Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Book Burning Game: Max Damage 2

Think burning books is fun?  Well, if you don't want to be fired from NJ Transit for burning a Koran, you could always play Max Damage 2.  Level 29 is one of the levels where you get to burn books, and it's labelled "Book burning."  Here's a screen shot of that level, where the books to burn are in the lower left:
Max Damage 2 - Level 29 - "Book burning"
Of course if you were burning books in Cuba, that would be okay.  The American Library Association defends book burning in Cuba.

Using the threat of the destruction of books to wage a war on ideas some may disagree with is offensive to the American Library Association,” said ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom Director Barbara Jones.  “Book burning is the most insidious form of censorship, and such an action or threat should not be taken lightly."

That's nice.  If the ALA was serious, if would send another invitation to Robert Spencer to speak since the ALA censored him the first time, then burned him.  See "ALA is Duplicitous and Fraudulent, Censors Whomever It Wants, Suppresses Intellectual Freedom, and Joins the Jihad."  Also, see what the Annoyed Librarian said about the ALA at "Free Speech, Book Burning, and Other Stuff," and see what Will Manley said about the Annoyed Librarian at "WILL UNWOUND #229: Library Journal and the Use of the Racial Epithet ‘Cracker’ by Will Manley."

Apparently, the ALA's censoring Robert Spencer is not offensive to the ALA, neither is it an insidious form of censorship not to be taken lightly.  Do you see how the double standard works?


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