Sunday, November 21, 2010 Provides Parent Ratings of Public School Books

Sometimes it is best to take matters into your own hands when it comes to protecting your children from inappropriate material.  We all know that schools may act legally to protect children from inappropriate material and Banned Books Week is a hoax (and that libraries may legally block legal p()rn), but sometimes a little education/coaxing helps.

Cue  Here is a new school book content resource created by parents "because district parents had no practical way to know what books used in the Richland classrooms might contain objectionable material."  Now that's taking matters into your own hands!

Sure, there are other such sites, like Parents Against Bad Books in Schools (PABBIS), Citizens for Literary Standards in Schools, or Citizens for Academic Responsibility, but go give the new guy on the block,, a gander.  It is surprisingly detailed and may be useful to many communities nationwide.

When you have the American Library Association [ALA] awarding books containing oral s3x as the best book of the year for kids 12 and up, is it any wonder why people need to act on their own?

I love this:

This site was created to provide additional information to Richland, WA parents about the books their students may read in their high school Language Arts classes.  This site covers book content and themes, not the literary merit of the books.  This site is intended to supplement other sources of information, such as discussions with your child’s teacher(s), to help you make the best choices for your children.   This website is not affiliated with any particular group or organization, but rather is a grassroots effort by parents and friends.

We hope you find this information useful.  Additional reviews are added regularly, so please check back again.

Yes, check back often.  I suggest bookmarking the site right now.  I predict it not take long for the ALA to attack the parents and call them censors.

Here is a graphic of a sample book review from  It is for K.L. Going's Fat Kid Rules the World:

Book review by The of K.L. Going's Fat Kid Rules the World

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