any decent alternative library organization to refer our library/librarians to, or all they all leftist groomers?

    1. They are all the same. WRONGTHINK is rooted out systemically. I'm thinking to start a library organization for librarians who follow the law and community standards instead of no law and Chicago standards. It would have few members, however, because WRONGTHINK results in expulsion from library jobs, and no one wants that.


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