Saturday, January 24, 2015

Petition: Stop Porn in King County Libraries

Sign the petition to "Stop Pornography in King County Libraries (link)."  Here's the text of the petition:
We ask that the King County Library Board take immediate action to stop adults from openly watching pornography in our taxpayer funded libraries. 
To accomplish this, the King County Library Board needs to adopt a new internet public use policy.  This policy should disallow the removal of the Internet filter when requested by an adult library patron wishing to access usually blocked material.  The current policy is to remove the Internet filter at the request of such an adult patron. 
We suggest that the King County Library Board use the Internet Public Use Policy of the North Central Regional Library in eastern Washington as a model.  In the Washington Supreme Court Case of Bradburn v. North Central Regional Library of 2010, the court ruled that the North Central Regional Library can choose which collections to display and does not have to remove their Internet filter.  The North Central Library Internet policy blocks websites which include the following categories:
  • Adult Materials
  • Nudity and Risqué
  • Pornography
  • Child Abuse (Child Pornography)
  • Image Search
  • Video Search
We would like to see the same content blocked in our libraries.  Please help us send this message to our library board!
I signed that petition.  Here is my comment:
That this petition is based on Bradburn v. NCRL (link) makes it very easy to sign as what's requested has already been proven in Washington state and federal courts to be perfectly legal.  Well done.  Here's more on that case:
This is based on more moms speaking out about their young children seeing pornography men are viewing in public libraries despite the law:
In this particular case, the King County Library System has been creating victims for years, could care less about them or even about the law and defrauding the federal government, and the King County government does nothing to stop the lawlessness and exposes itself to liability:
There are very few days per year the King County Library System does NOT serve pornography illegally.  This is one of them:
When will this ever stop?  We can start to stop it if you sign the petition, right now (link).

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