Tuesday, April 1, 2014

American Library Association Enables New Porn Craze—Making Porn In a Library—Should Be Considered a Criminal Organization

Man masturbates into library book
in a library.  Added graphic
covering Action Jackson says:
"Another 'HYSTERIC'
Librarian for Freedom."
Megan Fox reveals, "There is an entire community out there who film themselves masturbating in libraries (usually while watching porn on publicly funded WiFi) and then upload these videos to porn sites.  People are making porn in public libraries. ....  The American Library Association is to blame for this.  They have adopted such a radical position against censorship of any kind (unless it's censorship of the Second Amendment) that they actively promote porn watching in public libraries that leads to the making of pornography on publicly funded WiFi.  The ALA has been voted consistently on the list of the Dirty Dozen, twelve organizations that are the biggest purveyors of porn in America as compiled by PornHarms.com":
"The ALA is a radical left-wing organization that is standing up for perverts to watch X-rated material and then masturbate while filming it on free WiFi a few aisles over from your child.  It's time for the ALA to be considered a criminal organization."  Emphasis added.

Interesting, no?  Remember, the ALA anthem is "Smut!" by Tom Lehrer.

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