Friday, April 24, 2009

Teacher Bullies Student Publicly to Send Message that No One Should Challenge Inappropriate Material; Legal Assistance Needed

Read that blog post. See the teacher refuse to allow a child to read "The Giver." See the mother claim censorship and discrimination.

But it's worse. Far worse. Far, far worse.

Very soon I will be presenting this story in full detail. I will show you a family bullied by an entire school system for daring to challenge a public school book. Children ostracized and ridiculed by a teacher, beaten and bullied by students, and the school does nothing to assist—indeed it is part of the problem.

This single mother needs legal assistance immediately. In a subsequent post I will lay out detailed information exposing to the sunlight the tolerance crowd's chronic attacks on a conservative single mother and her children. I have information right now that I will not reveal until my next post, but I think you will find this to be a very sad story that may have resulted in permanent damage to the children.

I am certain this story will attain national attention. I am certain the mother will obtain effective, pro bono counsel. I am certain the school will ultimately lose. I am not certain the damage has not already been done or that the hurt will ever go away.

As the school bullies her children to intimidate her so as to send the message to others not to complain, I am certain good people will not allow such propagandistic jamming to stop them from acting to protect children. I am certain the school's bullying days will soon be coming to an end.

Stay tuned for another post with all the details. I have so much information, it'll take a few days to write it up.



  1. Her children were ostracized, ridiculed, beaten and bullied? Funny, I missed that part in Judy's blog. Seems to me it was a concerned teacher that just didn't want to cause trouble. Even Judy did not say any of those words happened to her child...and have either of you read "The Giver"? It's got a lot of concepts that seem to contradict what you believe your children should be taught (sex out of wedlock, killing babies, euthanasia - "releasing" people who do not conform and the elderly), if Judy had a problem with the "Hoops", I'm quite certain the teacher thought this one would be as controversial as it is (in Judy's eyes). Why must you both always find controversy? Why couldn't Judy have simply contacted the teacher and said "Hey - it's okay for him to read this book"??

  2. I just spoke to the superintendent and was informed that the teachers actions were inappropriate. The superintendent apologized for the teacher publicly stating this out loud in front of other children. Clearly a violation that the superintendent is extremely apologetic for. She also informed me at how professionally I handled the issue with "hoops" and what a learning experience it was for the district. Thanked me for that today.

    She asked me how the district could make things better as she wants to address this immediately.

    I am grateful for the teacher being sensitive to my child reading that book, that I appreciate. I don't appreciate it being done outloud. That was wrong and the superintendent agreed.

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  4. Angie, Angie, when will those clouds all disappear?

    You make conclusions based on scattered facts. You say (in the post you removed for obvious reasons with which I agree), "I find the truth usually lies somewhere in the middle," yet you assume the mother is wrong and the school is right.

    Let me whisper in your ear:
    Angie, Angie, where will it lead us from here?
    I hate that sadness in your eyes.
    But Angie, Angie, ain't it time we said good-bye?

  5. I'm so sorry I didn't see her post. Thank you Dan for all you've done.

  6. I deleted my comment because I chose not to get into a debate with closed minded people. Period. The end. Again, I will say, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, I was trying not to be argumentative and confrontational and I realized that the comment sounded that way, no matter how I said it, so I deleted it. It seems that you have no tolerance for anything other than your hate spewing, one-side of the story blog. Please go ahead and make fun (because that's the way to get things done isn't it?), call names, sing to me, whatever you feel the need to do, I won't be back to comment. You and your ilk are NEVER HAPPY. AND what conclusions did I make? UNLIKE YOU, I didn't make conclusions...I offered another possible scenario. I never assumed Judi was wrong, YOU all assumed the teacher was. You cannot always take a 12 yr. old child's word for anything...and if you think you can, let me whisper in your ear:

    Let me whisper in your ear:
    DAn, Dan, where will it lead us from here?
    I hate that sadness in your eyes.
    But Dan, Dan, ain't it time we said good-bye?

    Yeah, it was as stupid when I said it as it was when you did. PUHLEEZ...

  7. when a parent is blessed to have twins' then the 12 year old story is backed by the other 12 year old. That is the difference.

  8. Detailed update as this situation has not improved:

    "Bullying Neglected," by Judi Wheeldon- Activist, Judi Wheeldon - Mother and Activist, 3 June 2009.

    I hereby ask people to read what she said as if it were part of my original blog post.


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