Monday, April 9, 2012

Arizona 'Computer Access by Minors' Passes 89 to Zilch

Steve Court, Sponsor of HB 2712
Arizona state CIPA legislation HB 2712 "Computer Access by Minors" has now become law.  It significantly strengthens existing laws that direct public libraries and public school libraries to protect Arizona children from pornography.  It passed the House 58 - 0 - 2, the Senate 30 - 0 - 0, and was signed by Governor Jan Brewer on 3 April 2012.  So I count the vote as 89 to zilch in favor of protecting children from porn in Arizona libraries and schools.  See for yourself, click on "Bill Overview":

89 to nothing.  Keep that in mind when the American Library Association [ALA] misleads communities into thinking otherwise:

For background on this major Arizona success, see:

And keep in mind Arizona children (and public school children everywhere) may still be exposed to harm caused by library association policy:
Hat tip:  Safe Schools, Safe Library Project on Twitter @porn_harms (and include the underscore).


  1. Probably the most interesting change is that "materials" has become "visual depictions." This should significantly reduce concerns about textual content. Filtering is mandated on all computers in public libraries available to and visible to minors, but can be disabled on request from adults. Libraries are to inform patrons of these rules and enforce them.

    Since only visual forms of unprotected speech are being targeted here — and overblocking can be overridden — I don't see any obvious way for this to be challenged in court after US v. ALA.

    1. Garren, I did not write this in my post, but that was my impression as well. Thank you for noting it here.


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