Saturday, April 18, 2009

One Child Assaulted Per Month in Libraries Without Internet Filters; Suit Should Be Brought Against the American Library Association

A lack of Internet filters on public library computers results in non-stop crimes against children. "One child is assaulted per month in a public library in this country because predators can trade their filth on public computers that often lack filters."

Think. The American Library Association [ALA] advises libraries not to use filters. The ALA was sued on this and it won, but that was before US v. ALA in 2003. It's time someone again brought suit against the ALA for complicity in crimes against children assaulted in public libraries. While reading this, remember, the porn industry funds the ALA and the ALA whitewashed child rape in a public library.

Addiction to Porn Damaging to Society, by John Loudon, News-Leader, 18 April 2009:

John LoudonProtecting children from predators occupied a large portion of my legislative activity beginning in 2005, when Bill O'Reilly labeled Missouri weak on predators. Now Missouri is such a dangerous state for predators that two people I know personally have been caught in the web of laws I put in place. The tragedy of the Scott Muschany trial is not what may have happened with a 14-year-old, it is that most of us are missing a serious problem with staggering consequences.

To understand, it is helpful to know who Scott Muschany is. Scott is a loving father and husband of one of the more attractive and gracious women I know. He is a successful businessman, active churchgoer and philanthropist. He is also someone who harbored a dark secret. Other public figures ... include a parade of clergy, the former chief of staff of a state office holder and Sen. Larry Craig. In each case we have an apparently normal, public servant called to be in a giving profession. Dismissing these people as hypocrites is an oversimplification that misses the point.

So I began to research the scope of the problem to ascertain the prevalence of sexual predators. Over 22,000 Missouri IP addresses have been used to download known child porn images. Missouri police arrested over 100 men attempting to meet up with underage children for sex in 2007. The number of arrests doubled to over 200 in 2008. One child is assaulted per month in a public library in this country because predators can trade their filth on public computers that often lack filters. The porn industry revenues run in the billions of dollars annually in the U.S. Americans spend more on porn than on professional baseball, football and basketball combined.

The National Coalition for the Protection of Children cites statistics that up to 50 percent of church-going men struggle with pornography addiction. The accessibility of porn on the Internet and now cell phones, means men, women and children are being exposed to more porn and harder core porn than ever in history. We are just beginning to see the manifestations of the damage, and it is hard to predict how many children will be victimized and become the next victimizers.

So while it was tragic that a fine man put himself in the position he did, the greater tragedy is that so many in glass houses will be casting the stones of dispersion. They will scream "hypocrite" when they really need to look deep inside their own sphere of influence. Have you talked to your child about "sexting?" Do you have an addiction of your own? Have you asked your pastor to host a meeting on the problem that inevitably exists in your own church? Have you filtered your own computer?

John Loudon is a former state senator. He lives in Chesterfield.

Editor's note: Former Rep. Scott Muschany from St. Louis County was acquitted in March of sex charges involving a minor.

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  1. I am so floored by the country's ability to turn their head. It saddens me greatly the amount of abuse that today's children are subject to. I can not stand a pedophile and believe each should have their organ removed publicly. With a dull dirty knife.

    Forgive me. I struggle with this issue.

  2. How can you prove a correlation between people that view porn at a library and people that assault children?

  3. Paige, is this you?

    "Librarian Named 'Paige' Denies Claims of Misusing Funds," by birdie, LISNews, 21 July 2009.

    If so, I will try to help you, if you wish, if I can. Free free to respond privately.


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