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Guest Posts on SafeLibraries
Includes people who reached out to me to 
publish on their behalf while protecting anonymity.
Katelyn Bright

Authors Writing on SafeLibraries

While not strictly a guest blog post, many authors and a school superintendent commented extensively here:

And here are children writing sweet letters to author Trenton Lee Stewart, in the comments.  The author responded in the comments as well!  This is the blog post about which I am most happy:

Posts Consisting Principally of the Writings of Others

Guest Bloggers Welcome

SafeLibraries is happy to provide a forum for anyone to speak, even those who may be critical of what I am reporting or the way I report it.  I will add hyperlinks and graphics and perhaps background information.  The posts will appear on the main blog and be linked on this page.

Guest writers may entertain questions and respond in the comments section of the individual blog posts.  The comments are not moderated so they will post as soon as published, unless Google imposes a temporary block.  You may delete your own posts.  I can delete anyone's, and I will if they are trolling. 

I am likely the only source that will provide a medium for people to speak their minds on issues they would never dare say to their library director, library association, etc.  This is intended for people to provide notice to others, and it will reach many in the library community.  Guest bloggers can stay as anonymous as needed to protect their careers (so much for intellectual freedom).  I will not disclose email addresses or any other identifying information without permission.

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When providing people with a hyperlink to your blog post, right click on the title and select Copy Link Location or the like.  That way you use the post's URL—, not the blog's URL—, as the latter will change depending on the latest blog post posted.