Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boy Sexually Assaulted in Library Bathroom by Child P0rn Viewer

Houston Public Library
Bathroom Stall Where
6 Year Old Boy was
Sexually Assaulted
It has happened again.  A criminal viewing child p0rnography on a public library computer followed boys into a library's bathroom and sexually assaulted one.  He had somehow bypassed the Internet filters (and that should be investigated). 

This was in the Freed-Montrose Neighborhood Library of the Houston Public Library, Houston, TX.  Read the news and watch the videos for yourselves.  I'm too sickened to want to reprint it here.  I see this too often doing what I do.



  1. Hi - tried finding a source that confirms - or alleges - that Snowden was a child porn viewer - you often have found sources I am overlooking - could you point me to where I can confirm that info? Thanks!

  2. Certainly, and thank you for reading and especially for commenting.

    "Investigators said he was at the Freed-Montrose library branch, 4100 Montrose Boulevard, on Friday and viewing child pornography on one of the library's computers."

    Please note that I attempt to back up all my statements with reliable sources. In this case I provided a single link to my Delicious site that, thanks to the specificity of the URL, displayed 4 sources. The source linked above is among those 4 sources.

    I hope you find my blog posts interesting and will continue to read, perhaps even comment.

    Thanks again.

  3. I now recall that news story comes complete with a video rebroadcast. That video includes that he "was cruising child porn sites on one of the library computers," starting at about 0:37.

    Starting at about 1:23, it says, "According to investigators, Snowden was cruising child porn sites on one of the library's computers before he allegedly assaulted the boy." You can then see Sandra Hernandez speaking for the library saying the library was not aware of the incident.

  4. thanks again - any update from the DA or the library? As you know - I tend to come down on the other side of most issues with you - but I always want to make sure I know the facts. BTW - saw you mentioned in USAToday article on the growing organization of groups who support the removal of "objectionable" books from school libraries, classroom shelves and reading lists - again - personally - can't get behind you - but I know you must be happy with having them print your site url.

  5. Thanks, Heather!

    No updates on that story have crossed my radar.

    As to the USA Today story, "Those Challenging Books Find Strength in Numbers," it does mention me, and I thank Deborah Caldwell-Stone for that, but it does not say much else about me. Know that I mainly advise communities about how they are being misled by the ALA, I do not myself order them to do this or that.

    Maybe we should talk some time. I am certain you will have a different opinion of me when you speak with me directly rather than when the ALA describes me.

  6. heh - you may not remember - but we did correspond briefly after you responded to my response to an item you had written - I objected to the creativity you showed in your application of source material and you posted my full name, the school where I was getting my MLS, the city where I lived, my age and my sex. From there we kinda agreed to be more respectful of each other. ;-)

  7. Oops! Sorry. Well, you have shown great, um, what's the word, something really positive, to write here again. And you note here and in previous posts how we communicate well. I wonder what bee got in my bonnet. I don't do that often at all.

    Bee that as it may, if you want, I'll send you my phone# and we can talk. It is so much easier to communicate that way instead of a few written sentences.

    Also, if you want, you can write a guest post on my blog, even if it disagrees with what I say, just as long as it relates to libraries.

    I bought USA Today today. The article is on page 3 of the 1st section!


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