Sunday, February 22, 2015

Illinois State CIPA

IL Rep. Peter Breen
Illinois HB 2689 (link) "[c]reates the Internet Screening in Public Libraries Act."  Its sponsor is Rep. Peter Breen (link).  So Illinois again seeks legislation to filter the Internet to eliminate pornography from all Illinois libraries.  Read the expected excuses and subterfuge I predict will be used to keep it from passing here:

Internet Screening in Public Libraries Act:  HB 2689 requires internet filters on public library computers to prevent the viewing of hard-core pornography on those computers.  Breen emphatically stated that, “I’ve heard from many moms over the years that adult men are regularly viewing hard-core pornography on public library computers, in full view of children and others.  This is an abuse of taxpayer resources and creates a hostile environment for public library employees and patrons.  No child should have to walk past obscene and abusive material in order to take advantage of the educational opportunities available at their public library.”

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