Monday, September 17, 2012

Nashua Public Library Targets Children with R-Rated Films

The Nashua Public Library, Nashua, NH, is targeting local children, now with R-rated movies.  It is doing this in compliance with the American Library Association [ALA] diktat regarding "age" discrimination, not the interests of its own community.  The Nashua Public Library provides another example of the one third of American libraries controlled by the ALA.  And the false cries of "censorship" grow louder:

The library director proudly ditches community standards while substituting therefor ALA's child sexualization standards.  She wrote, "The borrowing restrictions violated basic library principles regarding intellectual freedom and I am glad we were able to finally lift them."  Those "library principles" where created by an ACLU Illinois state leader who joined the ALA, created the "Office for Intellectual Freedom," changed forever how librarians would approach children, then worked for decades to force ACLU/ALA diktat on local communities.

The Nashua library director is basically saying community standards no longer apply and anything goes.  Despite the title, it's really your library, but ACLU/ALA's choices:

Here is more on this topic, including direction the ALA gives libraries on movie ratings:
Nashua citizens, are you going to let this woman control your library?  Are you going to believe her simply because she acts like she knows that she's doing?

Joe Walsh, "Lucky That Way"
I'll let you all in on a little secret
If I can share with you a thing or two
If you just act like you know what you're doin'
Everybody thinks that you do

While we're on the topic, as to R-rated films now being available to children, well, Joe Walsh said something that may apply, "Too bad for the children, they are what they see":

Too bad for the childrenin Nashua, NH.

If anyone in Nashua including government officials wants my assistance in restoring local control to your own library and removing the ACLU/ALA influence, please contact me.  For example, did you know the US Supreme Court has essentially ruled the ALA's "age" discrimination policies are illusory:
The interest in protecting young library users from material inappropriate for minors is legitimate, and even compelling, as all Members of the Court appear to agree.


@SafeLibraries blogger fires back at Nashua Public Library lifting age restriction on R-rated movies.
9/17/12 10:01 AM-Monday, 17September2012


Read the comments below to see how the NH Library Association tacitly admits knowing what the NPL is doing is wrong and choosing instead to anonymously attack the messenger.  So now the NHLA is complicit.


  1. "Targets" ????? Right off the bat you sensationalize the issue and pretty much discredit yourself. Great job!

    1. Children are the targets of the ALA's anything-goes policy. People in the library industry have said that, I have reporting what they said, and I provided links in my original post above for people to see for themselves. For example, Will Manley says the ALA is the only professional organization pushing pornography on children. The Annoyed Librarian says some librarians sound like smut peddlers. So that's an established fact already in existence before I came along.

      That ALA policy is expressly followed in the Nashua Public Library, and I provided a link proving so. The new NPL policy allowing children access to R-rated materials in the fashion provided simply targets them further, besides the existing policy in place that exposes the children to harm. They are the targets because the policy is specifically designed for children. The change in policy applies to no one else besides children. It is stated that the new policy applies to children. The children are being targeted.

      What are they being targeted with? The US Supreme Court specifically found, and I quoted this in my original blog post, that children may be legally kept from inappropriate material in public libraries. Yet the Nashua Public Libraries just ruled, so to speak, the exact opposite. It ruled children have the exact same rights as adults in public libraries. That is false. It is factually false and it is legally false. By the library ignoring the Court, ignoring local law, ignoring community standards, and ignoring just plain common sense so as to fake a reason why children should be exposed to inappropriate material, namely "intellectual freedom," it is targeting children.

      The Nashua Public Library, Nashua, NH, is targeting local children, now with R-rated movies.

      Under the circumstances, can you think of another word more fitting than targeting? I doubt it. You are here not to discuss issues. Rather, you are here to attack the messenger so Nashua citizens will ignore the issue and allow the children to remain exposed to the very harm it is legal to keep them from. Such attacks let me know I hit the nail on the head.

      Thank you.

    2. Oh yes, one more thing. "Anonymous" who commented here is one of the very people promoting this kind of anything-goes policy, specifically the person or one of the persons responsible for the "NHLA New Hampshire Library Association" Facebook page.

      How do I know? The commenter commented in response to the Facebook comment I left at "NHLA New Hampshire Library Association." That response was then removed/deleted/censored, whatever. But I have it in email. The email said:

      Hi Dan,

      NHLA New Hampshire Library Association commented on your link.

      NHLA New Hampshire Library Association wrote:

      "'Targets'? Come on! It's not that the librarians are shoving these movies at people, they are just giving children, and their parents, respect to be in control of their own choices."

      That comment is no longer there. Than along comes this "anonymous" in a blog comment and this anonymous says substantially the same thing:

      "'Targets' ????? Right off the bat you sensationalize the issue and pretty much discredit yourself. Great job!"

      Based on the above, I think it is clear that the New Hampshire Library Association also targets children to supposedly protect their "intellectual freedom" despite the law, despite community standards, and despite common sense. I further think I have the NHLA and the NPL rattled because I am reporting the truth and backing it up with information from sources like the US Supreme Court.

      I think you, Anonymous, should just admit who you are. That kind of hiding behind anonymous posts only goes further to establishing the mens rea behind convincing people not to use legal means to protect children in public libraries.

      It's breathtaking, really, to see you attacking the messenger as you have, especially in such a sloppy way that reveals who you are. As the NH Library Association, you have the power to affect local libraries, you are using that power in a manner that harms communities, then you are anonymously attacking the person exposing the harm being done. It's a disgrace and you are harming citizens--in this case you are targeting children.


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